Top 10 Greatest Women Freedom Fighters of India

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“Indian women need more protection.” But at this juncture it’s not the protection we seek from any aliens but from the hands of our own compatriots. Shame on India. Did we forget how an avalanche of women sacrificed their own life to get us freedom from the tyrannical dominance years back? With every drop of blood they fought shoulder to shoulder with men to make our future better. And now instead of showing utmost tribute to womanhood, our fellow citizens are trying hard to exploit them in every possible way. Had not a woman brought us to the world, we would not have ever cherished the fruit of this beautiful world around us. More a woman earns respect; more a nation would turn prosperous.

So let’s study about some Great women freedom fighters of India whose bravery inspires every woman to fight against all evils of life.

10) Sucheta Kriplani:-

sucheta kriplani

The extra- ordinary brilliant Bengali Lady of Ambala proved her strength and will while working in close association with Mahatma Gandhi to bring freedom to our country. Mrs Sucheta Kriplani had immense contribution to the nation during the Quit India Movement. Due to her exceptional talent, she was assigned the prestigious position as the first woman chief minister of U.P. Not only the first chief minister of U.P but also she was the first woman to be elected as the chief minister of any of the state in India. She was the true mother of the victims of atrocities and thus leaving behind her own health and family, immersed herself in helping others and bringing peace.

9) Indira Gandhi:-

indira gandhi

Indira Gandhi, is the most remarkable Indian woman who is the prime focus in the history of India. From her very early years she was the active participant in the National liberation movement. In 1930 she trained the children to act against the British rule and established the Vanar Sena, the children brigade. Due to her immense intelligence and stamina, she was elected as the Prime Minister of India. Her contribution in the field of economic and political development of the country is magnificent. She was dead against of Communism and all types of religious fundamentalism. In the field of politics and struggle, Indira Gandhi’s name is found in Golden letters on every page of History.

8) Vijaylaxmi Pandit:-

vijaylaxmi pandit

Vijaylaxmi Pandit, the great woman who hugged imprisonment smiling and boldly several times for her country and compatriots. She was the sister of Jawaharlal Nehru and thus possessing the patriotic blood, she strongly held the Quit India Movement and Non Cooperation movement in the country. Her courage made her get elected as the first female president in United Nation General Assembly. She was a dynamic personality who tried to abolish caste barrier and outdated custom and tried hard to bring woman empowerment in the country.

7) Kamala Nehru:-

kamla nehru

Kamala Nehru, also known as “The Delhi Beauty,” was a highly patriotic and sincere woman whose main aim was to promote the status of woman in the society and bringing back peace in her country. Her best days were spent in jail and thus it proves how much she was affectionate for her motherland. She tried to sustain Swadeshi Movement and made bonfire of the imported goods. Her courage was seen when she organised a group of young women and held a program of picketing the shops which sold liquors and foreign goods.She was greatly inspired by the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi and spent huge number of days in Gandhiji’s Ashram with Mrs. Kasturba Gandhi.

6) Kasturba Gandhi:-

kasturba gandhi

Do you remember famous women Satyagraha movement? Kasturba Gandhi, affectionately known as “Ba” was the leader of this famous movement. She was the honorable wife of Mahatma Gandhi and the way she supported every step of her husband was indeed commendable. From Champaran movement to Quit India Movement Kasturba Gandhi struggled shoulder to shoulder with her husband. She led the growth of women education and tried to abolish the class differences and also taught hygiene and discipline to children. She had to undergo imprisonment many number of times but she sustained her courage boldly. Kasturba Gandhi like a true patriotic worrier died in the arms of her husband in Jail.

5) Aruna Asaf Ali:-

aruna asf ali

The time when women education was not at all prevalent in the society, Aruna Asaf Ali was a graduate and a teacher in Calcutta at that period. Married to Asaf Ali, she became a member of congress party and led many agitations and protest. She was taken as prisoner many a times but her will power did not allow her to withdraw. She held a hunger strike in Tihar Jail and the episode did become remarkable in the history of freedom struggle. Even her contribution during the Quit India Movement was also notable as she fought for the country from underground. For her bravery and heroic activities, Aruna Ali was rewarded with Bharat Ratna Award and also she earned the title of “Grand old Lady of India.”

4) Begum Hazrat Mahal:-

begum hazrat mahal

The most gorgeous and charming Begum of Avadh, in the absence of her husband took the charge of the entire region of Avadh and got freedom from the hands of the British. Isn’t it unbelievable? Yes such dynamic personalities existed during those times and struggled immensely for us. Begum Hazrat Mahal also rescued Lucknow from the hands of the aliens in the first attempt but ultimately she had to give up and take refuge to Nepal when British re-captured Lucknow. The British government tried to pursue Begum through money, status and many other ways but they failed to move her a bit from her dignity and patriotism. Indian Government issued a commemorative stamp in order to pay respect to the brave soul.

3) Madam Bhikaji Cama:-

madam cama

Are we not proud of the beauty and serenity our India’s Flag holds? Yes we definitely are and we are indebted to the Great Madam Cama who designed the Tri-color for free India. Isn’t it amazing? Madam Cama is also regarded as an epitome for she was the first woman who hoisted India’s Flag in a foreign country in order to shed light on India’s distress. Can we ever imagine a woman playing such a bold performance? Elegance and patriotism enabled her to move out of her house to fight for her own country. Salute to this glorious personality.

2) Sarojini Naidu:-

sarojini naidu

Sharp oratory skill and fearless attitude is what required gaining status of a leader and Sarojini Naidu was carefully engraved with such brilliance. She was a powerful figure in the Civil Disobedience movement and struggled hard with Mahatma Gandhi. She accepted imprisonment proudly and immersed herself in the activities such as women education and Hindu Muslim equality. Her famous achievements were Satyagraha Movement, Khilafat movement, The Rowlett Act and the Montagu Chelmsford Reform through which she earned huge glory and respect worldwide. She was so brave and honest that no attacks of the aliens did terrorize her. She spared her entire life for the cause of he own country.

1) Rani Laxmi Bai:-

rani laxmi bai

What comes to our mind immediately when we come across the word “BRAVE”? It’s certainly Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi who stands as an epitome for all the generations ahead. Dressed in a man’s attire the young woman proved that there is no gender issues when it comes to will power and courage. Owing to the system of Doctrine of Lapse, Rani of Jhansi was not considered as the heir of her own region and thus Jhansi was annexed by the British. This enraged the young princess and she held her troops against the rebellious aliens. She fought her enemy till the last breath and died like a brave worrier. Have we ever found any enemy praising for their opposition? Yes, in the case of Rani Laxmi Bai, even the British could not help but admired her sparkling courage and bravery.


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