Top 10 Cheapest Cars in the World

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The small car segment has evolved quiet a lot in the recent years with the number of models expanding rapidly in number. the demand for cheap and efficient car is high in the automobile market. So, here are the names of the cars that made up their name in top 10 cheapest cars list.

10.  Maruti Zen Estilo

The Estilo is the newer more modern version of what was once a brilliant car – the Zen. Though it’s a pretty old design, it’s still newer than other economy cars including the Santro launched in 1998. Good interiors, good space, reliable and very fuel efficient. The high roof and wide body make it a very comfortable car for 5 people. The engine used is a 1.0 litre 3-cylinder engine producing 68bhp and 90Nm of torque. The overall exterior design of the Estilo is decent as it features smooth lines with an aerodynamic feel. There is a rich chrome front grille, a creased hood, nice looking head lamps as well as fog lamps to give the car a good feel at a price of $6209.


9.  Tata Indica

Yet another car from Tata Motors, Tata Indica is India’s first indigenously developed passenger car. It uses diesel fuel. The enhanced turbo-range Tata Indica V2 packs in the power of the turbo-charged, inter-cooled engine with superior safety features: dual front airbags and an anti-lock braking system. It is priced approximately at $5923.


 8. Geely MR

A subcompact car produced by Chinese automaker Geely Automobile since May 2000. China manufacturer tried to woo U.S. buyers with its cheap products, which include the Merrie or MR hatchback, but there was no interest in a vehicle that couldn’t meet U.S. safety and emissions standards. The Merrie is a five-door hatchback that looks like a sedan.  The MR is among the automaker’s fastest, reaching speeds of 86 mph. it costs $5,500.


7. Hyundai santro Xing

Hyundai entered the Indian market through the Santro whose main rival at that time was Maruti Suzuki. Through the endorsement of car by the various celebrities and mainly because of shah ruk khan, this was an instant hit. It was undergoing number of face lifts and improvements to suit the Indian customers till the year of 2009. Currently it has been priced around $5150. This car has active intelligence technology for the fuel consumption and another lovable thing about this car is its uncompromised safety. It has a perfect family car design.


6. Hyundai eon

The EON is Hyundai’s newest and cheapest small car for India and the design of the Hyundai EON can be described as a benchmark in the small car segment. It has got all the fresh looks and glitz on it just in the right place. The Hyundai EON has a very sporty fluidic shape. The EON gets a nicely done diamond shaped fog lamps that are neatly placed upfront. The front bumper gives a meaty masculine look to the EON’s front profile. Priced at $4979.


5. Chery QQ3

This car is made in China, and it has been around since 2003.  The engine used here is 800 cc which is similar to the one used in Maruti 800. Chery QQ3 holds some records such as ‘The cheapest car of the world’ (till 2008) and ‘The most popular car in China’. It was named the best Chinese brand in 2010. It already has several variants, including the Chery QQ6, the car’s super mini version. It is facing some trademark issues with Matiz. . Presently the car is priced at $4700.

4. Maruti Omni:

This car was initially launched in the year of 1985, it was the second vehicle manufactured by Maruti Suzuki, the first passenger vehicle was Maruti 800. Over time, the car has undergone numerous changes to suit the needs of the people. This unique aspect helps maximizing the cabin space and provides large area to carry loads. All versions of the car have sliding doors and hatches at the back. The car has an engine capacity of 796 cc. The van is not only a family car but it also runs as a taxi and cargo pickup. The car is priced at $4260.

3. Zotye Z100

When Tata Motors launched the Nano back in 2009, there was much celebration as there was a car that almost every modest income family could afford. True, it wasn’t the best looking nor the most powerful, but at little over Rs 1 lakh, what much could you expect? Now, however, an automaker in China has introduced what it claims to be the country’s cheapest car, named the Zotye Z100, developed by Zotye Auto and the car is priced at $3850. Car has a 1.0L engine (power-27.5 kW).

2. Maruti 800

This company has brought automobile revolution in India. Till 2007, it was known as Maruti Udhyog. The company was established in the year of 1981 and the first car came around 1983 which of course was maruti. It makes use of 800 cc engine and hence it has been named after it. It was bought by millions of Indians and they became a part of them. The latest version of the car was priced at $3450.  The success behind this Indian car is its simplicity and nearly 3 million of this has been sold since it was introduced in the mid 80s.


1.  Tata Nano

This car is the life time vision of Ratan Tata, who imagined a low-cost vehicle that could safely transport a family in India who otherwise couldn’t afford a car. His strong will and determination to achieve the world’s cheapest car resulted in Tata Nano. This is the car with one engine, one transmission, and one fuel option. Honestly this car is not able to pass the US emission and standard test. But the notion ‘Car at 1 Lakh’ helped it to get through the negative image.  In the development stage, the car is priced at INR 1 lakh. Now the price has been raised to $3060. Now it meets all current safety and emissions requirements and is a major hit in India.



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