Top 10 Common Asian Stereotypes

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Stereotypes are the beliefs and thoughts about a particular group of people , which may be factious or fictional. There are a lot of stereotypical views about Asian people . Here are a few most common as well as popular Asian stereotypes.

10. Asian males are Chauvinistic

Asian males are Chauvinistic

Asian males are stereotyped as irrational and disrespectful towards women . The stereotypical view says that east Asian men are chauvinistic and that they despise women empowerment and liberation . They are often believed to be orthodox and biased when it comes to  women rights . Moreover , these misogynistic  Asian males are portrayed  as a threat to white women , by American media . there are a lot of movies in which the Asian men , esp the Chinese guys are shown alike. The Asian men are also portrayed as less ‘manly’  in various movies  The western males , on the other hand are labeled to be the most romantic and lovable men across the world who unlike Asians , respect women’s liberty and advancement .

9. Asian parents are conservative and strict

Asian parents are conservative and strict

Asian parents are considered relatively strict , constantly nagging their children . Mommies are , in particular portrayed as complaining while fathers are believed to be the monopolist and dictator-like , whose will shall be final and binding. The Asian parents are not assumed to be liberal about letting their kids go partying with friends .Instead they would ask them ‘ Have you studied yet ?’ .Asian parents think that their kids should not date anyone until university and even thereafter its too early. Also , the parents tend to compare their children against others’. Further , the worst suffering of Asian kids is that their parents wake up the entire household with loud noises by turning the TV on or by sound of vaccuming .

8.  Asians have bad English    

Asians have bad english

This stereotype might be true for some Asians . Western people vouch that Asians , no matter how they learn  , are not good at speaking and using English . They think that the Asian countrymen are incapable of handling the language in its prestige . When Asians use English , they do not use it in its pristine form . Instead, they fuse it with the local dialect and dip it in their local accent , thereby  imparting a regional beat to the dialect of West – English .The Chinese , Japanese and the Koreans are pointed to speak the language using very unnecessarily short and soft words . The Western World believes that Asians miss the style of English speaking. The middle Eastern people are stereotyped as the ones who barely talk in English because they simply do not tend to know it well .The Indians especially the North Indians are universally famous for the way they use the language-with a tint of their local tone . Plus , they are notorious for talking very loudly .

 7. Sikhs are same as Muslims

sikhs are same as muslims

The western people find it difficult to distinguish between Sikhs and Muslims , probably because both the religious groups do not shave the beard . The Sikhs who bear the buns are also confused with the Muslims who keep their head covered using a drape . This stereotype is a total fiction because the two religious groups are entirely different and have no such commonalities . further , the local clothing in Asian zone makes it further difficult for them to differentiate in the two groups .This typecast is particularly popular amongst English and Americans who try to trace similarities amongst all the Asians , which is in turn , also a Stereotypical  Asian view towards the former.

6. Asians are bad at athletics

Asians are bad at athletics

This a highly notorious label for Asians that they are and can never be good athletes . Though Asians comprise 57% of the world’s population and are excellent at academics and in professional life , but when it comes to sports front , they suck ! Though this is not very true for all Asians (east Asians being the exception ) , but there is substantial support for the fact that Asians do not believe in taking sports that seriously as to make it profession .This classification arises from the fact that the Asians, genetically are not as tall and fit as the Americans , Europeans , Australians and Africans athletes and thus under represent and under perform in track and field events , football , basketball , soccer , tennis , boxing and the similar athletic stuff .But then , it is not true that Asians do not entirely play even a bit ! If East Asians master at badminton and table tennis , the south eastern subcontinent is a cricket-maniac .

5. Asians are mathematics brainpans

Asians are mathematics brainpans

Western countries perceive Asians as the mathematics whiz who can calculate and solve the mathematical and quantitative problems with the blink of the an eye . This is partially a fact , because Asians have superior mathematics than the non-Asians . But it does not necessarily mean that they a very good mathematical knowledge , on an absolute scale . The Asians , are cultured in a way that they are always  made to stress more on studies and the traditional learning methods (Do -It-A-Thousand-Times-Until-It-Is-Done) help them score brilliantly . By  this  very way they can out stand the western traditional learning methods and so their students .

4. Most Asians are doctors or engineers

Most Asians are doctors or engineers

It is funny , but the facts support this pigeonhole ! Most of the Asians that have travelled and settled beyond Asia are Doctors or engineers and are earning richly, more than the native residents in some cases . A study by University of California, Berkeley, reported that 33% of the engineers working  in the Silicon Valley are of Indian descent, while 7% of valley hi-tech firms are led by the Indian CEOs. Other Asians on the list comprise of Chinese , Hispanics , Japs , Koreans etc . The Asians occupying the higher posts in such professions had been a worldwide discussion. Further half of the % Asians in America hold bachelors degree in comparison with 30%of the natives .


3. Asians are poor except for Arabs

Asians are poor except for Arabs

To the west, the Arabs seems to be the only rich Asians. The Arabs are believed to be the billionaires, who own cars plated with gold and studded with diamonds , owning large oil refineries and massive land shares that have huge potential to be oil wells, and that’s all is the secret of their wealth . Arabs however are attacked with the worst stereotypes- bombers , belly dancers and terrorists .whereas ,  the south Asian continent is considered to be the poorest people in the world who are barely provided with basic amenities. The countries like Laos , Vietnam , India , Pakistan , Bangladesh are quoted as the homes of the poorest .

2. Asians have no fashion sense

Asian  have no fashion sense

They think that Asian have no dressing sense . Especially the Asian females, who , they say have little curves to fancy . Asian women dress conservatively ,they always tie up their hair and dress like elderly  and wouldn’t mind going to party wearing crocs – because they think ‘crocs’ are comfortable. They are often stereotyped as wearing non classy and  informal clothing all the time .
But , fashion , in true sense is nothing but a perception and people have right to hold opinions . Asians , have their own variety of dressing and accessories  to wear and carry , respectively and so do Non-Asians . Some Asians vouch that they wear what suits their body.

1. All Asians look alike

All Asians look alike

This sounds weird but it is a very common stereotypical thought about Asians that they all look alike . The hair color , the skin color and texture , the average man – woman height, etc. all are quite and closely similar that leads to this pigeonhole classification .Among all the Asians , the most difficult to differentiate are the East Asians ( namely Chinese , Koreans , Japanese and even some Indians ) particularly because of the type of eyes they have . Even some Asians, not only western people , are typical about this East – Asian stereotypes . Also , Asians are believed to have straight black hair , usually long . Not just do the Asians look similar , they have similar sort of names and have a little variety of surnames too .


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  1. Jimmy Smith

    October 19, 2013 7:54 am

    What the crap? Pakistan has the world’s fastest pace bowlers that can clock speeds at 100 mph, the Caribbean and Australia could barely get players to clock at 90 mph and both of them are Cricket playing nations, the Punjabis, like the Sikhs and Rajput are known to be some of the tallest by anthropology studies, some of them are above 7 ft even in malnourished environments for example the Khali, Tan veer Bhullar, and Satnam Singh, and the Northern Chinese are known to be tall too like Yao Ming and some other tallest people on the world’s tallest list, and some of the best boxers that the UK can come out with are Paki or Middle Eastern, for example Amir Khan and Prince Naseem, and French whites used to be 5 ft tall during the French Revolution and the Vikings were only 5 ft 7 back then and the average height in Nigeria is 5 ft 4, and it’s 5 ft 9 in Pakistan even in poor conditions, and the majority of the army in the British Empire were Sikhs and Pasture and they still serve to this very day, even in Canada, and Mauy Thai came from Southeast Asia, the only thing that whites have is a better environment and the only Asians in America are the middle class or upper class of most Asian countries, you have to go to the poor areas on the mountain sides and farmlands to get athletes.

  2. Zin Pua

    October 24, 2013 8:25 pm

    What it ultimately boils down to is that Asians are the antithesis to white archetypes. Whites are sporty, all-American, Midwestern-to-California types who charm everyone with their perfect smiles and pretty hair? Then Asians are the meek, permanently foreign types with buck teeth and bowl-cut hair. Whites are social creatures who would rather hang out at the local diner or tailgate a football game than stay at home studying? Then Asians would just stay at home studying. Some of it is positive. Some of it is negative. But stereotypes are still stereotypes nonetheless.

    This is especially problematic for Asian men, because if the white male sexual archetype is a tall, muscley fellow with chiseled good looks and a manly sized package, then the antithetical Asian is a short, scrawny dork who’s rocking a bent Tic-Tac:

    I think it is important that Asian guys remember these stereotypes are only bandied about as a defense mechanism from jealous white people in an attempt to “keep the Asian man down,” which I would take as a
    compliment if I were an Asian guy and considered a threat to white male hegemony.

    • fullertontaughtyou

      July 27, 2014 12:14 am

      true, i mean anyone with eyes can see that most of the white men they come across in public are unattractive and many are also overweight. women of all races would be more attracted to a decent looking, masculine asian guy than to the majority of white guys. an asian can even use the fact that he’s asian as an advantage since he won’t be just another boring run of the mill white man.

  3. Leah.g

    November 7, 2013 9:41 pm

    It is funny , but the facts support this pigeonhole ! Most of the Asians that have travelled and settled beyond Asia are Doctors or engineers and are earning richly, more than the native residents in some cases . A study by University of California, Berkeley, reported that 33% of the engineers working in the Silicon Valley are of Indian descent, while 7% of valley hi-tech firms are led by the Indian CEOs. Other Asians on the list comprise of Chinese , Hispanics , Japs , Koreans etc . The Asians occupying the higher posts in such professions had been a worldwide discussion. Further half of the % Asians in America hold bachelors degree in comparison with 30%of the natives .
    When writing, is it possible if you could be mindful for using this word? I think it’s important to notice this when writing such blogs.

  4. Eliza

    December 26, 2014 2:13 am

    No. 9 is true in my case. I am from south east asia, and my parents were very strict. I was not allowed to date anyone until I went to college, and I had to focus on mainly studying and getting my degree. All of the parents in my extended family did the same. Of course not all Asian parents are like that, but at least that happened in my family and some other families that I know. No 8 is also true in some countries ( in general ) such as Japan and Indonesia since English is not used as frequently as other Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia. Now I am living in the US for almost 12 years, I felt being raised by strict parents causes somewhat negative impact on me, I have less social skills, too quiet at times ( I’d rather think and observe than talking out loud) , and reluctant to speak up, despite of my good work ethics and self discipline at work. My husband ( American ) always encourages me to be more talkative and vocal, but it has been so hard for me to do so.

    • Haley

      December 26, 2014 8:54 pm

      Honestly that is the same case with me on number 09 as well. ^^’ I am currently 18, and a senior who is about to head to college next fall. I am also from south east Asia, and my whole family was literally on point with #09. I know they are being very protective of me and don’t want me to make mistakes as I grow up, as well as want me to have a stable life by study hard, get good grades, and get a good career. Though I also felt the same thing you felt, as I have difficulty express my opinions on certain topics (because my family would immediately shut me up without listening if the topic is about dating, relationships, ect.) and I was told that I am too quiet at times. They also didn’t understand the topics that I and my peers would talk about at school, so I am even more reluctant to speak out and prefer to watch others.

      • Eliza

        December 26, 2014 10:59 pm

        I would suggest to change that if you can, practice to voice and express your opinion. If that is because your personality ( such introvert, just like me ), that can be changed as well, but need to recharge. Especially if you live in the US and wish to have and advance your career here, that skill set is very important, in addition to education, intelligence and others. It is hard, but not impossible.

    • Bethel Ng

      April 19, 2017 2:29 pm

      I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not, but this is ridiculous. How can you say that this article proves that Asians are bad at English? I can’t believe that you would say something like that, even though you probably know some Asians that are completely capable of writing and speaking English. I am an Asian, so what do you think of my English? Horrible? Of course.

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