Top 10 Largest Coffee Chains in the World

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When you are buzzed and busted by stress, all you need is the right cup. And, there is nothing better than the hot brew coffee cup in those situations. A hot cup of coffee is also the best thing in the weather where it is raining and the lights are dim. A coffee house is the best place to hang out together with a bunch of friends or even with a girlfriend.  The coffee has its magic because of the coffee beans. It is the beans that give the coffee its taste and strong flavor. Coffee is known to provide energy instantly and refresh your body and mind. No one would want to spoil the taste by having a poorly blended coffee. To avoid such scenes, here is the list of the best coffee chains spread all over the world to give the perfect cup of freshness.

10. Tully’s Coffee:

Tully 1

Tully’s Coffee is a Washington based coffeehouse chain. There are special coffees, espresso drinks, baked products, pastries and other coffee related services available at Tully’s. Originated in Seattle, Washington (1992), the company started to expand slowly and has now reached overseas to Japan and South Korea. Tom Tully O’Keefe is the founder and Chairman of this multinational company who has played a major role in expanding this company from a single store to over 200 stores in Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc. It serves coffee, espresso and pastries in the house and also sells whole coffee beans.

9. Peet’s Coffee and Tea:


Initially, when the company was founded back in 1966, it was named as “Peet’s Coffee, Tea and Spices” by Alfred Peet (founder). The first center was located in Berkley, California. The specialty of this brand is the dark coffee roaster. It is an Arabica coffee type which is darker and roasted, say for example, French roast. It sells fresh roasted coffee beans as well as brewed coffee in the coffee house. The espresso drinks available in-house really deserves high grades. The headquarters are situated in Emeryville, California which is also the base country of this brand. There a lot of fans of this brand who buy roasted beans to blend at home and also brewed coffee which has an amazingly different taste.

8. Coffee Beanery:

Coffee Beanery

This is another coffee chain in US which is based in Flushing, Michigan. The company has its centers in US, US territories, Europe and Asia. Discovered in 1976, Coffee Beanery sells the franchise of coffee shops and earns more from the equipment and product sell at the franchisees. It has more than 130 coffee houses in US and over 25 centers located in various countries, mostly in China, Bahrain, Cyprus, UAE, and South Korea. The franchise of Coffee Beanery includes coffee bars, Double-wide drive-through, and obviously, coffee stores. One can have the best taste here and the best coffee fandom. This brand was popular in less than no time and all its franchisees started spreading like fire which has not stopped yet.

7. Tim Hortons:


Tim Hortons is a company based in Canada. This brand is very well known for the coffee they sell, as well as the special doughnuts made here. There is a very simple menu offering only doughnuts and coffee to its customers; but in spite of the short menu, the quality of the products is A-class and undoubtedly one of the best. It also offers some bakery products like bagels and Timbits at some centers. In the home country itself, the brand Tim Hortons has over 3000 (3453 centers exactly) coffeehouses. All in all, it has 4288 restaurants and centers out of which, excluding the home nation houses, it has over 800 centers in US, and 27 in Gulf of Cooperation Council.

6. Caribou Coffee:


This coffee company is a retailer in coffee and espresso. Other than coffee, this restaurant also provides tea and other bakery goods. There are over 415 coffee houses owned by the company in 40 states of Columbia. As it is an international coffee chain, it has 126 franchise centers all over the world. The ‘Caribou Coffee’ is very popular and is known for the signature drink named ‘coolers’. Apart from this, there are a number of flavors offered to the customers along with plain coffee and espresso and all of those are truly awesome beverages. Also, “the Wild Drink” is another specialty of Caribou Coffee. Recently, in 2012, the brand was acquired by a German Multinational Company ‘Joh. A. Benckiser’ for an amount worth $340 million.

5. Gloria Jean’s Coffees:


This coffee brand also has its history traced back in USA. This company was founded in the year 1979 by Ed & Gloria Jean Kvetko. Without keeping any track of time, they took the company international and presently this brand stands with more than a thousand stores all over the world, out of which 450 stores are in Australia (because the owner is Australian) and over hundred stores in USA. They provide their customers with the best quality espresso coffee, cold drinks, tea, pastries, and a few coffee accessories. After a little controversy over the nutritional levels of the products of Gloria Jean’s Coffees, they now stand to provide the nutritional information about all their products and ingredients.

4. The Coffee Bean:


The complete name of this coffee house is ‘The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’ but is popular as just ‘Coffee Bean’ or ‘The Coffee Bean’. This is an American Coffee chain but now has centers and stores spread all over the world. It has more than 900 outlets in 23 countries across the globe. Most of the centers outside California are franchisees. The very unique feature of the Coffee Bean stores is that they provide free Wi-Fi access to their customers at most places. It generates revenue of over $450 million US dollars (records of 2012). This coffee chain was founded in 1963 by Mona and Herbert Hyman in Los Angeles but Sunny and Victor, entrepreneurs in Singapore, bought the company in 1998.

3. Costa coffee:


Costa coffee was initially started in London by two Italian brothers named Sergio and Bruno Costa; and it has now become a multinational coffee chain. After Starbucks coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts, Costa coffee is the world’s third largest coffee house chain with over 1700 stores in more than 28 countries across the globe. It has its headquarters situated at United Kingdom and has 1375 centers in UK itself. The stores can be found anywhere from airports to bookstores, Hotels, Pizza Hut branches, etc. the largest store is located in Dubai that allows a sitting of 321 people at once. They are planning to set up new centers at some universities and hospitals, where the coffee beans used will be of the same type.

2. Dunkin’ Donuts:


This coffee chain of Massachusetts is not just a coffee house chain, but also a doughnut company. This coffee chain has its origin back in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts. The Starbucks is the prime competitor for the sales of coffee, whereas, for the doughnuts, Krispy Kreme is the prime competitor. William Rosenberg is the name of the person who is responsible for such a great chain. This coffee house has its stores and centers in more than 36 countries worldwide. Presently, there exist approximately 10,083 stores of Dunkin’ Donuts out of which 3,068 stores are internationally located, while the others are in US. Commonly, the Dunkin’ Donuts centers run as Franchisees. It is also sometimes paired with Baskin-Robbins, which is because they both are owned by the Dunkin’ Brands Inc.

1. Starbucks Coffee:


There are more than 13,200 centers of this coffee chain in the country where it was originated, that is, US. Starbucks Corporation is originally an American coffee company which is now the best global coffee house chain in the whole world. This coffee chain has 20,891 stores spread over in 62 countries. Out of these many centers and branches, it has 1324 centers in Canada, Japan has 989 centers, 851 centers in China, 806 centers in UK, more than 550 centers in South Korea, more than 370 centers in Mexico, around 291 centers in Taiwan, more than 200 are situated in Philippines, and Turkey, Thailand, and Germany has more than 170 centers each. Rest all of them, that is, remaining 13279 centers are located in the US itself.


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  1. Matthew Knight

    January 2, 2014 3:17 am

    Tim Hortons is better than Gloria Jean and Caribou and also Tim Hortons sells morestuff and there stuff is delicious.And Tim Hortons is better than the coffee bean.

  2. dahszil

    May 2, 2015 10:46 am

    Support your locally owned and run coffee shops and restaurants!!! let us march towards self run and self sufficient businesses and cities. Up until 7 years ago we had a great locally owned grocery store. but no, we drove our cars up to the interstate exit retail district to shop and put it out of business. a self sufficient neighborhood will be vital when the peek oil hits us in the face. anyway walking is good for us and we start talking, helping and socializing to our neighbors more. the automobile has made our communities insular.

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