Top 10 Famous moments in India-Pakistan Cricket Rivalry

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Cricket, the gentlemen’s game is one that is loved by many. Nations across the globe play the sport with such dignity and respect; making it one the finest sports to have ever existed. But, one must take notice, that cricket just isn’t a sport in some countries. It’s more than a sport, there’s something reverent about the game which makes a few cricket fanatics worship the sport like a religion. It’s a given fact, that a huge majority of these fans are from two nations that are absolutely rivaled when it comes to cricket. Yes indeed, India vs Pakistan in cricket is just another definition for ‘Explosive’, ‘Nerve-racking’ and ‘Thrilling’. It is a battle in its own way, a special battle that always has something unique about it. And of course, such special battles do have the most special of moments as you’re about to see.

10. Kumble’s perfect 10:

kumbles perfect 10

The Feroz Shah Kotla was lucky enough to witness such a rare feat, the feat being Kumble’s perfect 10 wickets in a single innings. India was playing Pakistan in a test  match in Delhi. The date, Feb 8th 1999. Pakistan were set a target to win during their second innings and they about their chase in a good manner until India’s premier leg spinner at the time, Anil Kumble, was introduced into the attack. The Pakistani batsmen looked to bat little cautiously against the witty leg spinner, but it all came down to nothing in the end. Kumble amazingly bundled up the entire Pakistani batting line-up single handedly to secure for India a convincing victory. 10-74 were Kumble’s figures in that innings, and one doesn’t get to see such sensational bowling spells all that often.

9. The Tendulkar CUT for SIX:


It was yet another WORLD-CUP clash between India and Pakistan, this time in 2003. The game was taking place at the famous Centurion in South Africa and the stadium was buzzing with fans from both sides of the border. Of course, the Indian and Pakistani communities were a handful in South Africa and they thronged the stadium in large numbers. India were set a target of 273 to win, and their chase went off to a perfect start with the famous opening duo at the time; the Sachin-Sehwag combination. They gave India the perfect start that set the path for a successful chase, thus keeping India’s winning record against Pakistan in World Cup’s at 100%. The highlight of that game is one that’s fully etched in the minds of every Indian watching that game. Shoaib Akhtar, popularly known as the Rawalpindi Express, was steaming in and delivering rockets to the opening Indian Batsmen. The Little Master, Sachin Tendulkar, was at the receiving end in one over. Sachin faced Akhtar’s first over and brutally carted him for a SIX and two FOURS. The SIX is what many Indians will remember. Shoaib steaming in and Sachin cutting him for SIX over backward point. The sight of that was just stunning, and Shoaib’s reaction post that sensational SIX said it all.

8. Miandad’s last ball SIX:


Once again it’s Sharjah where India and Pakistan clashed. The year was 1986, when the Australasia Cup used to be played. India and Pakistan were contesting the Australasia Cup final and not surprisingly, this one went right down to the wire. Pakistan needed 4 to win off 1 ball. The batsman on strike was Javed Miandad and the bowlers was Chetan Sharma. Sharma had recently claimed a hat-trick in the World Cup and was seen as a hero amongst the Indian contingent. That last ball was all about handling the pressure of such an intense finish to such an intense match-up. Miandad came out glorious in that little battle within a larger battle as he smashed Sharma’s low full toss for SIX to give Pakistan a cliffhanger victory!

7. First series win on Pakistan soil:

Fifth ODI: Pakistan v India

India’s 2004 tour to Pakistan was a huge success, with both Test and one-day series victories. For the first time ever India won a series in Pakistan. India won the Test series 2-1 and ODI series 3-2 on Pakistani soil. The Indian cricket team went for a complete tour to Pakistan after a long gap of 15 years in 2004, and hence, the tour was considered as historical even before it started. And it ended in India`s First Test Series Win in Pakistan with the powerful performance of  the complete Indian team; specially Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble, Rahul Dravid and the strong emergences of Virender Sehwag, Irfan Pathan and Lakshmipathy Balaji. First series win in Pakistan, given the high integrity and respect that this rivalry holds, is indeed one of the many spectacular Indo-Pak moments.

6. The crowd got into the act:

Crowd got into the act

The first test match of the Asian Test Championship played at Eden Gardens, Calcutta from 16–20 February 1999 is arguably the most controversial test encounter the two nations have ever played. The match was and has remained the best-attended cricket match in history with total attendance of around 465,000 people. The game is particularly remembered due to the extraordinary performances by Pakistan’s Shoaib Akhtar for 4/71 and 4/47, Saeed Anwar for 188 not out for batting throughout the second innings. Controversy ensued when Tendulkar was run out in the second innings to which the Indian crowd reacted angrily to. It resulted in them causing a riot and the police and officials having to remove most of the crowd and the remainder of the test having to be watched with the stadium near empty, Pakistan eventually won the test by 46 runs.

5.Miandad mocks Kiran More:

miandad mocks kiran more

Not a lot to say about this memorable incident that took place in an India Pakistan game in the World Cup of 1992, but it sure was unforgettable. A sledging incident involving Javed Miandad and Kiran More where Miandad famously imitated More during a match by jumping up and down on the pitch. A scene questionable, but equally hilarious. Fans from both sides, will never forget what happened that day.

4. India Defend 125:

india defend 125!

The scene was set in Sharjah, 1984. Much hype was being made as India and Pakistan looked to lock horns in the land of the desert. The Sharjah Cricket Stadium was packed, leaving no empty seats. Indians, Pakistanis and a few Arabs of course were present. Kapil Dev was leading the Indian side against Imran Khan’s Pakistan and the atmosphere had an air of excitement and expectations were flying high. The Indians were shot out for a miserable 125 after batting first and immediately Pakistan looked favorites to over-haul this small score. Leading the way with the ball for Pakistan was their skipper Imran Khan, who goes down as one of the deadliest fast bowlers in World Cricket. The Indians returned to the dressing room during the break, disappointed with an unconvincing batting performance. However, Kapil Dev had other ideas as he asked his bowlers to believe in their abilities and make batting difficult for the Pakistan team. What followed in the second half of the game while Pakistan batted was simply amazing as nobody in the crowd saw it coming? Yes, Pakistan was bundled out for a paltry 87! The Indians built significant pressure on the Pakistani batsmen, made scoring difficult and took all the catches that came their way! The result was unexpected, and it remains a memorable moment in the history of Indo-Pak cricket as it goes down as one of the rare games one would ever see.

3. Aamir Sohail vs Venkatesh Prasad- 1996:

aamir sohail vs venkatesh prasad - 1996

It’s always huge when India and Pakistan play a World Cup game, that too, a do-or-die game. This match dates all the way back to 1996, when India were up against Pakistan in a World Cup quarter-final in Bangalore. As one would expect, the Indian contingent was in a fair majority and cheered for the Indian team unconditionally. Electric atmosphere, jangling nerves, bitten nails and a brilliant game of cricket. India won the game in style, sending crazy vibes amongst those present at the stadium. However, it was just a single, specific moment that happened in the game that would go down as unforgettable and exhilarating. Aamir Sohail took his guard, and was on strike when Venkatesh Prasad ran in to bowl. Aamir Sohail smashed the delivery from Prasad through the covers for a four. After this, he pointed his bat towards the Prasad & the boundary where the ball had gone. He also had a few more words to get into Prasad’s system. However, an icy cool Venkatesh Prasad returned to his mark and in the very next delivery, Prasad bowled  Sohail and pointed his finger towards the pavilion. The perfect reply it was.

2. Bowl-out time:

bowl out time!

The inaugural ICC T20 World Cup in 2007 was lucky enough to witness two India-Pakistan clashes. While one was the final of the competition, the other featured as a group-stage clash. It was the first time Indian and Pakistan were meeting in a T20 game and history was created almost immediately. The game ended up in an absolutely thrilling tie, with both sides scoring the same runs in the allotted 20 overs each. It was time for a bowl-out, and the air of excitement was dense over the ground. Just like penalties in football, here 5 bowlers were selected to bowl and hit the stumps from both sides. While India managed to hit the stumps on 3 occasions, Pakistan failed miserably. India won that game, a game that lived up to every single expectation that is seen of an India-Pakistan clash.

1. India crowned WT20 Champions- 2007:

india crowned wt20 champions

The inaugural T20 World Cup held in South Africa was absolutely thrilling. First of its kind, it lived up to the expectations of every cricket fanatic. However, such a brilliant concept that raised eye-brows through its success deserved that final icing on the cake. And so it was, as the final of the inaugural WT20 was to be contested between India and Pakistan! Oh the delight, the mouth-watering prospect that awaited millions, and mouth-watering it was. It all came down to the final over, when Pakistan needed 13 in 6 balls to take the title. Having lost too many wickets, the onus was on the shoulders of the ever so composed Misbah-ul-haq to see Pakistan over the line. India skipper MS Dhoni took a huge gamble at that time, throwing the ball to the inexperienced Joginder Sharma to bowl the final over. Eye-brows were raised almost instantly. Misbah was on strike for the first ball of the over and Sharma bowled a wide. Yes, the pressure was telling, and those eye-brows got bigger. What followed was a dot ball, and then the next ball was hurled into the stands by Misbah-ul-haq. 6  from 4 were what Pakistan needed, one wicket in hand. The atmosphere around the ground was a mix of nervousness and anticipation as Joginder ran in to ball again. Misbah shuffled, and tried to lob the ball over fine-leg that was inside the circle. Instead, the ball floated up! Time stood still, as nervous eyes watched. Suddenly, in a split second, everybody knew what was happening. The ball wasn’t timed well, and was on its way down fine-leg’s throat. ‘Catch it SREE!’ were the cries of all the Indian spectators, and boy did he catch it. India won that dramatic final, and was crowned T20 champions. It was the dramatic final that the tournament needed, and no surprises for it being an India-Pakistan final.


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