Top 10 Deadly Fishes of the World

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What the fish?You may have been fishy about all those things in your secretive little clumsy life but here is something that you can’t just ignore! So, all you Sushi and Tuna lovers out there this list might give you some serious nightmares subsequently making you think of what you consume! The creature lover is back again with the top 10 most deadly fishes this time.

P.S- The list contains some of the most dangerous and poisonous fishes of the world. So brace yourselves and have a read!

10. Alligator Gar

So here is the monster you will never dream of being with in a peaceful ocean! A creature extending up to 10 feet and weighing more than 90 kilos the brown coloured Gar is found in North American waters like Mississippi and in Mexico. It has a saw like teeth in its upper and lower jaw with the upper one having a dual layer. Its ganoid scales are so tough that it was previously used to make arrows. And you got to watch it bite in self defense! This deadly creature can even live without water up to a couple of hours!

9. Wels Catfish

So the next deadly killer fish on our list is the Wels Catfish, a native of the European waters of Berlin Lake, Spain’s reservoirs and Russia’s Volga River. These huge merciless fishes are aggressive predators and grab their victims by executing powerful bites with the help of their massive rows of razor sharp teeth. These sloppy creatures can reach up to 13 feet and length and weigh over 400 pounds. Astonishingly a catfish found in Russia had an entire human body in its stomach contents! So the next time, you go down to swim in one such water reservoirs, kindly do your homework on Catfishes!

8. Giant Freshwater Sting ray

Sting rays are the silent killers! They can be as quiet as the ocean bed and as violent as a raising hurricane. Remember the famous crocodile hunter Steve Irwin not being able to survive a piercing from a small ocean sting ray? Well meet the daddy of all sting rays. Here is the Giant freshwater sting ray, up to 16 feet in length, weighing over 2000 pounds and every time I explain the giant I feel like introducing a wrestling superstar! The 8-inch stinger can be whipped back like that of a scorpion to target an unsuspecting wader, while the sheer mass of the creature also has the potential to muscle a person under water. The next time you see the river bed moving, just keep calm!

7. Electric Eel

So the next on our deadly list is the Electric eel which is capable of releasing enough electricity that can even stun a horse. A fiercely predator, the electric eel uses shock production as its defense and hunting mechanism. Even a milder shock can leave you unconscious and the rest drowning down to the riverbed world do! The 8 feet, 50 pounds electric eel be handled by wearing rubber gloves but swimming in the river with water being a good carrier of electric waves becomes difficult and ultimately death is what one gets!

6. Muskellunge

The Muskellunge is a freshwater fish which lives in the freshwaters of the Northern Hemisphere. It is infamous for its mouthful of daggers which it uses for knocking down its preys. The fish grows up to 7 feet in length and weighs over 80 pounds and is known for lurking in the lake waters in order to pounce upon its prey.

5. Bull shark

So here comes the deadliest of all the fishes, the infamous Bull shark! Bull Sharks are the most aggressive shark species, possessing the highest testosterone level of any animal. Bull Sharks also have the strongest bite force of any living fish species. These fishes dwell in the freshwater and can are found in the inland lakes of Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky. The fish that sizes from 7-12 feet and weighs over 600 pounds has caused many fatalities and undoubtedly one of the most dangerous of all fishes!

4. Boxfish

Till now we have had known the fiercely and aggressively dangerous fishes but I always feel that it gives you an extra edge or chance to escape when you know that fish is deadly. But what about those creatures that look harmless? Well, I would suggest you not to go by their looks. The next on our list is a similar fish. The boxfishes (and its relative trunkfishes) are the pretty looking killers. They possess the poison in specialized skin cells and use this toxin as method of their defense mechanism when threatened or stressed. The Hawaiian boxfish in particular excretes a toxin called ostracitoxin or pahutoxin that is known to breakdown or destroy red blood cells.

3. Lionfish

Lionfish is one of the most venomous of all fishes and possess venomous dorsal, anal and pelvic spines covered by a loose sheath that moves down and compresses venom glands when the spine punctures tissue. A sting from these fish can cause extreme pain, swelling, and in very severe cases, cardiovascular collapse. Most lionfish naturally reside in the Indo-Pacific but they have become an invasive species in recent years; most notably along the Atlantic coast of the United States where they are having a major impact on Atlantic coral-reef communities. Lionfish were likely introduced along the Atlantic coast through aquarium releases.

2. Stonefish

So the second best on today’s list is the most venomous fish of the world, the Stonefish. These fishes have a peculiar characteristic of blending themselves into the natural environment by encrusting themselves. They deliver their venom through a row of spines on their back that can be extended when threatened or stepped on.  A sting from one of these fish can cause excruciating pain, rapid swelling, tissue death, muscle weakness, temporary paralysis, and in very rare cases death. The amount of venom secreted is proportional to the amount of pressure on it as it comes out involuntarily. The Stonefishes are found in Northern Australia and Indo-Pacific region.


So it’s time for the most dangerous fish of the world and it’s the cute looking Pufferfish! I did warn you about innocent looks, didn’t I? the Pufferfish is designated as the most poisonous fish and second most poisonous vertebrate of the world. It possesses a neurotoxin called Tetrodotoxin which inhibits neural transmission leading to weakness, paralysis, and even death at relatively low concentrations (~2mg). This toxin is found in the fish’s liver, ovaries, intestines and skin, leaving muscle tissue with relatively low and somewhat safe levels to eat. However only mastered chefs are allowed to prepare their dish, mostly practiced in Japan.

So if you want to try Pufferfish dish, don’t blame me later that I hadn’t warned!


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