Top 10 Disadvantages of Social Networking

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Man is a social animal. Who denies that? No one!!! But excessive of something is always a sign of troubled waves barging in. With the advent of latest technologies, fast communication became the need of the hour. No one liked waiting for hours in queues for few moments with their beloved ones. All thanks to reach of the social networking sites, that comes handy in every nook and corner of the city. And it costs next to nothing. It has made our life easier, more aware of the present situations than ever and more important it has helped us remain connected to the ones we love. Every coin has two sides. And social networking sites have been playing with our lives, emotions since many years. If you still disagree, stroll down to the next few points.

10.Mutual contempt out in the open:

What all happened within closed doors now are a rage in the public. When an actor is dead, people misuse this platform to blame their family members and ruin their social life. Sometimes, a page is specifically created against a certain community/person just to harass the person and shatter his image. More often than not we have seen people fighting within themselves in the comments with utter nonsense. Nothing is left behind except bitter feelings and crushed dreams.

9.Impassive towards reality:

I guess there were 20-30 emoticons when we were new to these sites. Those emoticons lie down in millions now. We liberally make use of those to show our emotions. But in reality, are we well versed with the true facet of the thoughts, feelings? We rarely show any emotions, we get trapped within the web world. According to research, our feelings remain confined to the screen and letters. No longer, we respond to reality. We become emotionless in short.

8.Personal stuff not personal anymore:

We share everything on social sites. Even if we do not like it, some day or the other we want the world to know about our likes, dislikes, photos. This is all because of the dearth of close people with us. We want to share everything. We cannot pretend to unsocial animals sitting on the lazy couch in our homes. But sometimes personal stuffs are meant to be personal and this public post might create havoc in your life.

7.Jealousy in the air:

To paint the town green with envy, here we present the most reliable method: posting your happy moments and brag about them in social networking sites. This has become a tradition to post photos and updates about your happenings and success in the social world. We all have some troubles in our lives but certain people take this as a blow to their own life and jealousy is bound to arise.

6.Endless trail of troubles:

There will always be a set of miscreants in every facet of your life. Even in social sites, these people are renowned by their incessant poking and messaging at every hour so as to disturb you. Even worse if you have a little chat with them and shake a hand of friendship. Then the actual hell of a life starts. They might confide in you and misuse your personal information to ruin your image and leave behind a dreadful trauma.

5.Dearth of time:

These sites are known to make our time fly like anything. When we get bored, we log into them and get lost in the web world. No wonder, its name is also web which has trapped us like frail insects. Most of our precious time is capitulated in the merry making, chats and updating status about the recent gossip. Nothing more seems more intriguing and we leave behind our requisite attention towards our responsibility.

4.Smoke of tension:

Who the hell is he to post that picture on my wall? I am sure to get embarrassed the very next moment I step my foot in college.

My upcoming music was made viral. What answer do I have for the producers?
There will be umpteen times when we are in doldrums due to social networking sites. They clutch our hands in such a way that we are left with no option but to take a harsh decision. Tension takes its grip and no one to blame but these sites.

3.Health issues:

Not only time, but these sites have an adverse effect on our health. We sit in front of the screen for hours staring like an owl. Our eyes have certain limit to things but sitting for hours make them impermeable to darkness for a moment. Even they damage the corneas and lower our vision. We become glued to our sits and stiff our muscles making us lazy douche bags.

2.Sleepless nights:

We know our parents; they will never understand us and our night life. They refrain us from using too much of internet and surfing them for hours. Finally when the cat is away sleeping, the rats play their heart out. We chat on these sites for hours leaving our body devoid of the requisite hours of sleep. Daily continuance of this can give us a gift of insomnia.

1.Addiction takes its toll:

Have you seen a teenager sitting in front of a computer screen doing his social updates and chatting?

The more you try to forbid him from doing so, the more he will be glued to. Addiction takes its toll so much that many parents have to consult psychiatrists for their children. These reasons are enough for you to start caring about your daily partake in activities of these sites. Isn’t it?


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