Top 10 Foods Pregnant Women Crave for

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If you have a kid, you would always remember the time when you were pregnant. If you are expecting a child, then this article will be surely benefiting for you. One thing that you will experience is that your taste buds will behave in a really strange way. You will suddenly crave for some food items and those food items have to be brought before you as soon as possible. These cravings can occur at any time of the day or night; yes you heard right any time of the night too. So ladies, beware, stock up your refrigerators because you may have a craving for that particular food item anytime! Here is a list of things that you should always have at your house because these are the food items that pregnant women crave the most!


10- Ice


It may seem strange, but pregnant women have this unusual tendency of chewing on ice. Ice is not really a food item and does not benefit the mother or the child in any way, but still, according to a survey around fifteen percent of the pregnant women crave for Ice. Some pregnant women, who have anemia, like ice because it helps them in cooling of inflammation of the tongue and also the mouth which is a symptom of anemia. Also, the texture of the ice which is really crunchy is the main attraction for pregnant women. They love to chew on that ice for long and however weird you may find it, Ice is surely craved by pregnant women. So next time, make sure your ice trays are full, because if you are pregnant, they will get empty anytime!


9- Coffee


You must have heard many doctors saying that coffee is not good for your health specially is you are pregnant, but still, coffee is one of the most craved items by pregnant women. Also, those pregnant women who drank coffee before pregnancy have a stronger craving for it while they are pregnant. Coffee is also preferred by pregnant women since it decreases headache and depression. For those women who for some reason are depressed during their pregnancy, coffee acts as a good boost for them. But it is always recommended that you consult your doctor before taking coffee while you are pregnant. He will tell you the correct amount of coffee that you should have or if you should have any of it at all.



Soda also comes under the list of the items that women crave for when they are pregnant. Pregnant women often experience morning sickness. They say that it is their worst part of the day when they get up and have morning sickness, but a can of soda at that point might be just what the lady is looking for. The soda will take away that strange feeling that you are having and give you relief. While caffeinated drinks might not be suitable for a pregnant woman, non-caffeinated drinks can be helpful in many ways. If you are pregnant, have a stock of soda sorted in your refrigerator because you might need it anytime!


7-Potato Chips


Don’t we all love to munch potato chips like a snack or just time pass? Well, but it’s a different case with pregnant women. Pregnant women have a strong craving for these potato chips since they are loaded with spice and salt. It may also be possible that you are low in sodium and that’s the reason for your craving, but other than that it is just the crunchiness and the taste that attracts the pregnant women to potato chips. An important thing to be noted here is that these chips are high in calories and fat, so you can look for some popcorn instead that would be low fat.




We all surely have that stereotypical image of pregnant women just liking chips and soda etc, but you might be amazed to know that they have a strong craving for fruits as well. Fruits are a natural source of water and nutrition for our body. Fruits will be healthy for the baby and the mother too. Some common fruits that are craved by women when they are pregnant are watermelons and grapes. These types of fruits cool down the body and they also refresh you. Also, these fruits are high in vitamin C which is very healthy for the mother and the baby. If you are pregnant, make sure you have enough variety of fruits at your house because you might have a craving for them anytime!




Lemon is something that all pregnant women crave for. You may often see pregnant women sucking on a raw lemon or adding loads of lemon juice to their drinking water. Pregnant women always crave for foods that are sour and lemon is one of them. You must be wondering what could be the reason for these women craving for lemon and the reason is that when you are pregnant, your taste buds are rapidly changing and so the pregnant women sometimes like to shock their taste buds by eating spicy food or having sour items like lemon. Lemonade is also something that can be demanded by you anytime of the day if you are pregnant.


4-Ice cream


Ice cream is sweet and creamy and it cools your with its texture. An ice cream shop would be heaven for a pregnant lady and she could spend hours at the counter figuring out which ice cream she wants to have. And a warning, a scoop of ice cream might just not be enough. You would have to keep your refrigerator loaded with tubs of ice creams and all different flavored ones because you never know when you would want to have which flavor of ice cream.


3-Spicy food


There are some spicy foods like chilly, hot peppers or jalapenos that are craved by pregnant women a lot. You must be wondering, that why would you want to eat such hot food at a time when you want to cool your body. The answer is that when pregnant women eat spicy food, they sweat a lot and that cools of their body. That is the reason they always add that extra red chilly in their meals and have extra salt with them to add to their food. If you are pregnant and are unable to keep your body cool, try adding some spice to your food. That will surely help.




Pickles are something which are craved by everyone whether it is a child or a grown up, but they are specially craved by pregnant women. The reason for this might be that the pregnant woman is low on sodium and that’s what makes her crave for pickles. Another reason might be that they just like the crunch of pickles and the vinegar taste it has. Pickles are also considered refreshing by some pregnant women. Pickles craving is totally fine to deal with since they are not high on calories and are also inexpensive.


1- Chocolate

Chocolate is the number one food item which pregnant women crave. Chocolate is sweet and creamy and pregnant women just cannot get enough of it. Also chocolate make you really happy and since pregnant women cannot have alcohol, chocolate is the next best alternative they can find while they are pregnant. There is also a rumor that if you crave sweets while you are pregnant, it is likely that you are carrying a girl. Whether it is milk chocolate of dark chocolate, during pregnancy they all are welcome and not just one piece of it, but huge bars of it. If you are pregnant, make sure you have loads of chocolate at your house because that is one of the food items you will surely crave for.


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