Top 10 Excuses to Skip School

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School- some dread it, some love it while there are some who want to skip it for some reasons ; to skip a test, fear of detention or it could be as  grave as bullying and abuse. Whatever the reason is, it’s advisable to have a talk with your kid if s/he is continuously hell bent on missing school and skipping certain classes. It could be a resultant of a grave issue. However once in a while it’s fine to be an accomplice of your child and let him/her skip it. Listed below are the few excuses you could use to get your child skip school, if you are a parent and get yourself to skip school, if you are a mischievous child.

10) Sickness


The easiest card to pull out of the deck; a stomach ache, a slight case of food poisoning (because you had something from outside), a runny nose or just plain sickness. Lie down in your bed; stack your favorite games and books. Be good friends with your family doctor don’t forget to keep him/her flattered by dropping him a card on doctor’s day.

What you could get is a medical certificate and an official reason to stay home for a day or two. Though don’t do it frequently lest your parents or teachers believe you are seriously ill.

9) Pets


“My pet is sick. It might be…” don’t say the word, not as yet. Tear up a little, dilate those pupils as big as you can (remember puss in boots or Bambi eye). A sick pet or a dying pet is a sure shot at a holiday granted. Tell that particular teacher who is very fond of animals about how grief stricken you are because your pet has begun its final countdown (not very humane I agree but whatever does it) and if it’s one of your tough teachers than crying and wailing and telling them to have mercy on you for the sake of dear god shall definitely melt them down to bits. Then you can spend the rest of your day with the pet you so dearly love.

8) Birthday


Come on now who’d deny you on your birthday/ if you are the kinds who’d rather skip a formal birthday celebration in school for a totally amazing trip to your favorite place, also if you happen to be an introvert and hate to create nuisance. Then this is just the right day for you, ask your parents, ask your teachers. Tell them it brings 11 year of bad luck to deny someone something on their birthday and that’ll surely make them sign your leave application.

7) Family functions


The perks of having a large family is that every other month someone could be falling in love/ getting married. Unless your teacher is a family acquaintance or too bad, a relative then you should select from the rest of the points listed. But if that’s not the case then you could try this, tell them your second or third cousin or your cousin’s sister in law’s brother’s daughter is getting married and there you have it, your leave served to you on a silver platter with a golden good wishes note attached.

And why just restrain yourself to marriages get creative, anniversaries, great granddad’s birthday. Think of something very grand and very important that must not be missed or sacrificed for that dreaded oral test you have.

6) Doctor’s Appointment


Did you make your doctor a card on 1st July; I hope you took that advice. For now you are going to see your doctor and could be returning to school after recess to attend the rest of the classes or if the doctor have mercy on you S/He could prescribe you a day or two’s rest because that vaccine you just got or the wound that you just got stitched will need some time to heal.

That time can be successfully used to evade homework, class tests, Physical Education classes, and even those dreary drama recitals and well spent reading the book or comic you had bought so long back or finally finish that latest game that was long overdue, or just spend it in the house horsing around.

5) Traffic


This was my favorite. You could deflate the tires, ask the driver to take the busiest road. Hack into the city’s traffic control system (alike those Hollywood movie you like) and divert the entire city’s traffic towards your school lane (nope just kidding).

Being stuck in traffic is an excuse which is not age- bound you can use it any day of your life and it will get you out of the most awkward punctuality blunders of your life.  And if they give you a cycle to avoid the traffic woes, better still, as a cycle is easier to get stolen or to get broken

4) Accident


Now there! There! We are not talking about those final destinationish wood logs accidents but those minor ones tailored according to your needs. I witnessed an accident it was so bad, I felt so sick and I couldn’t stop crying. I encountered a wounded *blank* on my way to school and I had to take it to the vet, it would have died a slow painful death for which I wouldn’t have ever forgiven myself. Now you can add any living creature of any size to that blank. Not only you’d be hailed as the next pet savior but also be given a no-question asked, leave application.

3) Hurt myself


My milk tooth fell off and it didn’t stop bleeding. I swear I was all ready but my uniform was ruined and so I had to take an off.  My younger sibling left his/her toy-train/Barbie doll on the stairs and I took a huge tumble down into the hallway, I was still in a condition to come but then as soon as I walked out I stepped on  the garden rake and then I don’t remember. Each day around the house you can hurt yourself in more ways than you can count.

However it’s recommend not to use this one too often than required lest you be labeled as downright clumsy for the rest of your life.

2) Missed the Bus


This is the most fool-proof out of all the excuses because it isn’t easy to prove it wrong. Then there are so many reasons you could have missed it. You got up late, you uniform wasn’t ironed, an ill-fated power cut, something happened on the way from your house to the bus-stop. There are numerous possibilities and it falls on you to choose the one you consider being most credible.

1) Old Family Member


Nobody will deem this as ethical, but it’s listed because it works and it is used. Old age and diseases are inextricably related so is the tint of death that looms large. But for this one to work you have to prepare in advance, restrict all your merry making, act sad, don’t be caught laughing out loud or having the time of your life. Having a party or a slumber is definitely a big NO because gossips travel faster than you can imagine. You could use this excuse to varied degrees from an elderly member hospitalized to a prolong grieving period for the deceased. Though on moral ground, it is advised against. No test or problem can be bigger than having to compromise on moral grounds.


School is fun, even if there are something that are proven killjoys so it is upto you to make the best of this phase. Missing classes and skipping tests is understandable and agreeable because let’s face it we have all been there and done it. But if you do it frequently then it can’t certainly be labeled as good, talk to your parents and your teachers prepare in advance for the tests and don’t be afraid of failures.


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