Top 10 Good Healthy Habits everyone must follow

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Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise… we all have learnt this poem in primary sections… However, it is not all. There is a lot more to be done to stay healthy. Let us have a look on these tips.

10. Stay connected!!!

Health is not just something defined physically but mentally too. In this fast moving life, it often becomes hectic and one feels like escaping from this world, which can lead to health issues such as headaches, depression etc. but these have a solution. Stay connected. Yes!! Stay connected to people around you. Be social. Have chill outs on weekends, if possible go for vacations sometimes, talk to people, and take out time to be with family, have parties. All these help to keep your mind cool and relax your brain, thus keeping you healthy. Take out time for yourself too. Meditate. It is the solution for all your problems. Take time for being creative. Do what you like and enjoy.

9. Regular Check Ups

One cannot know what is wrong with their body is but a DOCTOR can. Go for regular checkups so that you can know what you need to do to stay fit and fine. As after regular checkups, you get to know what is wrong with your body and how you can prevent your body from diseases and plan accordingly. There is a famous quote “Prevention is always better than cure”. So take the preventive measures by eating what is good for you and avoiding the things, which can harm you. Ask doctor what can be the best diet chart and workout plan for you.

8. Oral Care

Bad oral habits can affect your chewing, speech, self-esteem and overall heath. Daily preventive oral hygiene care helps in preventing dental problems, and prevention is always better than cure. Good oral hygiene practices keep mouth fresh; saves from cavities, foul smell and dental plaque buildup. Brush at least twice a day. Spend three minutes brushing. Proper brushing should be done. Use soft bristle toothbrush to prevent bleeding of gums. Floss after ever meal. This helps to keep teeth clean. “A plaque-free mouth is a healthy mouth.” Try to avoid sugary substances.

7. Say no to bad eating habits

To refresh ourselves and keep energetic, we often resort to tea, coffee, cold drinks. Try avoiding too much of them. Do not take tea empty stomach. It can cause acidity. Have biscuit or some snacks with tea. Avoid taking these especially before sleeping as they can cause sleep disorder. Ditch soda pop. Alcohol intake and cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Avoid chips and chocolates much. They not just accumulate fat in body but are also harmful for gums and teeth.

6. Proper Sleep

It has always been seen that people who sleep for the recommended period of 8 hours or at least 7 hours work more efficiently than others who do not take a proper nap. “Sleep is the foundation of everything we do”, says Scott Pettin. Sleep allows you to forget all your troubles or tensions for a while and make our minds fresh by which we can think about the solution with a peaceful mind. Sleeping is also a good way to prevent overeating. According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition told that Men who only slept for 4 hours consumed, on average 500 more calories than they did did after sleeping for 8 hours. So one should take a proper sleep to stay active and to bear the everyday hiccups.

5. Physical exercise

In today’s world, people do not want to do any physical exercise but it is wrong. To stay healthy and fit one should include physical exercise in their everyday schedule. People who include daily exercises in their schedule have less body problems. It helps you to burn your calories by which your body will be in shape as well as it helps your heart to stay fit and fine. So plan when, where and how to add physical exercise in your daily schedule. It’s not necessary to go gym even a simple 30 minutes jog will help you to stay fit. People who go for walk feel more energetic and positive.

4. Take lots of fruits

Fruits generally contain 85 to 90 % water, 2-4 % carbohydrate, 1-2 g protein, 2-5 g fiber. What else do you need? In fact, fruits are often rich source of vitamins. Add fruits to your diet. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Not just apple, but, orange, lime, mango, guava, grapes, papaya, pomegranate all are beneficial. Orange and lime are rich sources of vitamin c , thus helping in preventing the deficiency disease scurvy. In addition, they provide immunity against infections. Mango contains carotene, which changes into vitamin a when taken in the body. Ripe mango is a source of vitamin c while raw mango contains iron. Grapes contain glucose and dextrose, which provide lot of energy. Black grapes prevent heart attacks. Intake of papaya provides vitamin a and vitamin c to our body as it is a rich source of karotene.

3. Intake of fluids

On an average water make up 60-70% of our body weight. The main purpose of the body fluids is to help in digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transport of nutrients and maintenance of body temperature. Not just this, water helps in controlling calories. In addition, water helps keep bowels function properly. Body fluids transport waste out of the body. Lower intake of fluids scan result in kidney stone chances too. Even muscular functioning needs water. If there is not enough water for cells, there can be muscle fatigue too. Other fluids such as juices, coconut water should be taken. Prefer fresh fruit juices than packed ones. All these help to keep body hydrated.

2. Green Leafy

Green Leafy Vegetables are excellent source of folate, which reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease and memory loss. The vitamin E found in green vegetables works with vitamin C to keep skin healthy i.e. it helps you to stay younger for longer time. This vitamin also helps in protecting your skin from sun’s damaging rays and may reduce your risk of cataracts. It lowers your cholesterol and helps in managing blood pressure levels. Adopting green vegetables in your daily meals will help you to stay fit and healthy for long, so one must eat them regularly. Go for spinach, peas, beans, broccoli, sprouts and all.

1. Proper meals

Excess, deficiency and imbalance in diet, all 3 can have negative impact on health. Have three meals per day. It is important to note that not all three meals should be heavy. Rather, have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. A healthy breakfast can jump-start your metabolism. Have a light dinner. Try having dinner 3-4 hrs before sleeping. Do not immediately lie down after meals. Walk a bit. Chew your food properly. Avoid fried and fatty things. If your stomach really craves for high calorie food, take little. Have water instead. Include porridge, oats, and soups in your diet.



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