Top 10 Favourite TV Characters of all times

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We all have our favorite TV shows and characters who are usually the highlight of each episode for us. Unlike the earlier years , the number of sitcoms that have been coming out are incredibly high. What makes it even more special is how we get to catch a glimpse of this character every single day in different exciting situations.  However only a few of them manage to create a fan base and continue for more than just a few seasons. Since they have a shelf life and can end after a season or few, the characters remain etched in our heart and we refuse to see the actors playing anything else but that. Note that most of the legendary characters are comic ones from sitcoms of various times. These might be characters that you want to meet or avoid in real life but are nevertheless entertaining and interesting on screen. Here are some of the top 10 iconic TV characters of all time.

10) Ari gold – “Entourage”

ari gold

Entourage is a  sitcom  series that is  based on the acting career of one individual and the typical life of people who manage to pave their way to Hollywood. Played by Jeremy Piven, Ari Gold is an agent who is loyally married but cant help himself from making sexual innuendos and inappropriate comments. Ari’s character is based on a Hollywood agent  in real life Ari Emanuel who quit from a well established agency in order  to create his own – Endeavour Talent Agency. He is an  elite gentleman who is known for his unconventional business tactics and the suave way in which he carries himself . In some way or the other he is highly neurotic and can get disturbed or irritated very quickly. This dynamic and bold character has impressed many and is the highlight of the show for many viewers.

9) Dexter – “Dexter”


Dexter is a TV show about a serial killer who works with Miami Metro Homicide at the same time . With one season left for the show to end this dark series is about a blood splatter analyst named Dexter Morgan ( played by Michael C Hall ) who kills bad people who have taken the lives of other innocent people but never gets suspected because of his ability to multitask this obsession of his with his profession and personal life. He has a specific ritual to kill these people so as to satisfy his “ dark passenger” and avoid getting caught. This dark side of his was created because of a horrendous experience he went through in his childhood. This mysterious character never ceases to surprise you.

8) Gregory House – “House”


House is a medical drama series that has completed 8 seasons from 2004 – 2012 . It is named after the main character Gregory House played by Hugh Laurie who is a narcissist and unsympathetic doctor who is highly skilled and unorthodox in his medical approaches to the cases that arrive at the hospital. He is cranky most of the tome and despises human emotions .His witty and sarcastic lines are always the highlight of episodes. He is highly independent and an open atheist who doesn’t trust or believe anyone. He is constantly in an attempt to get rid of biases so as to  get a clearer view of things. Laurie has won several awards and accolades for this highly complicated role. His personality and behaviour can be attributed to a self defence mechanism that has been created due to past experiences.

7) Cliff Huxtable – “The Cosby Show”

cliff hux

The Cosby show sheds spotlight on an African American upper class family called the “Huxtables” living in Brooklyn and was aired from 1984 till 1992. Cliff Huxtable played by Bill Cosby  is an eccentric but a loving and doting husband and father to 5 kids .The character played has been adapted on the traits of Bill Cosby himself. Known for his advice. Apart from being one of the most memorable characters , Cliff Huxtable has also been voted as the most ideal dad

6) Louie de Palma – “Taxi”


Taxi is an American sitcom that was telecasted from 1978 to 1982 . Danny Devito plays the role of Louis De Palma who is the head dispatcher at “The Sunshine Cab Company”. This character is crude , ruthless and shameless about his deeds however he still lives with his mother. Greedy, crude and sadist are some other words that come to your head after getting to know this character. Also unlike other characters who seem like a jerk but are actually good people , you really begin to question the same regarding this character. To avoid such a  foul mouthed anti-hero in real life was a prayer on everyone’s mouth and he will never be forgotten.

5) Sheldon cooper – “The Big Bang Theory”

sheldon cooper

The Big Bang Theory is a TV series that is currently running it’s 6th season and revolves around 4 geeky , socially awkward men and their pretty neighbour. Played by Johnny Galecki , Sheldon Cooper is a people – hating and narcissist physicist who is confident of being a recipient of a noble prize in the future. Although he is extraordinarily smart and has received a PHD degree at the age of 16 , he fails to understand concepts like sarcasm , relationships and emotions. He is also a neat freak with an OCD disorder and is obsessed with routines. At times he reverts back to being a  cranky and helpless child . We cant help but notice that he steals the spotlight  when it comes to humour and comic timing.

4)  Cosmo Kramer – “Seinfeld”

cosmo kramer

The renowned sitcom Seinfeld which was aired from (1989 – 1998) was undoubtedly one of the most popular shows at that time and even today. Cosmo Kramer played by Michael Richards is a loud and eccentric guy who is always clad in vintage clothing and mostly seen with a cigar. He is an absolute no-nonsense guy who tells you things as it is on your face and is always coming up with crazy and weird innovations. Famous for his dramatic entrances , the character provided complete entertainment and his presence made sure there was never a dull moment throughout the episode.

3) Michael Scott – “The office”


The office is a sitcom series that revolves around  a paper distribution company called  Dunder Mifflin Inc. Michael Scott , played by Steve Carrell is the most pivotal character in this series and  is a selfish, sarcastic and  egoistic regional manager of the office. He will do anything to get the attention that he seeks and always feels the need to be the centre of admiration in any given situation. In pursuit of more success and power ,he can tend to get inappropriate and rude with his office colleagues but at the same time consider them as his family. His signature catchphrase “that’s what she said” is an example of his inappropriate innuendos. His opinions , advice and remarks make him a completely entertaining boss to watch.

2)  Joey Tribbiani – ” F.R.I.E.N.D.S”


Friends was a much loved sitcom that ran from 1994 – 2004 and is bound to hold a special place in everybody’s heart. It is still rated as one of the most popular shows of the 90’s and was centred around 6 inseparable friends and their lives. Joey Tribbiani (played by Matt Le Blanc) is portrayed as a fun loving, gullible and dim-witted womanizer who is extremely protective and loyal when it comes to his friends. He is a struggling actor who earns from commercials and unrecognized movies but is constantly on the lookout for his big break. He is a complete foodie who despises sharing his food even if it’s a gorgeous woman and a complete kid at heard who isn’t ashamed of experiencing his guilty pleasures. His famous catchphrase and signature pick up line “How you doin” became a complete hit. This character became such a rage that an entire TV series called “ Joey” was created after “Friends” was over. Although this show failed to pick up , this much loved character is one everyone would like to befriend.

1) Homer Simpson – “The Simpsons”


“The Simpsons” which is officially the longest running American sitcom is an animated TV show which focuses on the Simpsons family of 5 . Homer Simpson , voiced by Dan Castellanata depicts the typical middle class family man stereotype who is a father of 3 , lazy , fat but still manages to be a family man. However this character is very capable of trading his own family for a supply of donuts and beer. Low on the intelligence level and having a mundane job at a nuclear power plant, Homer manages to blow any simple situation out of proportion and cause mayhem.


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