Top 10 Ideas to Celebrate your Birthday

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Birthdays are always meant to be special. It s that one day when you’re supposed to feel good about yourself, for being born into this for having a privileged life or forever joyous reason one may think of. It is one such day that needs to be relished in every possible way. Out of the many ways one can make this day memorable, here ten ways that are easy to fun to celebrate.

10. Have a picnic

Picnic with dear ones is always the best way to make some sweet and adorable memories. Some real close friends or family members, you choose to have pot-luck styled lunch picnic in a serene and place filled with nature’s marvels. Have a mix of beverages, some fun dishes and loads of snacks to go with and your day is made already. And yes, don’t forget to plan some fun activities.

9. Take a trip

If you are the kind who is restless and sitting in quiet is just not your cup of tea then you should probably take a road trip and make some kick-ass memories. Just pack your bags, loads of snacks, great music and bunch of cool buddies and hit that little lake town you have always wanted to visit. The joy of discovering a new place on year birthday is a lot more fun than you would imagine.

8. Theme Party

You’re never too old to have a theme party at your place. Pick a cool theme, like getting the retro look back in town, or maybe for good old times sake, have cartoon themed party or a marvel themed party. These kind of parties never go out of style. So feeling like a kid? Why not try this? Dressing up will never be so much fun.

7. Have a birthday brunch

If the picnics and parties are not for you, consider organizing a birthday brunch. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on it, don’t worry. You can have a birthday brunch in your own home or at your favorite, budget-friendly brunch spot in town. Have a quiet time at home with your favorite people around and your favorite food to go with.

6. Cooking workshops

If you are someone who loves cooking and if you think cooking makes you happier than anything else, well why not try a cooking workshop? Cooking workshops with a small group of people is always a lot of fun. You can choose a chocolate workshop or a cupcake workshop, or any other workshop you want. Take this opportunity and cook something for yourself, something unique, something that you have always wanted to try and something that defines you.

5. Have a movie day

If all you wanna do is relax and chill out at home without having to do any work whatsoever, well then this is the best way to spend your day. Have a movie marathon! Ask a bunch of friends to come over, get lots of popcorn, cold drinks, some yummy snacks and great set of DVDs to match your and you are all set!

4. Go Camping

Tried all the conventional ways to spend your special day? Well, this one’s for those who wouldn’t shy away from experimenting. Go Camping! Leave all of your gadgets and gizmos behind and go camping for your birthday. Unplug from the world for an entire day and enjoy the sights and sounds around you, and enjoy a hassle free day. Gather a bunch of friends, have a camp fire, roast marshmallows and tell each other ghost stories. Re-live your childhood in a new light.

3. Make Someone else’s Day Amazing

Why should a birthday always be about making your day special? Let’s do something different and try making someone else’s day special. You could go visit an orphanage, feed the kids, buy them toys or any other supplies that they may need. Or visit an old age home, or any other place that will be considered an act of kindness. To make the day absolutely worthwhile you could plan an activity of 20 or 30 acts of kindness in a day, or you could match the number with your age. Try it, and you will feel better than all those birthdays you have ever celebrated.

2. Bucket List Celebration

Everyone has ton of things on their bucket list. Be it bungee jumping, sky diving, or even a pizza eating competition. If you don’t have a bucket list already, make a list of all the thing that you have always wanted to do and make time for these on your special day so you can cross some major items off your list right away. Always wanted to get a tattoo, but never found the excuse? Well, your birthday sounds like a good enough occasion.

1. Head out for a pub tour.

If you are 21 and above, it’s time to taste the sweet night life out there. Go on a pub tour in the city. Visit all the happening pubs, check out the must-have beverages in every place, get to know how beer is made. Do the shots, have a margherita or the classic screw driver and see what you like. Take your pick and enjoy a day of absolute craziness.


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