Top 10 Harmful & Dangerous Effects of Coffee on Health

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On a calm Saturday lazing on your sofa or busily working in your cabin, going out on a date with someone you like or sharing your time with friends, ‘coffee’ is common everywhere. This beverage is one of the most consumed products and is loved widely with its flavors ranging across every continent. Coffee kills sleep when your boss tosses overtime mid-nights onto you. It helps you throw your head back in a sofa and relax after you reach home tired on a rainy day. Coffee helps you free your troubling tummy. It makes you into a hungry bag too. Coffee is not just about drinking. Coffee is a philosophy. Coffee is a way of life.

But this beverage, so dear to your heart is not as good as most of you do think. It solely does not energize you leaving you a better human being. This dark drink may affect your soul into a light magic, but deep in you, in your body, in each of its cell, its acting harmfully. Coffee, sweet and hot, an essential in many cases, when consumed in excess is prone to cause ill effects on your health. Keeping your well-being in view, we care to explain its dangerous effects.

10. Addiction

Coffee is addictive. Research suggests that drinking coffee regularly for over a week and abandoning it can cause fatigue. People are often found depressed and lazy in such cases. Consumption for a prolonged period and discontinuing it is much more dangerous, and can result in anxious behavior. Give below in detail are many more reasons why one gets addicted to coffee. As long as one doesn’t get addicted to it or drink on a regular basis of more than 2 cups per day coffee isn’t really bad. Hence don’t get addicted to it.

9. Sleep and Insomnia

Coffee is well known for shunning sleep. But mind you, consuming coffee in hours of sleep or fatigue is dangerous. It causes a dizzy effect and sleeplessness. Coffee also disturbs the natural cycle of sleep and repeatedly using it for keeping sleep away, can in long run lead to Insomnia. In case of people who suffer from Insomnia, consumption of caffeine is not at all recommended, because it aggravates the disease. In cases where coffee is drunk to push sleep off, drinking water is recommended, though in excess quantities as it stabilizes the metabolism and creates a harmony in the body.

8. Gastric effects

Coffee is acidic in nature. Consuming coffee on an empty stomach increases the acidity and runs for gastroenterological perils. It can be clearly felt when you drink a pot of coffee on an empty stomach. The burning sensation can be clearly felt. It also kills the appetite, thus creating an imbalance between the acidity and the appetite. Also, it weakens the digestive system creating an inefficient diet. Hence, care should be taken if consuming coffee is affecting your daily diet routine. It can be prevented by taking coffee after a meal or snacks and giving equal preference to basic diets like butter.

7. Constipation

Coffee does not cause constipation. Caffeine stimulates the metabolism resulting in better functioning of the body. However, irregular or excess consumption and entertaining it forth does. In such cases, Coffee becomes inevitable and lacking its consumption causes constipation. This constipation can be solved by consuming again and becomes cyclic reaching a state of addiction. Constipation, unlike others, won’t really seem a problem until you discontinue or scramble the coffee intake rapidly. Hence, be careful before you smell the beans brew.

6. Migraine

The caffeinated beverage results in high metabolism and consumption of caffeine is not recommended in case of migraine patients as it cuts out the rest for mind, the primary cause of migraine.  Decaffeinated coffee is recommended in case of migraine as a hot beverage can help relieve its effect. Migraine, unlike common headaches, is dependent on restless eyes and head, those comforts one buys with a cup of coffee. It therefore becomes a need to consume decaffeinated coffee.

5. Arterial stiffness

Consumption of coffee through years can result in stiffening of arterial walls. Even taking coffee once can cause a temporary stiffening of arteries. This is not recommendable as stiffening of arteries means irregular flow of blood. Often this results in inadequate blood supply, thus making you physically weak and keeping you mentally alert. This leads to a state of helplessness where you can think but not act. Arterial stiffening is not a bodily change and in case of people suffering from weak nerves and related disorders, coffee can prove really ill. It’s been observed that among people suffering from heart strokes due to blockage of arteries, major sets are coffee consumers, only next to oily junk foods.

4. Anemia

Caffeine is highly susceptible to iron. Hence, drinking coffee regularly causes the iron in the blood to be drained. Iron is very essential in metabolism since it constitutes hemoglobin and is must in the nutrition. Deficiency of iron causes anemia. In cases of mothers and children, where growth is very rapid, this deficiency occurs easily and hence it is not recommendable to let children and pregnant mothers consume coffee. Pregnant mothers are even warned in their counseling sessions against coffee for the same reasons.  Also, don’t drink coffee in an iron mug if you don’t wish to be pulled to your woofer systems.

3. Cancer

Although many claim that coffee is not carcinogenic, scientists have still been studying it for causing mutation. Indirectly, coffee can cause cancer for its artificial stimulation that occurs through the body. It also causes frequent death of cells due to higher metabolism rates, thus darkening our skin tone and increasing our nutritional demand. Though coffee is known for its replacement of body cells and higher metabolic rates, it remains a dilemma whether or not coffee is carcinogenic directly though. However, people who drink coffee are less prone to cancer than who handle plastics all day.

2. Coronary diseases

Consumption of coffee can result in hardening of heart walls and weakening its ability to pump blood. This is more easily seen in elderly people. In such cases, the heart and blood vessels become more vulnerable increasing the risk of heart attacks. Studies state that people who consume coffee regularly are more prone to the stroke and take longer periods to recover as compared to those who don’t. Also, addicted coffee levels can result in a rise in the blood pressure making it difficult for the heart increasing its functionary levels. High blood pressure accompanied by a tougher heart wall is the best place for a heart stroke.

1. Headache


This may be very surprising because coffee is well known and recommended by most doctors for headache. However, people who consume more than 5 cups a day are seen to suffer from uncontrollable headaches in its absence. Even without discontinuing coffee, people suffer from headache if it’s not taken in time. This will prove very serious in later parts of your life when consuming coffee shall be prohibited for any reason. In many cases of migraine, these severe headaches are sited to be the primary symptoms, especially the ones that repeat periodically over a day.

This might have made it clear that coffee isn’t bad but the addiction of coffee is. It indeed is true. Caffeine, the most important constituent of coffee, is present in a little less amounts in chocolates, cocoa and brown cookies. This suggests that taking any of these varieties is likely equally dangerous and should be kept away for a healthy life.

Despite all this, having a cup of coffee isn’t a crime. Indeed, it’s still much better than a pint of beer in the night. At every odd hour, brew two cups and share them with someone. Just be careful about addiction and enjoy its warmth to the fullest. Have a nice coffee.


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