Top 10 Dangerous effects of Mobiles on Health

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Man being the social animal, cannot even think to thrive without the advent of mobile phones in our lives. Mobile phone- the thing which has now become a mere toy in a baby’s lap didn’t enjoy such rage in its earlier days. People would queue in lines just to have few minutes with their dear ones out in a foreign land. The telephone could not be moved anywhere like mobile phones and there was a certain limit as to the prices were not pocket friendly. But today’s technology has endowed us with many magical devices which early man could only dream of. And as we know, nothing comes free. Mobile phones and technology has come along with many perils in hand. Causing adverse effects on our health is just a beginning.

10.Lazy scumbags:

The phones were made mobile so as to being carried to any mountain top or beneath the rocks without any wires trailing behind. Actually, the purpose is truly served along with making us lazy and stiff like a rock. We prefer to get things delivered rather than going on a shopping spree. With time, our muscles get stiff and we are easily outrun by a treading mill. High cholesterol, heart disease no longer fails to visit us in our twenties.

9.Memory retentiveness:

Never want to forget your girlfriend’s birthday date again, save it in your phone.

What’s your number? Wait! Let e save it first.
I have to visit the doc tomorrow. Let me make a note of that in my smart phone.
These instances we encounter in our everyday lives. But without our phone, we cannot even remember our own number. Less exercising of the brain has led to memory retentiveness, where we are fast losing our memory power to the mere notes and books.

8.Tangled in the net:

Would it be wrong to say that more than 90% of the children are addicted to their phones? Their views are confined to the screen; they are all ears to the music playing in their headphones, nothing more. And to add upon, latest features with cheapest price are the cherry on the top. It is a fact that we are dependent on our phones for the very morning to the next evening. Mobile phone addiction is no less dangerous than the others.

7.Stressed out:

Mobile phones have enabled us to reach any person any time. We get through the latest news updates in few seconds. But when the net is slow, don’t we get hyper?

When someone is out of reach or unavailable, don’t we think of throwing a rage at the customer service at the very instant?

It has been proved that over use of phones has increased the levels of stress in our lives and we no longer can sit patiently for anything. We stress out at every simple task knocking our door.

6.Straggly mind:

Let alone the body, even our delicate brain suffers at the hands of technology. Exposed radiations from mobile phones have disarrayed our complete focused and balanced minds. Today’s half of the population is under its effect. No longer can we concentrate on our studies like before; no longer can we stay focused on the same topic for hours. Our daily life is ruined because of it.


That latest smart phone in your pocket not only burns your pocket but also reduces your chances of watching your kids play on the field. It has been scientifically proven that men glued to their cell phones and computers 24*7 are likely to produce non motile and damaged sperms. For your sake of your future, stop sticking to the phones like flies and keep it away in a farther proximity.

4.Havoc on eyes:

Our body might survive from the clutches of mobile phones, but our subtle eyes are not ready to face harsh radiations from it. Continuous exposure with our eyes popping out to grab the latest piece of information can lead to eye strain and headaches (if it has not started yet). Staring at like the exotic delicacy is the safest way to call upon early cataract and damaged retina. You would love to wear those thick glasses. Wouldn’t you?

3.Genetic disorders:

We unknowingly cross path with the electromagnetic waves that surround us. These waves are powerful enough to cause distortion in our genomes. The greater the exposure, greater is the disarrayed line of chromosomes waiting to cause a serious problem. Even though they don’t give troubled sleep now, they will pass down the heir to the future generation for sure.


Our daily routine starts with peeking at the mobile phone and ends with staring at the rudimentary screen for timely chats and poking others.  We keep that device in close proximity so as to what emergency might call upon. There might be world war or tsunami and we can get call of terror any second. Right? Seriously we people need to get a piece of peaceful sleep before we strangle our need of the hour-SLEEP.


Mobile phones are the slow poisons we love to intake every day in spite of the dangers lurking around. Radiations from the phones are carcinogenic in nature and are the major contributors to cancer and brain tumour. It helps thrive the cancerous cells in our body without us having a minute knowledge about it. Don’t just throw away your life. Use mobile phones in real need.


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