Top 10 Dating Turn Offs for Girls

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Dates, dates, dates! We all love to go for dates all the time. It not only diverts the mind from the daily stress and tension, but great dates may turn out to be a lifetime investment. We, girls love to be pampered all the time. No matter how matured and logical we become, we girls always like to believe that there is a Prince Charming out there! We go on numerous dates trying to find that perfect man. But, girls, have you ever thought how terribly a date can go wrong if the guy you are on a date with turns out to be a total asshole? I mean, yes, we know, guys can be assholes but on a date too? It immediately turns us off and we want to get up and leave right then. So what are the 10 things that we girls HATE in guys? Here we go!

10. Insensitive guys

There is no dearth of such guys around the globe. Well, the one sitting next to you might just be one of them. They seem to be insensitive to everything you say. Okay, we understand that if on a date we behave like a chatterbox, it turns off the guy. But we try our best to speak less and be the sophisticated girl a guy likes to take out, but all the while you are busy on phone? Or busy with the giant screen that is telecasting the match? Why couldn’t you just sit back at home instead!

9. Oversensitive Guys

This category is another turn off. While insensitivity turns us off, too much of sensitivity is nothing good either. Going on and on about how great your ex girlfriend was, or getting hyper if we receive an important call and then the mood drop is not what we girls expect on a date. We came at the first place because you gave the impression of a gentleman. And is this how a gentleman behaves with his girl? Too bad!

8. Pick Up Lines

Guys, you need to understand that the girl is on a date with you because she was impressed by you. On the date, please do not use cheap pick up lines like, “Do you believe in love at first sight?” or “You have a band-aid? Coz I hurt my knee when I fell in love with you”. We girls already have enough of this on a daily basis from guys we hate! Can you please stay away from such stupid lines?

7. Eew! Hygiene Problem!

Okay, so you eat with your hands and then wash your hands on the plate? Or maybe you use both hands while tearing that piece of meat off and then hold the glass with those hands? Or you are picking your nose at the middle of the dinner? Where’s all the hygiene guys? Girls, as we know, are the more disciplined and hygienic sex. And when out on a date you are trying to impress a girl with your politeness, this is what you do? It’s a big no-no!

6. Indecisive

Okay, we all have a little dilemma on what to order. There are so many dishes a restaurant is famous for. It is okay to take a little time to order. But guys who take forever to decide on what they want to eat are a big turn off. You are in a multicuisine restaurant and you take long to decide which cuisine you are gonna taste. Then you take forever to decide what you want to eat. That is so very irritating guys!

5. Stop Staring!

Okay now this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. When out on a date, the guy just decides to keep eyeing other attractive women around the place. Wait, we are not even possessive about you! It is just so very insulting that you ask us out, try to woo us and do everything to take us out, and once out, you stare at other women? Please grow up men!

4. Manners, guys!

Manners and men move in opposite direction. We all know that. But at least come prepared or even Google some manners before you take out a girl. No table manners, shouting over the phone, ogling at other women, shouting at the waiter because he takes time to serve, all this does not show your smartness, men. It rather shows how uncultured and ill mannered you are. So please take time and make efforts to improve your manners and learn some from the men you see in movies!

3. Boring Guys

And then we have guys who are extremely boring. To the core. They bore us with stories from college, or keep showing off you rich they are, show off their insanely expensive phones and other gadgets, will crib about their ex girlfriends, go on and on about the way our Government is not working, and will improvise many other methods to bore us to the core. We hate it! At times we feel like snapping back at you. But we know manners, you see!

2. Oh-so-touchy!

Now this would be the second last thing we girls would want on a date. Just because we came out on a date with you stupid fellows, does not mean you get the green signal to touch us in any manner. We come with you to think about our future prospects together! Oh wait, you just made the decision a hell lot easier.

1. “You mind paying the bill?” Cheapo!

This is the last thing a girl would want on a date. I mean it is not that we are not carrying cash or our cards or we do not have the ability to pay for the dinner, but it is a mere courtesy guys that you being the stronger sex should make an effort to make the girl feel special, irrespective of who had asked out first. When on earth are men going to learn these things?


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