Top 10 Jobs that don’t Need College Degree

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In today’s world, there has been a dearth of quality jobs that merely does not touch the boundaries of satisfaction but also eminent class. Due to current economy, even finding a simple job is easier said than done. Unemployment continues to haunt the society. And to make matters worse, absence of a degree can make your life unbearable. But as said, if there is a will, there is a way. There are some jobs which are worth taking without carrying a degree like hair stylist, web developer, artist, etc. Even if they don’t look so laudable, if you try you can thrive through it in no time.

10.A shopkeeper:

Find any sort of void in your kitchen shelf, call for the local shopkeeper. Along with these calls, he has to attend to the grumpy customers cribbing about the rain gods. A shopkeeper is a busy man indeed! He has the answer to our everyday’s needs. Although the job is not so satisfying considering the moods of customers and the timing, still many people are opting for it for the huge profits and equally long contact list in the town.


We always love to see the actors in the large set of screen. Sometimes we were intrigues by their charming beauty and admired their rosy cheeks. This is the work of a cosmetologist who dolls up the actors apt to the characters. You can work in a saloon for skin care or pedicures and earn a handsome salary.


Talk about capturing your precious moments for eternity and photographers in attendance. From travelling alongside the couple for honeymoon to the wedding halls, photographers have a bright road ahead. Just you have to learn the basics and the poses in which the clicks can make everyone go awe. Even behind the lenses, you can step out of your country for shoot. And no one said about not having fun and sightseeing beside the shoot. Did I?


There has been thousand times our electrical appliances give us a headache after they run out of some wiring problems. And the local electrician is our only savior. Being an electrician is possibly the near perfect use of brains with a little experience. And the work is not so tedious and has huge market for it. Not only in houses but also in big factories, an electrician can find its use.

6.Hair stylist:

Love to play with bangs and curls? Here is the perfect job awaiting you. From a film set to the small wedding, a hair stylist is required almost everywhere. And more ever, this is a satisfying job where you can do lots of experiment on people’s mane without a wink and convince them it to be the latest style. The pay package is also not that bad. A month in a film set or the serials can earn you loads than a regular 10-5pm job.


As a child, we always were fascinated by the way colors made up to a different world. May be it the rainbow or the scenery of a seaside, we loved to paint them in our own ways. If you are still engrossed in the color world, painting is your call. This job is worldwide recognized and appreciated. A single painting can fetch you in millions depending on your work. So just don’t hide your talent, make it speak through the canvas.


Who doesn’t admire Angelina Jolie or Tom Cruise? There works are laudable and also they love to bask in the fame. It’s easy said than done. It also has its perils lurking over. But there are millions of crazy fans out there just to have a peek of their idols without thinking about their degree. Majority of the actors are college dropouts and still have no regret. You can be a star with your hard work and run the stairs of success without wearing a graduate cape.

3.A sportsperson:

Recently there has been a lot of hype around some sportsperson reminding of the craze around them. People worship them the same way, they would idolize any God. Speak of the legends, some of them are school dropouts still have their heads high in the long run. If you are an ardent fan of football or cricket, try harder and can play in the nationals. There is no stopping after that, you can rise to fame within no time.

2.Web developer:

This software field has a lucent future ahead. Any business you name, none of them can thrive without having a proper website and online branding. This is the internet era consisting of people believing to have enough knowledge about the company before buying. And the website provides with full details. And to add upon, thousands of companies are pouring in the market despite any recession. So web developer is immerging as the fast growing trend among the youth which can beat the regular degree holders.


Music is world; music is a melodious journey towards the heart of every person. There is no single person in this world that has no ears for good music. Music in every culture has its importance. Being a musician is a blessing. You can reach every person through your music. There will be millions to accept your imbecile music and cherish them… 😉


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