Top 10 Common Reasons for Husband Wife Fights

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Don’t we often see happy couples and wonder how they are so perfect? We think that nothing can affect them in any way and they are meant for each other. While this statement may be true, there are still some disagreements between couples at every point of time. Since they live in under the same roof and in the same room, it is natural that they will have arguments in some matter. These issues must be dealt in an efficient manner in order to avoid tensions between them. What could be the reasons for the fights of these couples who once told each other that they would never let fights take place between them? Here are some common reasons that cause disagreements between a husband and wife. If you are facing any of these, it’s time to improve your relation!

10- Over possessiveness


Sometimes, too much of anything is bad. The same goes for married couples. Too much love also leads to misunderstandings and an example of that is over possessiveness. Sometimes, the wife might generally talk to another man related to work but the husband might not see this in a good way. This is the point where arguments are caused due to over possessiveness. In such cases, both the partners are trying to put their point and in doing so they are indirectly fighting. Possessiveness at some point is okay to deal with but over possessiveness definitely causes a lot of trouble between partners.


9- Dealing with the Child

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The child is considered to be a mark of love in a married couple’s life, but sometimes it is this child that becomes the reason for most of their disagreements. The needs of the child are many and those have to be taken care of by both the parents but sometimes the parents do not know how to go about with the situation. One of them wants to raise their kid in a particular manner while other one does not agree with that. Another factor over here is discipline. Both the parents are sometimes not uniform in their way of imposing discipline in the child. The husband might be strict and the mother might be relaxed and vice versa. In such cases, fights are very natural. The couples start fighting as to whose decision should prevail and this leads to the beginning of a break in their relationship.


8- Dealing with in-laws

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For a husband or wife who is not accepted in the family, dealing with the in laws can be very hectic. If they are far off then it is okay to deal with them but if they live nearby or in the family itself then that can be a problem. The problem between the husband and wife starts when the wife starts complaining to his husband about her in laws or maybe the husband starts cribbing about the way his mother in law treats him. Sometimes it may be possible that the husband does not say anything, but usually, the husband or wife, start taking sides of their families. The idea case should be that a husband and wife should be accepted in both the families, but this case is not so usual and it generally becomes a cause of their misunderstanding.


7-Decision making

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Making decisions is an important function that a couple has to do when they are married but sometimes, it is this process of decision making that leads to trouble. Sometimes even this cannot be decided that who is to make a particular decision, whether it’s the husband or the wife. In such cases fights take place which get worse. Sometimes one of the partners may take a decision but it may not be appreciated by the other person. In such cases arguments are inevitable and it can be solved only by proper discussion by both the partners.


6- Disagreement in sexual matters

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Disagreement between sexual matters is also one of the reason which leads to fights between married couples. It may be that one of the partners is not feeling well that day, but the other partner, in spite of knowing this, insists upon the same. This is the place when the fights start. Disagreement among such matters is really a sensitive issue which has to be discussed very carefully in order to avoid misunderstandings. Intimacy is not something has is to be fought upon, instead it is a way to show their love for each other. This matter requires both the partners to sit and talk and arrive at a conclusion.


5- Disagreement in financial issues

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The most common problem between a husband and wife is managing the money. This case is worst between couples in which one partner spends listlessly and the other partner is keen on saving money. Trouble arises when someday, one of the partners buys something expensive and the other one is not supportive of that. It may also be possible that if the wife is depended on his husband financially, she might make some demands relating to money which the husband is unable to fulfill. Money is a really important issue in a married couple’s life since they have their entire future in front of them. Managing money according to their needs and desires requires the couple to sit down and plan it all out.


4- Cleanliness

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Most often, even the tiniest things create trouble between partners. In the case of married couples, cleanliness can be an important issue since both of them live in the same house and the same room. While the wife for instance would want everything to be clean, neatly arranged and everything kept at a proper place, the husband might be carefree about all this and would leave everything scattered around the house and room. This is the point when the argument starts and sometimes it becomes a daily routine. In order to stop this, one of the other partners has to compromise.


3- Work Issues/ not giving enough time

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Sometimes in the case of couples where one of them work or both of them do, they often complain that their partner does not give sufficient time to them and the family. Sometimes, only the husband works and he often returns late from work and straight away goes to bed. In such a case, the wife feels completely ignored and thinks that his husband is not keeping the family prior to his work. When both the couples work, they return late and have no means of communication during the entire day. This leads to communication loss and is the cause for petty fights gradually turning serious.


2- Lack of romance

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When a couple freshlystarts dating, there is a heat of romance between them which is one of the reasons that leads them to get married, but many times couples complain that after marriage, that romance slowly starts fading away. This is the reason couples become cranky and start complaining about every small thing.  A small thing which they could overlook earlier is suddenly a big issue. The lack of romance often loosens the bond which they had between them and the only solution is that both of them make an effort to bring back that romance in their lives.


1- Extra-Marital Affair

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Sometimes, one of the partners starts getting suspicious of the other partner in case of an extra marital affair. The extra marital affair may be true or it may just be a misunderstanding. If it is just a suspicion without any proof, that causes most of the fights between couples where each of them is trying to prove the other person wrong. If it is an affair which has been disclosed or there is enough evidence to support it, then most of the times it leads to a divorce between the couple.


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