Top 10 Easiest Jobs in the World

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Jobs are an integral part of our lives. They form the source of money which feeds our essential needs of life like food, clothes and shelter. They are also the source of our income that we need for our luxury expenditure. Most of us are stuck with jobs which we do not like for one reason or the other. Either we are not satisfied by the work environment, or we do not like the nature of the job, or the jobs do not pay us adequately, or some other thing. The list just seems to go on and on. It has been observed that in a majority of our cases if people are doing something they truly like as a job, are more or less happier than those who are stuck with their jobs just for money. Not enjoying what you do is a major source of stress and can lead to a variety of problems both physically and mentally. While the job you enjoy may seem to be the easiest one around, it may not necessarily be so for others. For example a geek might like a job of programming and to him or her it may seem to be the world’s best and easiest job; however that clearly is not the case. In order to enlist the easiest jobs on the planet we should consider jobs that can be universally accepted as easy jobs.


10. Librarian


No big fusses, just sit there, list all the books issued, sip your coffee and done! It can be the best job ever for a book lover. You can have your hands on all the world knowledge if you want and also you will have access to various journals of almost about any topic you want. Better still, you get to do a bit of monitoring as well and shout out “No talking in the library” at even a small bit of noise made by that guy which you do not like. You can have a TV installed your room and do not worry about all the problems of the world and sit back, relax and enjoy a game of football. Salaries are quite reasonable and you will have minimum stress.


9. Food Tester

 Food Tester

Food is considered to be one of the prime necessities of humans. People work for it, struggle for it, fight wars and make peace for it. However, have you ever wondered what it will be like if you were paid to eat? The thought seems nice doesn’t it? Wait there’s more!! Most of the food stuff you will be testing or tasting will be more or less very delicious. Heck, there are food testers for chocolates these days. Even more, a recent study has shown that an average food tester gets paid about $40,000 to $75,000 per year for that job. Now you are really thinking about a job switch aren’t you?


8. Resort Consultant

 Resort Consultant

You might have wondered about all the awesome places that you wish to travel when you get free time for your work. You might as well be saving money for that for a long time but you are just unable to find time for hitting the road until you come across the song: “Enjoy yourself! It’s later than you think!” Well, ever wondered how would it be like to have a work where you will be spending your time in a world class resort and using all the facilities present there and write about their shortcomings? And moreover, get paid handsomely for that! Well this is the job that resort consultants do and is quite regularly voted among the best jobs to do.


7. Shop Keeper


This may not be as fulfilling as food testers or be as glamorous as resort consultants but being a shopkeeper may be really good for your idle inner self. In fact it is not much different from being a librarian. However unlike a librarian you will have the extra benefit of interacting with a wide variety of people that come to your shop whereas in a library, probably you will have to keep mum for most of the day, but that is, only if you want. Because, what? You are the librarian!


6. Bingo Announcer

 Bingo Announcer

All you have to do is shout out (well, in most cases, just announce loudly on a microphone) numbers! Here’s a typical work description 12, 15, 23……. Some numbers, 22; Oh! There we go. We seem to have our first full house here. Really it cannot get easier than this. Plus it has several perks like you get to enjoy the thrill and suspense with the audience. You can also add to the suspense by announcing words very slowly! You also get to; if you want to, play with people’s feelings. Here’s how you would do it: It seems like that the number here is 31! Oh no! Wait! Hold the phone! The number actually is 13! Obviously it may be noted here that you may have to deal with the consequences if the person with 31 on his paper happens to be a bodybuilder!


5. Life Guard at a Baby swimming pool


Does it need any explanation? What is so cool about this job is that you do not necessarily have to know swimming. The only thing that is required for this job is that you should be taller than at least a couple of feet and lift up to maybe about 8 or 10 kilograms. That’s it. It gets even cooler when you actually join the work: There is a good possibility that you may not have to do the work even once on some days. But this job option has the disadvantage because of the fact that you will most probably required to be a little alert than your comfort level. You cannot just go there and sit there reading your magazines while the kids drown!


4. Elevator Operator

Yeah I know, it is boring and all. But just think about it: we are talking about easy jobs here; and what is easier than doing a job where the only requirement of the job is to be able to push buttons? You may not even have to be there for the whole day because you’ll probably be working in shifts because the job is considered so boring. I say give the job to someone who will love it: a 5 year old kid! But there are a few warning though: a kid might not want to push the button that he is required to and may “work” as he likes.


3. A Doctor’s Secretary


To be really honest, a doctor’s secretary, as far as I have seen only has to answer calls and note the appointment timings. Also you would have to so certain meaningless jobs that were not part of your original job description like getting a coffee! But hey, who is looking for meaning when we are talking about ease! And let’s face it: the salaries are pretty good! There’s more! A doctor’s job will probably be recession proof and as a result your job too! Isn’t it nice?


2. A Government Job

 Government Job

Well I am not talking about the really important jobs where people are generally in the limelight and have to share most of the responsibility. I am referring to those chair warmers with an average sized desk that has a few papers and documents lying on it which he is required to sign on. That it! That’s your job. If you are in these professions and doing what I just mentioned, you are probably costing some poor worker in an office somewhere in the same office building his office hours because somebody in the end has to do it! This weird job responsibility imbalance is a very interesting characteristic of a government job that you can exploit to your benefit and can land with a job with absolutely nothing to do.


1. Online Article Writer

 Online Article Writer

Well it is always advisable to save the best for the last and here I present you what may well be the easiest job in the planet: Online article writer. There are many benefits like you can work from your home, you can work at flexible hours and you can do multiple jobs. But of course you have to have the required knowledge and grammar expertise to land into such a job but once you are in, it is relatively quite easy.


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