Top 10 Famous Indian Superstitions

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India is a country with a wide variety of cultures and a unique style. It is also a country where people seem to have a lot of belief in superstitions. There is a thin line between a myth and superstitions. Although there are plenty of followers of both, let’s check out some of those superstitions we might have grown with or probably might be following just so someone asked us to do. Check out these listed superstitions and stop if you or anyone you know believe in them, cause trust me they are just there without any significance and are not true.

10. Hiccups – Wow! Someone Thinking of You

When you are with a group of people and all are busy talking something, suddenly you go *hic* *hic* with your hiccups, the next moment there is always someone to tell you that somebody is thinking of you; is the reason you are having hiccups. Seriously, if there is a connection to our hiccups and someone remembering us, we might be on it the entire day probably as there is always someone who might be thinking of us in the entire day. Hiccups are caused because of a sudden change in stomach temperature, full stomach, emotional stress or excitement.

9. Cutting nail after dark brings bad luck

Among so many things we follow blindly what our elders say, this is one such a superstition. Most of us do know that it is just another make do belief and there is no truth in it, yet we simply follow, maybe for respecting our elders, or for that tiny voice in our heart which asks what if really something bad happens? Cutting nail after dark is believed to be a grave sign which, welcomes evil and trouble.

In truth, the story behind this was, in olden days when there was no light cutting nail could have caused harm to their own fingers and toes in dark as there were no nail cutters as well of course. Hence this superstition was told only to avoid any harm of cutting the skin in dark.

8. Handling anything in the left hand is a bad sign

I know! How painful this superstition is because I am a left-hander too. Growing up I had to mull a lot of stares from my parents when I did things in left instead of right for instance giving a cup of coffee to a guest. According to some of the religions in India handling any kind of exchange in the left hand is considered inauspicious and hence people insist on using right hand always. Well! I could not change it and I use left hand for most things. I have never seen any bad thing happening to me because of this or did I miss to notice?

7. Never to ask “Where you going”?

When someone is going out on some work, you are never to ask them directly as where they are going at the time of leaving. It is considered that the work will not be done for whatever reason the person might be going. People sit for a while if they are asked such a question by anyone and after few minutes they leave again. Well! Who wants an angry face staring at us for spoiling their precious time while leaving out by asking questions isn’t it? Hence, most of us turn up following it, even though if it’s not true.

6. Crow cawing is a sign of visitors to your home

I wish this was true! Because if there is someone coming to my house the crow would let me know about it and I can get prepared for the visit either to welcome or let’s just say by tucking under my blanket and pretend the home is locked. But I don’t think we could be that lucky, because we simply cannot trust our innocent crow cawing. Yet, a lot of people still believe that when a crow caws sitting in front of our house, there is a possibility of someone visiting us.

5. Black Cat Crossing- brings bad luck

One of the most followed superstition in India is the black cat bringing bad luck upon crossing from one side to the other in front of us. Poor cat! Wonder what did it do to someone who caused the origin of this superstition. Cats are always considered as an ally to evil and they are a bad sign not only in India but also in many other parts of the world. Regardless of the fact that there is no actual truth to this and a lot of people witnessed good things happening to them after being crossed by a cat in their way. Someone said it right that “a black cat crossing simply means that the cat is going from this end to that end, is all”

4. Lizard sounds on the wall, indicates what you said is true

Probably we do not need those lie detectors after all because we can hire lizards to know if someone is speaking the truth or a lie. Only, if that was the case. It is believed that when we are in a conversation and there is a sound of the lizard on the wall, what ever we have been telling is true or it can come true. For instance, someone says in a conversation as ‘I wish it starts to rain and I may skip work tomorrow’ and there is a high chance that tomorrow it might rain if the lizard made a sound at the exact moment of that statement.

3. Broken Mirror is a bad sign

It is believed that when a large size of the mirror is broken it will bring bad luck for seven years. Based on our old mythological stories people have seven life and when we stand in front of the mirror, we not only look into our appearance but we also look into our soul. Hence, when the mirror is broken, it is like the soul is broken and that is a bad thing which can cause trouble for us the entire seven life.

2. Passing Salt from hand to hand

Salt is a symbol of fight and a lot many people still believe even today that passing salt hand to hand can cause a fight between the two people involved. Do you think if there is any logic in this or any good reason for even bringing up something like this? Yet, we do follow these in most of our households and we place the salt next to the person when needed to avoid passing it to their hands.

1. Stolen shoes indicates eradication of Evil- Good Sign

When your shoes or any kind of footwear have been stolen it is said that all your troubles are passed on that person who stole it and you will be freed with all your troubles. If this was true everyone would wish someone steals their footwear just so they can get rid of their troubles. Alas! It’s not true and we got to face our own troubles and win over them. The best outcome would be you can have a new pair of footwear because the old one got stolen.



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