Top 10 Deadliest Tornadoes in the World

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Nature plays different roles every time when there occurs a natural disaster in the world. The natural disasters come in the form of earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, cyclones and landslides among many others. When one of these takes place, they lead to the loss of a large number of human lives and destruction of property. There is nothing one can do about natural disasters. There is no way we can receive any warning of any forthcoming natural destruction, that’s why due to which the damage done due to such natural calamities is widespread and something which is irrevocable. Though there are ways of managing and minimizing the risks and hazards of natural disasters, yet there is nothing complete or proper which could be done to totally avoid such disasters from occurring. Tornadoes are meant to take lives on a dangerous and large scale, and these twisters might just occur anywhere and everywhere according to the atmospheric conditions of the place. Here is a list of the top 10 deadliest and the most dangerous tornadoes which have occurred across the globe and have left their mark in the world history.

10. The Madaripur-Shibchar Tornado – 1977

This deadly tornado took place in the year 1977 in the country of Bangladesh. This tornado swept away tree, architectural structures, homes and people. The natural disaster led to more than 500 deaths and casualties. Everything was completely damaged as this tornado passed through Madaripur and Shibchar.

9. The Comoro Tornado – 1951

Comoros, located in the eastern coast of Africa was hit by a deadly tornado in the year 1951. This tornado initially struck the place by starting as a waterspout. This waterspout then gained intensity slowly and turned into a heavy and large tornado killing almost 500 people, not to forget the destruction of structures and natural plants and trees. As Comoros was under foreign rule when this natural disaster took place, not much data is available on this event.

8. The Narail-Magura Tornado – 1964

Another yet deadly tornado had struck the unfortunate land of Bangladesh in the year 1964. This twister travelled through the cities of Narail and Magura, and destructed almost 7 villages on its way. This natural disaster claimed the lives of almost 500 people, whose traces were never found ever again after the tornado.

7. The Sicily Tornado – 1851

A tornado which took place early back in the 1800’s, the Sicily tornado has two deadly theories behind it. It was quite evident that definitely a large number of people died, almost about 500, and destroyed structures and properties on a large scale. Many believe in one theory that this tornado had initially begun as two waterspouts, which later on turned into two deadly tornadoes. Another theory goes that this tornado actually formed as a multiple vortex, thus making it appear and form extremely large and wide in size and destruction.

6. The Valetta Tornado – 1951/1956

The Valetta Tornado took place in Valetta, Malta, and is considered to be one of the most deadly tornadoes in the world. Though the actual and the exact year of when this tornado hit Valetta is still unknown, this natural disaster is claimed to have taken more than 600 lives and destroyed huge natural property. Very similar to the others, this tornado started out as a waterspout and increased its intensity and deadly impact.

5. The Manikganj, Singair and Nawabganj Tornado – 1973

With an exact death toll of 681, this tornado remains to be the fifth deadliest tornado in the world. The Manikganj, Singair and Nawabganj tornado wiped out a whole village named Balurchar, along with destroying nine other towns in the country of Bangladesh, the country which was usually affected by tornadoes for a long period of time.

4. The Tri-State Tornado – 1925

The Tri-State Tornadoes as its name goes, caused major deaths in mainly three cities of the United States, but also struck some other cities of the country and caused minor deaths, thus making it the deadliest tornado to have hit the country of U.S. The Fujita scale showed the highest rating of this tornado at F5, and is known to have caused almost 750 deaths in the country. This tornado lasted for a long duration of 3-5 hours and this natural calamity became one of its kinds to have struck U.S.

3. The Madarganj to Mirzapur Tornado – 1996

This tornado yet again struck the land of Bangladesh in the year 1996, and lead to nearly 700 deaths. This deadly tornado travelled all the way from Madarganj to Mirzapur, and led to large scale destruction of life and property in towns such as Gopalpur, Kallhati, Basail and Shakipur, other than Madarganj and Mirzapur itself.

2. The East Pakistan Tornado – 1969

The East Pakistan Tornado took place in 1969 and struck the populated city of Dhaka, which is the capital of present Bangladesh. The tornado in Dhaka saw a death toll of 660 people and injured more than 4000 people in the city. On the same day, April 14, another tornado struck another district in Bangladesh named Homma Upazila where it killed 223 people as per estimates.

1. The Daulatpur-Salturia Tornado – 1989

The Daulatpur-Salturia tornado is considered to be the deadliest of tornadoes the world has ever seen which occurred on the 26th April in 1989. A lot of towns were completely destroyed and injured more than 12000 people, and killed almost 1300 people. This deadly tornado destroyed many towns completely and damaged homes and properties on a large scale, leaving almost 40,000 people homeless. The reason for this 1 mile wide tornado was said to have been the drought which plagued Bangladesh for 6 months, which intensified the atmospheric conditions and gave birth to the dangerous twister.


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