Top 10 Fastest Trains in the World

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As the technology is advancing and the engineering techniques have crossed challenges, there is no doubt that we have trains which will help you travel a journey of 30 km in 5 minutes. The need for congested and populated world is to develop fast, safe and comfortable trains which can carry more passengers at a time. Currently it is Asians and the Europeans who are enjoying the ride of the fastest trains in the world. Here we have made a list of the top 10 fastest trains in the world.

10. THSR 700 T

THSR 770 T came into operation in the year 2007. It runs with a speed of 300 km/ h between Taipei and Kaohsiung. It is manufactured by the collaboration of Hoitachi, Kawasaki and Nippon Sharyo. It is a electric multiple unit , high speed train constructed for running on the high speed lines. The length of the train is around 304 meter and the width is 133.1 inches.

9. ETR 500 Frecciarossa Trains

The ninth on our list is Elettro Treno Rapiso 500 which can have a maximum speed of 360 km/ h. The trains run on an average speed of 300km/ h. they started running on the tracks in the year 2008. These trains run between Milan and Rome. The train provides you with comfort as they have ergonomic seats and the cars of the trains have sound insulation as well as climate control. They are manufactured by TREVI (TREno Veloce Italiano).

8. TGV Duplex

TGV Duplex was developed by Bombardier and Alstom netween the years 1996 to 2004. Operated by SNCF, they have a maximum operation speed ranging between 300km/ to 320 km/ h. it is the first double Decker, third Generation train built by Alstom. The total seating spaces including the lower and the upper decks in this train are 512. The trains belonging to this series run between Paris and Marseille. There are around 450 TGV series trains currently operating.

7. Alstom Euroduplex

Alstom Euroduplex belongs to the third generation of the TGV duplex. It has an operational speed of 320 km/ h. They are double Decker high speed trains running on the European networks. The train came into operation in December in the year 2011.

6. E5 Series Shinkansen Hayabusa

E5 series, Shinkansen Hayabusa is the fastest train operation in Japan with a maximum speed of 320 km/ h. its initial maximum speed was 300km/ h when it was launched in March in the year 2011. During the trial run of this train it achieved a maximum speed of 400 km/ h. the operator of this train is East Japan Railway Company. It was constructed by Hitachi and Kawasaki Heavy Industry. To reduce the sound blast this train is provided with a 15 meter long nose.

5. Talgo 350 (T350)

Talgo 350 another addition to the superfast trains was initially called as RENFE AVE class 10. It is made by Patentes Talgo with the collaboration of Bombardier transportation. During its trial run, T350 attained a surprising speed of 365 km/ h. the maximum operational speed with which this train can run is 350 km/ h. Its operation began in Spain in the year 2005 and since then it is commonly called as EL Pato which in Spanish language means The Duck. It is an aerodynamic train so that it can function properly under high pressure of air at very high speeds.

4. Siemens Velaro E/ AVS 103

Siemens Velaro E is a series production train constructed in Spain by Siemens, a Germany based company. It is the fastest of all the series- production high speed train that are operating all around the world. Its operational speed is 350 km/h. During the test trip of this super fast train in Spain it achieved a roaring speed of 400km/ h. It runs on the Barcelona- Madrid line which began its operation in the year 2007.

3. AGV Italo

AGV Italo is a superfast train that operates in Europe. AGV Italo is said to be the first one belonging to the AGV series. It is the most modern train operating in the entire Europe and it was constructed by Alstom. The operational speed of AGV Italo is 360 km/ h. it is amde using fluid forms and pure lines. Around nighty eight percent of the components used to construct this train are recyclable, which makes it an ideal train for the environment lovers.

2. Harmony CRH 380 A

The second fastest train operating in this world is Harmony CRH 380 A in China. It was constructed by “China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation Limited”. It has 350kmph as its average speed and the maximum speed is 380kmph. Its operation started in September in the year 2010. It has a low resistance and streamlined head and a high pressurized body. It operated between Shanghai and Beijing.

1. Shanghai Maglev

The fastest train in the worlds is Shanghai Maglev which was made in China in the year 2003, but it was in April 2004 when the commercial operation of this train began. It has a highest speed of 430kmph. Didn’t that make you want to travel in it? The average speed of this super fast train is 251kmph. It is a magnetic levitation train which is the third Maglev line in the world. If the speed didn’t surprise you then you need to know the cost to build it- its 1.2 billion US dollars.


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