Top 10 Funniest Incidents that can Happen in your Life

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A random act or an incident is what makes a situation funny. Everybody in their lives experience one situation or the other that is so funny that they remember it forever. But there are some incidents that happen with almost all of us and it never stops being funny no matter how many times we have seen or did it. Here is that top 10 incidents-

1o. Your sister claiming that you were adopted.

Those who have elder sister will understand the torture and those who are the elder sister will find the joke in this. Often when you are young, your elder sister must have tried to make you realize that you were adopted. She nearly even convinced you that you by vigorously creating a perfect story about how you were found near a dustbin and your parents decided to adopt you. Even when by mistake your parents gave bigger amount of noodles or chocolate to elder sister she would say “because you were adopted!” This joke becomes funnier when your parents agree to the elder sister.

9. Running away from home and no one stops you.

There always comes a time, when you feel left out or frustrated because of your family and your random impulse makes you want to leave your home. Yah, that happened to most of us. But do you remember what happened next? It mostly turned out to be an embarrassing joke upon us. We tried to leave home, actually just pretended that we are very mad upon our family and that we are leaving so that others can notice our value. But the worst part happens when you are leaving the door and everyone in your family is so calm that no one actually tries to stop you. Instead your mother says to bring something from market while returning home! That might not be funny for you, but for your family it was hilarious.

8. Being mistaken for someone else.

You are waking down the road with your friends and suddenly a person comes and spat on your back and loudly says “hi”. You kind of stare him for a while. Then after seeing your face, he apologizes for being thinking you for someone else. This incident will make your friends great opportunity to purposely spat you anytime and then say sorry and then laugh loudly in front of your face! Your friends aren’t going to forget this incident to make fun of you.

7. Friend falling in the ground.

This is the dumbest, yet the most laughed at incident. When your friend accidentally falls in a public road, you can’t help but laugh out loud. And then maybe after 2 minutes you will think to help him get up. Another story- if your friend attempts to sit on a stool, unconsciously sits in air and falls hard, you can’t stop but laugh crazily. This incident is so amusing that no matter how many times it happens or how old you get, it’s gonna be funny.

6. Awkward dancing.

In a wedding or any functions, you get dragged by your relatives or friends to come and join dance with them. They still don’t know that you suck at dancing. But you get trapped and the only option in front of you is to dance because everyone had already stuck their eyes on you. The funny part comes when you start dancing like a chicken and you making that body moves makes you feel like you nailed it. Everyone gets dumbstruck for a moment and then starts laughing at your moves. I still don’t know whether to tease you or trying to make you confident about your moves, they start to copy you.

5. Friend’s zip opens all the time in a meeting.

What can be funnier than watching your friend accidentally becoming a funny object. There is an important meeting and when your friend gets up from his chair to explain you the presentation, everybody notices that his zip is open. Instead of telling him, everybody just laughs silently. After the meeting everybody just starts making fun of you.

4. Horror movie with friends.

With friends, any movie can be a funny one. Watching grudge or wrong turn? You aren’t watching horror then; the movie actually turns out to be the funniest movie ever. Plus if you have watched “scary movie”, you are gonna have hard time controlling your laugh watching the ghost.

3. Singing wrong lyrics out loud in front of your friends.

You think you don’t care if your voice is good or bad in front of your friends. You just start singing out loud, not caring about your voice. But be careful. Your voice doesn’t matter but your lyrics do. Whatever you do, don’t sing wrong lyrics in front of your friends. You are gonna regret that very much. The wrong lyrics you just sand is gonna be haunting you forever. Your friends won’t be able to control their laughter whenever that song plays, even if infinite years have been passed.

2. Someone calls out your name incorrectly.

Do you have an uncommon name or a name that is cool but hard to pronounce for some people? Well this incident is very common for you. If you are with your friends and you meet a stranger, telling your name to him, there is 100 percent chance that he is going to pronounce your name wrong. That wrongly pronounced name, if it’s funny enough will become your name according to your friends, till next stranger gives you another funny name.

1. Losing the track what other person is saying and suddenly they ask you a question.

Getting lost when someone is having a conversation with you? This is common for all. There comes a time when the talk between you and the other person gets so boring that you actually stop hearing what he is saying and instead gets lost in your daydreaming. The actual problem comes when the other person waits for your reaction/answer. You don’t know whether he asked a question or opinion. You just say yes hoping that’s what the person might be looking for. But when the answer doesn’t match or is just opposite of what you should have said, become a laughing object.


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