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One of the most annoying things you can possibly have to deal with on a daily basis are advertisements. Now ads per say only encompass print ads, what you see on tv are commercials. Every product under the sun now has an ad campaign, unfortunately that means that we have the privilege of being bombarded with tonnes and tonnes of monotonous and uninteresting ads that we don’t even care to look at. However not all of them are that bad. Amongst those numerous ‘please buy me’ posters there are a few that manage to stick out. And that is what this article is about. Those eye catching, face turning advertisements that leave you impressed.

Now if an ad is truly good, it will not nene too much writing on it to make sense.

10. Oldtimer- all you can eat rest stop

This is by far one of the most creative ways to advertise an all you can eat rest stop. This ad has been so perfectly created to exactly match the product. It reaches it’s target audience brilliantly as the rest stop is located along the high way and caters to those travelling from one destination to the next. If they didn’t spot e billboard, they clearly shouldn’t be driving.

9. Zoo ad

This will surely make you take a double take. The graphics of this as are brilliant and that’s really what makes the ad so cool, other than the main idea of course. The ad depicts a huge snake wrapping itself around, and evidently crushing a public bus. The aim of the ad is to invite you to go visit the zoo,but I don’t know how many people would feel like visiting the snakes after seeing it crush a bus. But nonetheless it is a pretty awesome advertisement.

8. Heineken jammin festival

This ad has everything. It’s simple and depicts everything it’s supposed to. Heineken is a well know beer brand that is hosting a jammin festival in Venice. The light of the stage lights up he crowd to look like a glass full of beer. It’s so well done that the heads and shoulders of the crowd look like the tiny bubbles you see I’m beer. The as is simply amazing because of its creativity and uniqueness.

7. Nivea cream

Clearly this isn’t your average moisturiser advertisement. Those tend to include extremely pretty, fair skinned models lying about their ‘terrible’ skin condition. Though this isn’t your average poster as, it’s a pretty interesting one. It’s super different, and that’s really what makes the good ads stick out from the rest. The sofa resembles the before and after effect of the cream on your skin where one half is rough and shiny and the other half is smooth and slightly tan.

6. WMF Grand Gourmet Knife

It’s probably pretty hard to come up with an interesting knife ad, but this ad has clearly accomplished that. The ad is not saying much, it’s simply suggesting that this knife is very sharp, and that is the idea of any knife ad. The witty tag line, sharper than you think fits in very aptly with the picture. Also the colour contrast makes the ad a lot more striking and visually appealing,. Red is an attention grabbing colour, and orange being its little sister, does the same.

5. Samsung MP3 player

Ever had earphones so good that it felt like the musician is singing in your ears? I haven’t, but samsung seems to promise this with their very interesting ad. A lot of people may not understand the ad at first, but it’s different enough to make them stop and look at it. This is after all half the ads job.

4. PSP

Any and every gaming console is trying to convince you that they are the most addictive and hence the best. I think, by this advertisement the PSP wins hands down. It’s so addictive that the police force could even use it as handcuffs. This, in my opinion is a brilliant approach to depicting the un-put-down-ableness of the product.

3. Job agency

Everyone of us wants to do well in life, and we tend to achieve that through work, or in other words a job. This ingeniously placed ad depicts how you need the help of the agency to get a job that’s right for you. This ad is sheer brilliance. The very level of creativity required to come up with something as amazing as this is commendable.

2. Orion telescopes

This ad has everything, it is both clever and funny. It plays on the universal joke that anything and everything is made in China, including the US flag currently residing on the moon. The ad exaggerates the telescopes ability to zoom in to such an extent that you can even see the fine print of the flag on the moon. If that’s not witty, I don’t know what is.

1. Suicide hotline

This ads simplicity is ads to its sheer brilliance. The ad is trying to convey that when you are in a situation where you wish to end your life, help yourself by calling the hotline. What makes the ad so good is the cutout. The cutout paper depicts the victim who is holing on to the hands of what is invariably himself. Also you could go one step deeper and say that the ad also puts across the notion that the victim, if successful in taking his life will leave a hole in this world that cannot be filled, just like if the paper was cut out, there would simply remain an empty hole in the shape of a man.


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