Top 10 Jobs Which Do not Need College Degree

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The only purpose of a fancy degree is merely to prove your materialistic status in the society. It is a ticket towards gaining your desired soul-mate and the deserved respect in the society. Honestly, dedication, passion and faith in yourself can help you reach places a degree won’t. There are numerous jobs which can be pursued without a formal college degree. Right from photography to marketing to being on TV covering news, passion can drive you towards success without a piece of paper highlight FIRST CLASS. Ambition and dedication is everything which is a gateway to success. The list below shows some jobs/career options which can be  achieved without a degree.

10. Photography


In today’s times, everyone with a DSLR mistakes himself/herself to be a photographer. This is the most flawed notion and simply a DSLR cannot associate you with good photography. Though there are photography courses, I feel what all you need for good photography is good vision, an understanding of what kind of pictures you need. A degree is not necessarily of any importance in a field where creativity is the indispensable element. Clicking pictures is not merely random shutter sounds, it’s an art. Though on Facebook people have their XYZ photography pages, that does not qualify them as professional photographers. The problem with these facebook fan pages is it is hard to distinguish real and reel photographer and that every person be it genuine is judged by prejudice.

9.  Film making


Conceptualizing a film requires neat understanding of how the story, screenplay, direction concepts and star cast are going to be metamorphosed into a beautiful 3 hour journey. Though a professional degree ensures you a better position as a filmmaker, if you have the right belief and resources allotted for your ideas, a degree is absolutely unessential. In one of the most creativity demanding fields, with a little guidance and self-experience, one can sure leave behind his footprints in the movie world. If you aim of becoming the next Anurag Kashyap then work towards your passion. You need to have tremendous patience to sustain in the film world. Without a Godfather, it can be difficult to survive but if you are headed in the right direction, nothing will stop you and the box office to connect

8. Advertising

Advertising is an extremely fascinating career option if you have the talent it takes to survive in the creative world. The commercial advertisements which enthrall us also have a degree. Yes! The very same minute commercials which need to convey their purpose concisely have a formal qualification. Advertising is all about knowing your product and smartly contriving a concept to promote it to the desired target audience. Be it ads or short films, usually the purpose is marketing an idea in limited time. The key to this is your ability to make your ideas compact. Frankly does not require a degree to show off! Show off your work concisely.

 7. Counseling

Teacher and Student Discussing Paper

A counselor is one who removes your watch and tells you the time. This being a smart witty quote, is basically marketing how much you care about client and providing solutions which could in all respects, ease his difficulties. Counseling mainly requires you to be a keen listener. There is difference between hearing and listening. A professional counselor be officially “qualified” through a degree can provide you the best of solutions with respect to career choices, relationship problems, coping with stress etc. You need good communication skills to connect with your client, to comprehend his/her difficulties and not a piece of paper to show how qualified you are.

6. Professional coaching


Teaching is considered as a noble profession. The way education is commercialized is surely the outcome of a diabolical mind. A teacher is qualified with the B.Ed degree but still we notice not all have the knack to teach. Teaching is an art which a degree cannot merely provide you. Experience with good expressing skills actually qualifies for a good professor. A teacher must be not only to address his/her pupils’ doubts but must strike an amicable atmosphere for healthy learning. No degree can provide this. The person should be qualified with soft skills and not merely a piece of paper.

5. Chef


Bon Appétit! My personal favorite! A chef has to undergo rigorous formal training via a Hotel Management course. Are all of the Master Chef contestants professionals? Certainly Not! Well, it is not that everyone can cook well without official experience. But certainly a degree for dishing sumptuous delicacies seems preposterous. A chef must be able to play with his ingredients to churn out new recipes. Innovation with an understanding of how amalgamation of foodstuff will turn out is a Chef’s chef-d’oeuvre. Definitely one with a passion and a larger than life love for food should consider pursuing being a chef.

4. Acting


Acting in India is a dream for millions. We are aware of the fact how people flock to studios for auditions. Many get rejected and lose faith in their dreams and some succeed. It is true that acting is not a cakewalk and that it takes a hell lot of time to establish yourself as an actor unless you have some one to guide you in the industry. In spite of these odds, you love emoting and making people connecting with your reel character? Opt for the wish of a million, to make it big in the acting world. Acting does require experience and workshops to be followed, but not a formal degree. It is sort of an inbuilt niche of a person to express himself/herself. Just he needs to polish this inner inbuilt niche and channelize it to fulfill his/her dreams. However there are many factors that could acts as deterrents If you are thinking of making it BIG without a godfather and a formal training.

3. Journalist


Technically a journalist is one who researches on current content and mainly presents reports. An official degree is present for a journalism course which is Bachelor of Mass Media(BMM). A journalist who appeals to the masses is a dynamic power-packed and a well communicated person. He/She must have the ability to connect to their target audience. Keeping this in mind, one has to develop their soft skills like good communication techniques and a journo must have an exemplary oratory. Like for instance, media person Arnab Goswami has the niche to keep his viewers hooked to his NEWSHOUR. What all you need is not a college degree for a reporter but self-developed skill to feature on TV covering news.

2. Marketing


Selling shit is art. Marketing is all about convincing people to buy your shit however bad it is.  Totally an abstract job, no book in the whole big fat wide world can teach you abstract soft skills. The world concept of marketing lies in selling your idea. Marketing is probably the ONLY profession which requires nothing but experience coupled with exceptional communication techniques and no formal training at all. It is one of the very fascinating jobs to make people believe in your ideas. Totally an abstract and a fantastic career option, a passionate person with an ability to efficaciously convey his thoughts must opt for it. Marketing nowadays is not only restricted to meeting people and negotiating, every company needs a Digital Media Manager. This person is mainly responsible for the company’s facebook page or promoting the new updates and commercial advancements of the firm. The internet is a web of connectivity and through digital media, it has become a way to feasibly promote your product and reach to a large base of audience.

1. Politics


It is basically country engineering. Strangely this does not require any formal degree and also even if you wish to enter this profession with a selfless approach, you need to win trust via your actions not a degree. Politics is one of the most lucrative professions earning you trust, respect and a buttload of money if you do it all right for the welfare of your crowd. Topping the list, politics is one of the most sought after choices as it offers you a lot at a less educational price. Yet, the struggle to win people’s heart could be excruciating. Politics will continue to set its requirements as communication techniques, relating to your voters’ needs and keeping a fact fixed in heads that you are because of the people who serve. Politics is one of the noblest profession gone horribly wrong and judged wrongly. If done right, this gives the best outcomes.


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  1. Shawna

    September 12, 2013 9:02 am

    Counseling? Really? Without a degree? What planet are you on? Sure, you can just hop into counseling…if you just want to talk to your friends and don’t mind not getting a pay check.

    • Joe Burgett

      December 25, 2013 3:52 pm

      Technically you can get a certification, which is not a technical degree of course. While it is education, it’s not as if you’re getting a doctorate. Counselors for schools don’t need to have degrees either, but many do.

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