Top 10 Life Facts about Osama Bin Laden

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Osama bin Mohammad bin Awad bin Laden was one of the most dangerous militant that the world has ever seen. He was on top most slot of every most wanted list of different security agencies throughout the world. Particularly he was against the United States Government and so he had declared a war against them. Osama Bin Laden was the founder of the Islamist organization al-Qaeda. This militant group was responsible for many attacks in different parts of the world killing several civilians as well as the high-profile targets. He did most of his work under the name of religion and there are many people in the Arab World who consider him as a role model. There was a bounty of 25 million US dollars placed on him by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Here in this very article we have gathered ten life facts of Osama. Take a look.

10. Family & Childhood


Osama was born on 10th March 1957 in a wealthy family in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Osama means “Young Lion” in Arabic. Although Osama Bin Laden spent his childhood in a huge mansion, his initial days were very tough. His father Mohammed Bin Awad Bin Laden was a very rich businessman in Saudi Arabia and had ten wives. Osama Bin Laden’s mother Hamida al-Attas was his tenth wife and he married her when he visited Syria for some business purpose. She was from Syria, while all other wives of Mohammad Bin Laden were from Saudi Arabia. This was the reason she was discriminated. He spent his childhood like a loner. Within the Bin Laden’s family, his mother was known as “the slave” and Osama was known as “the slave child.” Some people believe that the sense of insurrection began within him due to all these incidents within his family.

9. Education


Osama Bin Laden was raised as a Wahhabi Muslim. His father made sure that he attended school. Right from his early age he was very much keen in learning new things. As a result he was technically very good and had a vast knowledge. When he grew up, he went to the King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah and finally in the year 1979, he obtained the degree of Civil Engineering. Right from his younger days, he  showed interest in the religion and so while he was in college he used to spend most of his time reading the Quran and other holy books. He was  knwon to take part in various charitable and religious works.

8. Personal Life

Personal Life

According to the FBI who released his description, Bin Laden was 6 feet 5 inches tall. He had olive complexion. He wore a white turban regularly and had an unkempt beard. Osama was a left-handed person. In the year 1974 when Osama was just seventeen years old, he married Najwa Ghanem in Syria. However both got separated later on. He married five times in his whole life. His other wives were Khadijah Sharif (married in the year 1983), Khairiah Sabar (married in the year 1985), Siham Sabar (married in the year 1987) and finally Amal al-Sadha (married in the year 2000). He was the father of about twenty-four children. Most of them now live in Iran.

7. Joined Afghan War

Joining Afghan War

After passing out from the college in the year 1979, Osama joined the forces in Pakistan who were working under the guidance of the Pakistan’s ISI against the Soviet Union’s invasion of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. There he impressed authorities with his calibre. While working with them he made several contacts with the high-profile people in Pakistan’s Army and ISI. He used his family fortune in financing the members of the Mujahedeen. In the year 1984, he along with Abdullah Azzam founded the Maktab al-Khidamat whose prime goal was to supply all necessary things such as arms and ammunitions to Mujahedeens who were fighting against the Soviet Union. With his enormous wealth he established many training camps where militants were trained.

6. Founded Al-Qaeda

Founder of Al-Qaeda

Osama left the Maktab al-Khidamat in the year 1988 as he wanted to play a major role in the military operations. He therefore formed the group named as al-Qaeda with his friends in Egypt. For any person to be a member of this group it was required that he should be obedient and should pledge to work as per his superior’s orders. When Soviet Union finally left Afghanistan in the year 1989, Osama returned as a war hero to Saudi Arabia. He got huge respect and his role in overthrowing the mighty Soviet Union people from Afghanistan was praised everywhere in Muslim Countries.

5. Turned Against the Saudi Arabian Government

Turned Against Saudi Government

When the army of Saddam Hussein was about to attack Saudi Arabia he offered his help to the Saudi Arabian government but they rejected it and took help from the US Army. Osama didn’t appreciate it and as he felt that the holy shrine of Mecca and Medina should only be protected by the Muslims and the Saudi Arabian government should not place the foreigners in this task. He publicly criticized the Saudi Arabian government for their move. The Saudi Arabian government felt that Osama could become a troublemaker and when he was caught smuggling weapons, his citizenship was snatched away. Consequently he was asked by the Saudi Arabian government to leave the country. He then moved to Sudan.

4. Master in Poetry

Master in Poetry

Many people say that Osama Bin Laden was a very good poet. There is no doubt that he had vast knowledge of the literature. He was passionate about writing poems. Some of his poems which have been found are in classical Arabic language. His poems used to be very much influenced by the political movements and were touching sometimes. One of his poems was named as “The Travail of a Child Who Has Left the Land of Holy Shrines.” In the year 2001, one of his video was released in which he was reciting one of his poems.

3. Ideology

Love for Jihad

Right from the beginning he was influenced by the practices in the Muslim community. He carried it till his last breath. He considered himself as one of the true soldiers of Islam and fought against the United States for his religion. He fought battles against various nations for safeguarding his religion and making it victorious. He was a true follower of “Jihad.” He was against the democracy and communism. He believed that there should not be any sort of involvement of the foreign nations in Muslim countries and so he used to oppose it. His ideology was to fight with the enemy nation and bleed them till bankruptcy.

2. Declared Holy War against the United States

Declared Holy War against United States

Osama Bin Laden was very much unhappy with the growing influence of the United States in the Middle East. He felt that the policies of the US government were the prime reason of the unhappiness of the people living in the Middle East region. His first attack against the Americans was in the year 1992 when he attacked a hotel in Yemen. The attack was made to kill the members of the US Army who were on their way to Somalia. His biggest attack on the United States soil was when the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon Tower was attacked by the al-Qaeda on 11th September 2001. To complete this mission, the al-Qaeda militants hijacked four passenger aircraft. The World Trade Centre in New York City was completely destroyed.

1. Death


Finally on 2nd May 2011, Osama was shot by the Navy Seals of US Marines in the military operation of the United States in Abbottabad, Pakistan. This operation was code-named as Operation Neptune Spear. The team raided his compound which was located in the Abbottabad. He was living there with his wife and children. He died immediately when he was shot. Osama’s body was airlifted from his residence and was taken to Afghanistan by the Navy Seals. After going through various confirmation tests, he was buried at sea quickly to avoid any kind of attempt made by the al-Qaeda for his dead body. The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States worked tirelessly day and night for so many years to know about his whereabouts and played a major role in the elimination of this dangerous militant who was a threat to the humanity.


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