Top 10 Common Ways how People Celebrate their Birthdays

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Birth of a child is also referred to the second birth of a mother. This is the reason why birthdays are no less than a festival. Modes of celebration may differ but the reason behind it is happiness, to be chosen by God and sent on this earth to perform the duties assigned to us. But now a days, meaning of celebration is going under transition with the arrival of western culture and because of this today, youths are solely inclined towards fun leaving behind their values. Hence, the ways to celebrate birthdays are becoming the least popular whereas immoral ways are being commonly practiced.


10. Pool Party and Clubbing

The most sensational idea of celebration among the youths of metropolitan cities. People book resorts and call their friends to enjoy, loud music, water sports and drinks. Also pushing into the pool those are unwilling to join them in water is  great fun. Celebration in clubs or discos with flashing lights and loud music in an atmosphere so bright along with drinks and hookah is also very refreshing for youths. They dance freely in swing of the mood of the party and loud music.
9. Partying at Restaurants

Partying at restaurants is the most sophisticated way of celebrating birthdays. People book tables in restaurant and call their friends and relatives at dinner. Cake is cut with soft music in background. Chatting, gossiping and sharing their views over different relevant topics are the most common time pass while waiting for the order. Which might be followed by dance.
8. Celebration in School

Excitement of birthday is the most among the children. It is no doubt a special day in everyone’s life but children start planning their birthdays, months before the date. They wear fancy clothes which makes them feel special and distinct from other schoolmates who are in uniform. Birthday song is sung by the entire class which is then followed by the distribution of sweets. Teachers shower their blessings and good wishes and it’s one childhood memory no one easily forgets.
7. Hanging Out with Friends

Teenagers mostly prefer to be in company of their friends. They go out with their friends to celebrate their special day. Amusement park is the most preferred  place by them. Swings, slides, rain dance are the highlights of this place which youngsters love to enjoy. Some go to malls, watch movies and enjoy lunch, whereas some may visit tourist spots and click pictures and add them to their album of wonderful memories. Also sharing photos on social networking sites is a trend today.
6. Getting Surprises

Everyone likes to get surprise as it is a very special experience. At night friends and family organize a surprise without letting the birthday boy/girl know about it. Suspense for the birthday boy/girl and excitement for the party planners are the major elements of celebration. Sometimes people act to have forgotten their birthday but actually plan a surprise party for them in the evening. Birthday boy/girl is neglected the whole day and then the person is blind folded and taken to the venue where a gala party is waiting for them.

5. Going on Holidays

Youths also like to go out on trips near sea shores and mountain regions to celebrate their birthdays. Trekking, river rafting, sky diving are the adventurous sports popular among them. Also people visit the places like Goa and enjoy the beaches, sunset and beautiful scenic views there. Modes of enjoyment and fun may differ but the enthusiasm is always at its heights. Camping is also a very thrilling experience for people. Celebrating birthdays in this way also gives people a break from their monotonous lives and brush up them to return to their work with fresh minds and new hopes.
4. House Party

This involves amalgamation of traditional as well as western culture. In the morning people pray to God with their family members and ask for a happy, healthy and prosperous life. Then everyone goes on to prepare for the party in the evening.  Friends, relatives and neighbors who come with presents and enjoy the party. This way of celebrating a birthday also adds to the intimacy among relations. This get together of people also provides them to interact and come closer to their acquaintances whom they have not met for long. The party continues late at night sometimes as people are so engrossed in dancing, chatting and having fun. Celebrating birthdays of children at home includes inviting their friends in the evening. They enjoy the party by playing games like musical chair, passing the parcel and other board games. They are offered cake, snacks, sweets and chocolates. The party then ends with the distribution of return gifts on behalf of the birthday boy/girl.
3. Charity at Holy places

Some people do not like partying, loud music. They rather prefer to celebrate their birthday in a peaceful way. In spite of taking presents from others they like giving gifts to the needy people. This also connects them to God and spirituality as well. People go to temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras according to the religion they follow and offer prayers for their lovely present and bright future. They then distribute food, blankets, clothes and other stuffs to the poor people who cannot fulfill even their basic needs. This way of celebration by sharing what people have by God’s grace to those who are less fortunate gives them peace of mind and a kind of soothing pleasure.
2. In Nature’s lap

Picnic Party
Celebrating birthday away from the fast and tedious city life is unique in its own way. This involves a family picnic at a very calm place closer to the nature than technology. Today’s modern lifestyle in a way has made us handicapped and unaware of the natural beauty. People go out for picnic on their birthdays with all family members including grandparents who hardly get time to enjoy their life. People carry with them food items, beverages and stuffs for outdoor games. This is the time when the whole family gets along with each other and share their daily experiences, jokes which due to lack of time they cannot do. Everyone plays games like ‘hide and seek’, football, flying disk etc regardless of their age. Then the entire family eats together and enjoys nature’s beauty with a feeling of togetherness which lacks otherwise because of their busy and monotonous life. Also people click pictures and make videos as a token of wonderful memories which brings the family even closer and this adds to the enthusiasm of celebration to make it an occasion of ecstasy.
1.Celebration with a Social Cause

Some people try to make their birthday special by making others feel special and happy who are deserving but less fortunate at the same time. They go to orphanage and spend time with the children living there. It is well known that the life of children in orphanage is not easy and pleasing for them. There is no one who bothers to make them feel special neither they have means to do it for themselves. So certain people with soft and emotional heart go to meet them and take for them gifts, sweets and other eatable items . Also they play, paint, sing and dance with those kids. People also try to encourage them to make their future bright through studies and other talents they possess. Hence in this way celebration of birthday by bringing smile on others face gives a very soothing and pleasurable experience.


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