Top 10 Dog Species that Bite the Most

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Dogs are the most loved pets of human being. Considered to be reliable, there are some dog breeds which need to be properly trained and taken care of otherwise they can be dangerous. Many cases of dog bites are registered daily somewhere in the world. We have given you a list of the breeds that are dangerous than others.

10. Dachshunds

Don’t get confused by their small size and their cuteness. If you think that these sausage looking adorable dogs won’t bite you if you get near to them then you are wrong. They can turn into aggressive creatures and records show that out of every twelve dogs of this breed, one has tried to or have bitten their owners. It is just not the owners that are in danger but the greater danger is for the strangers and even other dogs. Out of five dachshunds, one has shown its cruelty on a stranger or another dog.

9. Alaskan Malamute

One has to be careful if you own a malamute. They are a type of domestic dogs and also belong to the category of sled dogs. It is a difficult breed of dogs to be trained as like to be independent. Though this breed of dogs barks very seldom but it bites often. They are not dangerous for humans to a large extent but can pose a danger for small animals.

8. Chihuahua

It is a tendency for owners to treat their big dogs differently from the smaller dogs. The smaller dogs look cute and not so dangerous. But this smallest breed of dogs can be very grumpy and can often snap and bite. The major reasons this dog can bite a stranger or its owner is when he is afraid or when he want dominance. This adorable looking dog is very temperamental and one should not take their bad behavior as “cute”.

7. Chow Chow

As by now you must know that not only fierce looking dogs are dangerous but the adorable ones are dangerous too. They look good to be cuddles but don’t you dare cuddle them or even touch them if they are not in a mood. Chow Chow likes to remain aloof and has a bellowing bark. They are used as guard dogs and generally love if treated with care and affection. They can be aggressive towards strangers and other dogs as they are very much protective of the people they care about. Special training must be given to this breed if they are kept as pets in a family with children.

6. Wolf-dog hybrid

As the name suggests, half of the dog is a wolf. What can you expect from a half wolf? Yes, they are aggressive and temperamental. In 20 years there are 15 fatalities reported for which this breed is responsible. Their behavior cannot be predicted easily and they are considered more dangerous as there are no vacancies discovered against the bite of these dogs.

5. Great Dane

It is a large size German breed of dog which is kept as a domestic dog. Great Dane breed is the tallest breed of dogs in the world. Great Dane dogs are generally called as friendly giants as they are not very much aggressive with their owners. In 20 years of time there are 9 fatalities due to the bite of this dog has been registered and this is what makes them a member of the list of dogs that bite the most.

4. Dalmatians

An enthusiastic family dog which is distinguished by the black spot can be easily provoked by the strangers and can bite them. They need proper training and companionship. Lack of physical activity can make them destructive. If they are left alone they can howl and can be rowdy. They are stubborn and aggressive if they are not properly trained.

3. Rottweiler

They are muscular, territorial and fierce looking breed of dog. They can be more dangerous as they get old as they can often bite their owners due to amnesia at later age. They are easy to handle as they are calm and confident breed of dog. They can be overaggressive and studies have shown that they have caused 39 fatalities in 20 years.

2. German Shepherds

German shepherd is a breed of dog that is native to Germany. It is known that this breed is responsible for the highest number of dogs bite in America. They are used as guide dogs for blind and disabled people. They are big, strong and courageous dogs. They have a protective nature and this is the main reason for its aggressiveness against strangers and other dogs.

1. Pitbull

Pitbulls deserves the number one position on this list as they are the most aggressive breed of dogs. They are ideal family dogs as they love their owner and at the same time vigorous enough o keeps our house protected. They are famous for their attacks and their bites. They are banned in many cities due to their killer persona. They need to be kept busy with physical activities to avoid their destructive behavior. They can be regarded as the dog breed who will not start a fight but if challenges knows how to finish a fight.


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