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It is cool. It is sexy. It shows your strength. It makes you inclusive with that most popular group in college. Yes, smoking has such associations. Even though a lot has changed in this scenario socially and ethically, still, exhaling smoke remains one of the best pass times for the today’s youth. Watch out though. A high portion of the same population does not appreciate smokers. You may be considered as an anti social element for lighting up that stick. Nevertheless, who is to stop the addicts? And that is why the tobacco industry never undergoes a recession, and has flourishing more and more over the decades.

For those who smoke just for the sake of smoking, brand really doesn’t matter. But the real ones, they want elegance even in their brand of cigarettes. So the companies manufacturing these have been striving to upgrade the quality and advertise in a way that appeals gravely to these conscious minds. Here is the list of top 10 cigarette brands that are most popular, and best in quality!


10. Chesterfield


Named after Chesterfield Country, Virginia, Chesterfield cigarettes are one of the most popular brands among the tobacco smokers. Originally produced  by Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company, the brand was sold to Philip Morris, also the manufacturer of Marlboro. The nicotine level in Chesterfield does not go beyond 0.8mg, a reasonable amount. With a wonderful taste due to extra fine tobacco usage and a very delicious aroma, Chesterfield is considered as a highly appreciated brand of cigarettes, probably made more popular by the fact that 007 smoked it all the time!

9. Lucky Strike

lucy strike

Nick-named as Luckies by its lovers, Lucy Strike became hugely popular with its advertising campaign of “It’s Toasted”. It focused on the figure conscious segment, that is, ladies. “Reach for Lucky instead of sweet” was the tag line. This made it immensely desirable with the women, along with the fact that the price was very affordable. Owned by British American Tobacco groups, Lucky’s publicity campaign emphasized on the quality of tobacco that went into making the cigarette, resulting in a very rich flavour. The nicotine level also is reasonable with 0.8mg. Also, it recently released the menthol cigarettes under it’s brand, for the menthol lovers. Overall, an internationally acclaimed brand by the smokers, Lucky Strike is better than the most.

8. Pall Mall

pall mall

Pall Mall revolutionized the tobacco industry when it appeared in the market. Manufactured by R.J Reynolds, the biggest name in the industry, the distinctive feature of Pall Mall was the size of the cigarette. It outmatched every other cigarette ever made. 85mm is no ordinary size. Another feature is that it is prepared only natural ingredients. This gives it a very personal flavor, and the rich aroma is something that is hard to resist. Reynolds’ most popular brand, Pall Mall is a high quality cigarette at a very affordable price. Definitely a favorite in the smoking chambers.

7. Dunhill


Manufactured by the world’s second largest tobacco company, British American Tobacco, Dunhill cigarettes are a premium brand with a higher price than most of the brands. Made from Virginian tobacco, what makes its taste so exclusive is the technique by which the tobacco leaves are cut. One inch of the leaf is cut 46 times! The company has always striven to make more and more improvements in the quality of the cigarette, hence have been able to incite brand loyalty among the inhalers of Dunhill. The smell of fresh tobacco, as confessed by the users, goes a long way in soothing the nerves.

6. Kent


Another product of the British American Tobacco company, Kent cigarettes were introduced in the market when the terror of cancer by tobacco had become widespread and the people were on the lookout for filtered cigarettes. Kent did the job. With a surprisingly low content of nicotine, it gives its consumer the most transparent of pleasures as the risk of being harmed by smoking is reduced to a great extent due to a special filter possessed by these cigarettes. There are plethora of variations that the cigarette comes in, for each type of smokers. Named after Herbert Kent, a former executive at Lorillard Tobacco Company, Kent cigarettes enjoy a substantially large following of customers and is one of the most sold brand of smokes,

5. Camel


A product of R.J Reynolds, Camel cigarettes may as well be the most smoked cigarettes, being a high quality smoke at a reasonable price. Whoever claims to know cigarettes, knows Camel. The distinctive feature is probably the symbol, the trademark- a camel in the middle of a desert amidst sand dunes and palm trees. Camel cigarettes are made of a mixture of Turkish and Virginian tobacco. Available in three versions- Camel Blue, Camel Full Flavor and Camel Silver- there is no such place where Camel cigarettes are not in demand. They come in an awful of varieties, so as to suit everyone’s tastes. Constant modifications in marketing and publicity have kept the sales on high for this brand.

4. Marlboro

marlboro red

Starting the journey as a cigarette for the ladies, Marlboro has come a long and successful way. Owned by Philip Morris International, these are maddeningly popular brand of cigarettes, and favorite of every second smoker you may meet. The main aspect that made it such a success was the advertising. The cowboy ad appealed to the masculine segment of the population to a very large extent. Previous to that the advertisements highlighted the cigarettes for the females. Then it forayed into filtered type, and came out with a wider coverage. Philip Morris always targeted the youth through its advertisements and was no doubt immensely successful. Marlboro is a high quality cigarette at a price not to balk at. The image of the Marlboro Man digs deep. No wonder the young and old men favor it alike.

3. Parliament


It is produced by Philip Morris again, the owner of highly acclaimed brands like Marlboro. Parliament cigarettes are not advertised that heavily though. In fact, they are scarcely advertised. The exquisite taste it possesses works as a salesman. The distinctive feature of these cigarettes is the use of recessed filter in them. It gives a richness and hardness to the flavor that makes Parliamentt stand out from the rest. Just as the name suggests, it is strong, one of its kind and has gained acceptance in the elite circles of smokers. The tar content is low, reducing the harmful effects. Parliament cigarettes is one of the most popular, one-of-its-kind brand. Besides, the variations cater to the varied interests. Parliament super Slims, Parliament Night Blue, Parliament Aqua Blue and Parliament Silver. One for all kinds of preferences.

2. Davidoff


Davidoff is a Swiss tobacco brand, owned by the Oettinger Davidoff group. However, the manufacturing of Davidoff cigarettes is taken care of in Dominican Republic by Hendrik ‘Henke’ Kelner. All other tobacco products under Davidoff brand are otherwise managed by Oettinger. Davidoff cigarettes include a wide variety few being Slims, Classic, Milds, Menthol etc. It is known to be impossible to match the flavor and taste of Davidoff with any other cigarette. The tobacco that goes into its preparation is of a very high quality, a rarity as said. This makes the aroma so enriching and the taste so enriching that one can forget everything, indulge in the luxury and pleasure that Davidoff is. It is regarded in a very high esteem in the industry, and has been overly successful in making its way to every smoker’s lips.

1. Cigaronne


The birthchild of a very recent organization in the industry, SPS Cigaronne Co., Cigaronne cigarettes are what can be called as by far the most different piece of fag there ever was. With an extremely tasteful tobacco, the cigarette boasts of being 120mm long. 64mm of that is the filter while the rest is smoking part. This size was never in the market before, that with such a fine tobacco inside. These are absolutely first grade cigarettes, with taste and smell perfectly heady. Yeah, that good! This uniqueness and the fact that inspite of being so recent it has settled down well and god makes Cigaronne grab the first place in our list!


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