Top 10 General Tips for People with Dry Skin

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Dry skin has several ill effects on your beauty. A dry skin is one which is not able to retain moisture in itself and has a low level of production of sebum. The dry skin becomes a problem mainly in winters. You can even feel a layer of rough skin over your face and body, and it looks terrible. It happens mainly due to cool breeze, low humidity and low temperatures. All these conditions forces the moisture contained in the body to reduce and thus causing the skin to be dry. The reasons of dry skin can be many. It may be due to some environmental reasons like pollution and bad weather, or you may have this skin naturally. Whatever may be the reason, you never want to have a dry and itchy skin. The solution of dryness is not to apply moisturizer into your skin, it is to apply some ways through which you can maintain the moisture content inside your skin. One more thing is, you cannot remove the dryness, you can only take care of it in a proper way, so that it is reduced to some extent. So given below are some points of how to care for a dry skin.

10. Use Lukewarm Water To Bath

use lukewarm water to bath

The key rule to keep your skin away from dryness is to use lukewarm water rather than hot. The hot water has the ability to absorb the moisture content of the skin. It takes away the oils which are present in the skin. One more thing that you have to follow regarding bathing, is that you need to keep the time of your bath short. The more you are engaged inside water, more you are exposed to dryness. Also make sure that you do not wash your hands with hot water, use lukewarm water to wash hands. Try not to bath more than once in a day. The soaps, and facewash that you use while bathing and washing hands, are also important, so keep a check that you do not use those soaps that increase dryness of your skin.

9. Moisturize Properly

moisturize properly

Moisturizing the skin is very important if you want to stay away from dry skin. Always moisturize your body parts and face after coming out from shower or after washing your hands. Demethicone, it is an ingredient of the moisturizers that keep your skin moisturized for a longer time and make sure that the moisture in enclosed inside your skin. Whenever you make a selection of your moisturizer, make sure it contents the silicone demethicone. Some other ingredients that may be considered are mineral oil, petroleum gel, etc. Moisturize your skin as soon as you feel need of it. The more you moisturize, more you stay away from dryness.

8. Stay Away From Dry Soaps And BodyWashes

stay away from soaps and bodywash

The soap or body wash that you use are very important. While selecting your soap, never forget to check its ingredients. Always prefer the soaps and body washes which are rich in glycerin in petrolatum. The soaps that produce more bubbles are somehow more harsh on the skin, so try to avoid the soaps which produce good bubbles. Bath oils and oatmeal scrubs are very good for the dry and itchy skin, so you can go for these products in place of soaps and body wash, which may harm your skin badly. Only a  proper care of skin can make sure that you are free from the dryness.

7. Cleanse Your Face In A Gentle Way

cleanse in a gentle way

Cleansing is very important for skin, but more important is how you sleanse your skin. At the time of bathing, use a soapless cleanser. You can also use soaps which do not contain any anti bacterial or fragrance. The soaps containing these can be a bit harsh over the skin and increase the dryness. While selecting a cleanser for your skin, see to it that it contains ceramides, which are very good for dry skin. They are basically fatty molecules and helps skin to retain the moisture from outer environment. Ceramides forms the out barrier of the skin and are lost with the age. Thus cleanser containing synthetic ceramides may help you get some of it. Astringents that are made up with alcohol, like toners, peels may be very drying, so stay away from them. Also make sure that while exfoliating, you do not scrub very harshly as it may led to skin irritation.

6. Cover Yourself When You Go Out

cover yourself

When we talk about the reasons of dry skin, the sun damage is on the top fives list. Besides dryness, it also causes you wrinkles and roughness of face. One way to avoid that is to use a sunscreen throughout the year, and the other is to cover yourself properly while leaving the house. Try to wear full sleeved shirts and loose and light dresses that can protect you from bright sunrays. You can also wear a summer coat and cover your face by using a scarf. Never forget shades, a proper care of eyes is also of much importance. While stepping out in winters, try to get dressed in many layers, so as to prevent the overheating, as well as the perspiring of the skin. Also ensure a proper protection of your lips. You can use a hat and scarf to cover up your neck and shoulders.

5. Shave Properly

shave properly

Shaving can be very irritating for one who has a dry skin. One more disadvantage of shaving is that while removing your hairs, you also remove the natural oils contained in your skin. So you need to consider some points regarding shaving. Normally people shave before going to shower, which is however wrong. Shave after the shower, as the hairs are comparatively softer after shower, thus making the shaving a bit easier. Make sure your shave your hairs in the direction in which your hairs are actually growing. Always use a sharp razor and if you are using a used blade, then first soak it and clean it and then use it.  The use of shaving cream and after shave can also make your skin feel better.

4. Use Humidifiers

Woman sitting by humidifier

Dry skin is a major problem in winters. The humidifier is one of the best solutions to fight with dry skin. The main function of humidifier is to add humidity in the air. Thus the whole problem is solved. IF you have more humidity, that means you can intake more and more moisture into your skin. This moisture will ultimately eliminate the dryness of your skin. Thus if you really want your skin to stay away from dryness and look healthy, you can invest in humidifiers. They are helpful in winters, as well as in summers. A variety of humidifiers are available in various types and of different price rates, so just check them out and select as per your requirement. You can install a humidifier anywhere inside your home.

3. Take A Proper Care Of Lips

take care of your lips

It is a general tendency of people to lick their lips whenever they are dried. But this is wrong as well as it looks weird. It harms your lips and make them more dry. Lips have the lowest ability to retain moisture, as compared to other parts of the body. Thus a proper moisturizing of lips is required, which however should not be done using your tongue. Thus use a proper lip balm that can help your lip moisturize. You can use it whenever you feel dryness over your lips. A sunscreen of SPF 15 can also be used to protect your lips from sun damage. A proper selection of lipstick should be made. Lipsticks can make your lips dull and dry. You can also go for chipsicks. Do not forget to carry your lip balm when you step outside of your apartment.

2. Drink More And More Water

drink more and more water

Drinking water is a solution to all of your skin problems. whether it be dryness or oiliness, a proper intake of water may balance all the things and provide you a rich, glowing skin you have always dreamed of. Most of us do not give more attention towards having the required intake of water. This however can be very harmful for skin. A shortage of water inside the body do not only cause the dryness of your skin, but also make it more miserable. It may led to pimples and acne’s over your face and it will surely increase the roughness and thickness of the skin. So make sure that you at least consume 4 to 5 liters of water a day.

1. Exfoliate


Exfoliate simply means removal of dead skin from your skin. When we are younger, this process is done itself by the body. But as we grow up we need to do it by ourselves. The exfoliating process helps a lot in reducing the dryness of the skin. Also take care of two points while exfoliating or scrubbing. The scrubber that you use should be properly selected and do the scrubbing gently, rather than rubbing the scrubber harshly over your skin, it may worsen the entire thing.


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