Top 10 Brand Logos and their Stories

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Go to a shopping centre, you spot a logo. Go to the nearby theatre, you see brands. Go to a big mall, you see brands from all over the world! The clothes you wear are branded. The foods you eat have their own brands. The television ads boast about specific brands. The internet is loaded with brands coming from all over the world. Brands, brands, brands, BRANDS! It doesn’t stop! But, does one honestly stop and give these brands a thought? Surely, there must’ve have been some reasoning behind some brands yes? People say a shopping mall can be awfully crowded with people. What they forget to say, and also they might not be aware of, is that shopping malls are super crowded with brands from all over the world too! It’s a fact, and it’s the truth that today we see a number of brands as compared to 50-60 years ago. What’s interesting here is that some of these brands have gotten some interesting stories to tell. Of course they aren’t just ordinary logos staring at you in the face trying to tickle your commercial interests. Let’s look at what some popular brands have to say and also how they were thought of.

10. FedEx:


The FedEx logo is the first of all interesting logos that I’m about to share with you. For those of you looking to send parcels faster across the globe, FedEx could be a helpful option. FedEx stands by it’s objectives of moving forward with every thing they do. Don’t believe them? Look at their logo carefully and you will notice an arrow pointing right wards between E and X. The company, through its logo, thus symbolizes its motives of always moving ahead. This interesting idea for a logo was designed in 1994 by Lindon Leander.

9. Mitsubishi:


The Mitsubishi logo is quite simple to understand at one glance really. Yes, you will be able to spot three diamond as seen above. This very idea of incorporating three diamonds in the logo itself is closely connected to the brand name! Mitsubishi came about by combining the words Mitsu and Hishi, which mean “Three” and “Diamond” respectively. Hence you get the combined meaning of “Three Diamonds”, that was soon incorporated in the brand’s logo. Going a little more deeper, the Mitsubishi logo was a combination of two other ideas that dated back to the 1800s. The two ideas were the Iwasaki family crest and the three-leaf crest of the Tosa Can.


8. Mcdonalds:


Mcdonalds is easily one of the most popular fast food branches all over the world. It has got a simple logo that speaks a lot about the brand itself. The logo was designed by Jim Schindler in 1962 and was immediately recognized as a symbol of multi-national business expansion. It was specially designed to mark a part of the American Cultural Imperialism. The logo was designed in the shape of a huge ‘M’ which had golden arches to represent an elegant, unique and concrete food industry. Also, the word ‘Mcdonalds’ was later added to the logo. The two golden arches were initially designed as separate arches before they were put together to obtain the perfect ‘M’. That is the story behind the Mcdonalds logo. Simple story, simple logo but the success of the brand Mcdonalds is just immeasurable.

7. Google:


Who doesn’t see the name ‘Google’ everyday? Or at least once in two days? If you don’t, then you’ve got a serious problem. Exactly! Such is the importance and fame that this very logo carries with it. There is a very interesting story behind the evolution of the famous GOOGLE logo. Did you even know that Google was known as ‘Backrub’ before? Yes, and then the company resorted to undertake a name change for the search engine website. The current, official Google logo was designed by Ruth Kedar. But, one must know how the name ‘Google’ came about before anything else. So when the company was looking to change the name ‘Backrub’, they thought at renaming it as ‘Googol’ which is a word for the number represented by 1 followed by 100 zeroes. However, there happened to be a mistake and the name was spelt wrongly as ‘Google’ in 1998. It stayed ever since! The famous name of ‘Google’ was A MISTAKE! SHOCKING! Well, Google has been successful ever since so nobody is complaining!

6. Toblerone:


Toblerone is one of the world’s most famous chocolates that is loved by many. The story of toblerone is one to be remarked upon, right from its growth to its brand logo. Toblerone was founded in Switzerland in 1868 by John Tobler. This chocolate company has used one standard logo for quite sometime now. While the chocolate’s mountainous designed is marvelled by many, its logo has left people amazed too. Look at the Toblerone logo carefully, and you’ll see the figure of a bear on the mountains. This came about because the chocolate brand was founded in Bern, Switzerland, also known as the City of Bears. Pretty interesting huh? I bet you would’ve eaten this famous chocolate a dozen times and not noticed the hidden bear in the logo!


5. Baskin Robbins:

baskin robbins

Do you enjoy the ice-cream flavors that Baskin Robbins gives? If yes, then you really must thank Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins for starting this world-famous joint back in 1953. BR is easily the largest ice-cream company in the world at present with an extremely tacky logo that has an interesting story behind it too. The ’31 FLAVORS’ slogan is what Baskin Robbins is widely famous for. It was the Ogilvy and Mather advertising agency that brain-stormed this viable method of selling 31 different flavors for the Baskin Robbins network. Hence, the Baskin Robbins company came up with a smart logo, where they inscribed the number 31 in the name ‘Baskin Robbins’ as you can see in the picture above. Smart way of advertising through a simple logo isn’t it?

4. Microsoft:


Microsoft, being a world-wide software brand, has had its logo changed and modified on a number of occasions in recent times. It was in 1975 that the first Microsoft logo was designed. It had glowing disco light to reflect the 70s and 80s era. The second Microsoft logo was used between 1975 and1987. It had Microsoft written with a very fancily designed ‘O’. There was a change of logo once again in 1994 by graphic designer Scott Baker and was used right up till 2012. Finally the latest and current logo consisted of the brand name Microsoft along with four different colored squares.

3. Adidas:


You receive sportswear with ‘ADIDAS’ printed on it and you shout with joy. It’s not just because it’s the sportswear you wanted, it is because it’s branded ADIDAS and I’m sure about it. Adidas has gone on to become one of the world’s best competing sporting brands. It has got a very interesting logo too, with a brief story behind it. I’ve heard from so many sports fanatics saying that ‘ADIDAS’ stands for ‘All Day I Dream about Sports’. Well, to be fair it’s a wonderful sports connection, but it isn’t. The logo has ADIDAS written which is a combined form of Adolf Dassler, the founder of this famous sporting brand. If you see the brand, it has a three-stripped mountain on top of the word Adidas that represents a mountain to achieving greater goals and heights. The logo was specifically designed that away to motivate athletes with the finest of sports equipment.

2. Apple INC:

apple inc

30 years ago, Apple was just a tasty and healthy fruit. No doubt it continues to be that way, but the world today knows a different apple and prefers it more too. Oh yes, the huge Apple Inc. network started by Steve Jobs has mustered quite a staggering amount of Apple technology users in today’s world. One must admit though, the Apple logo is highly appealing as a brand enhancer. You know it with just one look. There’s an interesting story behind this Apple logo as well! We all know the story of Sir Isaac Newton discovering the law of gravity thanks to an apple that fell on his head. The logo of Apple Inc. represents this same apple. The logo wishes to establish that brand as a reason for all discoveries, as if Apple Inc. evolved just like how gravity did. On the other hand the apple logo was also a tribute to the undisputed father of computer science who committed suicide by eating a poisoned apple, Alan M.Turing. The Apple logo is much talked of, and has been very catch in the minds of its users. It was meant to signify the best quality of technology and boy has the logo lived up to its purposed reputation.


1. Nike:


When it comes to sportswear, Nike is always amongst the top brands to be given recognition. Nike as a brand has got some solid history, dating all the way back to the late 60’s. The Nike industry was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight who gave life to sporting wear and its evolution. The two called the sports firm as ‘Blue Ribbons Sports’ initially and tied up with other sportswear joints. Finally, in 1970, they felt the need to make their company independent. This gave the Nike industry birth, and this was when the famous swoosh tick mark logo of Nike came into being. The Nike logo was designed by Carolyn Davidson, who at the time was a young college student. According to Ms Davidson, Mr Knight overheard her complaining about low income to buy oil painting. He then asked her if she good design for him a few letters in exchange of a good sum of money. Mr. Knight offered her 2$ an hour and Carolyn Davidson took 17.5 hours to complete the job. That’s right; the NIKE design took 17.5 hours to be perfected! Davidson was paid 35$ for the NIKE logo’s design at that time. It’s unbelievable the NIKE logo was made for just 35$, considering its astonishingly high value today!


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