Top 10 Best Zombie Costume Ideas

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Are you fascinated with zombies? Those weird dead beings that lurk for human blood. Zombies are basically corpses who are dead but have got just one part of their brain alive, the part which is associated with hunger, the hunger for blood. They can’t think anything, are too slow while walking and look like a mess. Don’t know from where this zombie thing became a fad that today we see movies, games and other fictional stuff being made on zombies. I’m totally amazed how this generation is more prepared for a Zombie apocalypse than for an earthquake.  If you are also keen about zombies and are thinking of becoming one this Halloween, then you may need this. And talking about becoming a zombie, I would very much like to clear that am talking about zombie costumes. Please don’t actually become one and turn me into one too! Here, I have got for you 10 super amazing ideas for a zombie costume that you can pick up to scare off others around.

10. Skeleton Zombie

skeleton zombie

Thinking of spooky costumes, skeleton costume is the first one to cross our minds. But instead of doing a simple black and white skeleton suit, one can turn into a skeleton zombie by wearing torn off clothes over that suit so that only parts of it is visible. Also you can’t do without the make up and you got to look your scary best.

9. Office Zombie

office zombie

How do you react when your favorite white shirt for office or your expensive suit gets ruined by a food stain? What happens if you deliberately spill ketchup all over it to make it your office zombie costume? Dress up the way you normally do for office. Take out a suit from your wardrobe or buy a cheap one from store and suit up. Now we are going to zombify it! Lots of red and black paint and dirt is all what you are going to need for this. The spilled up red paint or ketchup will give a real blood effect and don’t forget to blood up yourself, especially the face. The messier you do, the more realistic it looks!

8. Pyjama Zombie

pyjama zombie

You wake up one morning, walk to the mirror and woah! You have turned into a zombie and you leave on your ‘mission blood’ looking for a prey everywhere around. And every next person you see, you attack on them. That’s what your friends are going to think when you turn up as a Pyjama zombie. Dripping blood, ripped off clothes and you acting all horrific and drunk. Pyjama zombie costume is sure to send chills to the spines and would make a great Halloween costume.

7. Drop Dead Gorgeous

drop dead gorgeous zombie

You can actually walk the red carpet wearing this zombie costume that is surely going to make some jaws drop! That will either be out of amusement or because of the jitters people are going to get seeing you like this. The idea is to look gorgeous but at the same time you have to look really gruesome and disgusting. Put on a lovely gown or a dress or buy a cheap one especially for this purpose. As far as I know, nobody is going to spoil a red carpet outfit like this so buy a really cheap one and you have to make it look ripped off, soaked in blood and as ghastly as it can be. And you are all set to go, the drop dead gorgeous zombie!

6. Disney Zombie

disney zombies

Who did not fell in love with the Disney princesses during their growing up years? But what if we give those always beautiful and elegant Disney princesses, a zombie touch? You got to check out these Disney zombie costumes that have all the popular characters from our favorite Disney movies. The fairytale gowns and the Aladdin outfit, all of it looks like complete piece of shit! And that’s why these would make amazing zombie costumes for your next Halloween..

5. Fairy Zombie

fairy zombie

Which little girl does not love to look like a fairy? All pink with huge wings and a magic wand. I know I did. But if your little girl is too notorious to be an “oh so sweet fairy” and she wants things out of the box, then this is just for her. Make her turn up like a mashup of zombie and a fairy. You can play along with any old pink frock of hers, add a pair of broken wings and hand her a weird looking wand that you can make at home using waste stuff. When other kids will be roaming around in plumpy pumpkin costume, your girl will be daunting off other kids and their parents alike. Now, how does it feel like to be a proud parent?

4.Zombie Kids

zombie kids

During the Halloween time, everyone stays ready with bags full of candies and chocolates to offer them to the sweet little kids when they show up on their doors asking for Trick or Treat. But how would you react if you answer your doorbell and what you find standing at your doorstep are not cute innocent kids but devilish and scary zombie kids. Giving them the candies will obviously be the last thing on your mind at that moment, instead you will be running for your life. If you want your kids to scare off your grumpy neighbours then this look is pretty simple to achieve. Just take out some of the old discarded clothes of your children and give them the intimidating look. Don’t forget to make your kids learn some terrible face expressions that will help them to “adorn” the zombie look more realistically.

3. Rotten to the Core

rotten to the core zombie

This zombie costume is rotten to the core, well not literally but it does look like one. And you will actually have to burn it off from various places and create the ‘threads ripping apart because of fire’ look. This costume is sure to make people feel sick and creepy but that is what all the fun is about. Heat up this Halloween party with your already heated up zombie costume that you can buy from various stores or make your own at home. Whatever you do, just make sure you look completely disgusting!

2. Michael Jackson Zombie

michael jackson zombie

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson would have never imagined even in his wackiest of dreams that someday a zombie costume would be made on his name. Call it as a token of respect or just a gimmick to cash on his popularity but you can actually find Michael Jackson zombie costumes. With his trademark Jackson jacket and pants along with lots and lots of makeup, you can look like a zombified version of the famous artist of all times. And you will instantly gain popularity among all the Jackson fans.

1. Bride and Groom Zombie

bride groom zombie

This is not the time for dressing up and acting like a ‘made in heaven’ couple and don’t even try to be mushy with your partner about this. We have got Valentine’s Day for that. Make the heads turn when you enter the Halloween party dripping blood while you look still ravenous for more. You can use your genuine wedding gown/suit which has been accumulating dust since so long in your cupboard. Or you can buy an ordinary costume to pull of this zombie fun. You just have to look angry, grumpy, spooky and very, very hungry. Rest your make up and falling apart clothes are going to create the look for you. Dress up like this and you will certainly make the people believe that you guys are for sure the “made in hell” couple. If you start feeling too romantic in between just bite your partner’s neck and people will think you to be sucking out the blood out of him/her!


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