Top 10 Likely ways Humans will further Evolve

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When Charles Darwin postulated his famous theory “On the origin of species “, no one believed it. It was opposed on religious and moral grounds but what it proposed was true to a great extent. Human being have being evolving since they first appeared 2-3 million years ago. Our ancestors had both ape like and human like characteristics, over the years they evolved into more complex beings, with the invention of fire and stone implements. They had larger brains, measuring about 1400 centimeter cube and ate mostly fruits, moving from one place to another. This evolution is an ongoing process and in a span of about 2 million years humans have evolved into sophisticated beings with the capacity to do almost anything from going to space to searching underwater seas to making machines and building robots.

However the question is, will the next generation continue to evolve and if they do, what will be the result? What will they end up being like? In fact, according to the evolutionary principle called the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, evolutionary change is a mathematical necessity so long as at least one of the following influences occurs to a genetic population: mutation, non-random mating (including sexual selection), gene flow, genetic drift or natural selection. Here are a few likely ways in which human might evolve.

10. Less Hair

Less Hair

Human beings in the past obviously had more hair and when we look back and see our ancestors, all of them were hairy beings. Man is usually referred to as the ‘hairless ape’ but all of us being mammals, we do have hair. But now in this modern age, women with less hair are considered attractive. Even men, go through the whole ritual of waxing, cleaning and shaving and most of the male species that we see on magazines have almost no hair. Women are increasingly encouraged to go hairless because that is of course more sexually attractive so over the years there will come a point where women will evolve into beings that have no hair at all. Since men have also being divulging into this practice of becoming hairless, they will evolve into smooth ken doll like figures.

9. Weird Faces

Weird Faces

Yes, Scientists have predicted that in a few million years human beings will have huge foreheads, flat faces and saucer like eyes. Our forefathers of course looked a lot different, they had flatter noses and smaller skulls, but now with the advent of genetic engineering , man’s brain has increased three times than our ancestors and so our skulls have become larger and so have our foreheads. With the growing technology a lot of parents can choose how they want their children to look like, preferably with the best features. We might evolve into beings with larger heads, larger eyes and pigmented skin. Saucer like eyes might seem a bit strange from our view point but as man would go on living, he might develop new features such as eye shine enhance low light vision to prevent them from cosmic rays. Seems a little grim but this is possible only if human beings continue to live that long.

8. Increase in Height

Increase in Height

Early human beings were thought to have stood at an average of 5 feet 9 inches and scientists have observed that over the years, human have had increasing heights. In the last few years, human height has increased by 10 cm. This might happen in the future because a person’s height usually depends upon his diet and as long as we have more and more nutritious food available, we will continue to grow. Now in regions that have poverty and malnourishment, such occurrences might not happen since they have a diet low in minerals vitamins and protein but since in most of the parts of the world, this has been eradicated, human have continued to grow and as long as we keeps getting this rich diet, we might evolve into much taller beings.

7. Selective Hearing

Selective Hearing

This involves a type of selective action and is characterized by our ability to listen to a specific sound or noise while blocking out the rest. The brain blocks out the things that you don’t want to hear and processes only that which you want to hear. Now in the future this particular human ability could become more advanced and useful, since now with increased technology and all the social networking sites, everyone seems to air out their opinions and talk about every single one of their thoughts, without filtering anything, posting their daily routines, most of them refuse to listen to others or simply block out what they don’t want to hear. So maybe we might evolve into beings with the capability to tune out everything we deem as unpleasant or unnecessary and only listen to what we think is pleasing or advantageous to us.

6. Post gender Humans

Post gender Humans

If you haven’t seen the model, Andrej Pejić, I urge you to do. He is an androgynous model with female features who has become extremely popular on well-known runways. We are a binary species, consisting of a male and female but with the growth of cybernetics and the possibility of the development of an exosomatic womb or an artificial womb we may no longer remain male or female. Future humans could choose to become post gender, not wanting to be tied down to a specific gender and enjoying the best features that both the genders have to offer. Future humans could evolve into such species, with both male and female characteristics and may even choose to be asexual.

5. Bigger Brains

Bigger Brains

As human beings kept on evolving, his brain grew larger and larger and made him into a complex, interesting and socially intelligent being who had the capacity to fend for himself. But with growing technology we are becoming less and less dependent on our bodies and more dependent on our brains. Modern transportation and conveniences would result in the disappearance of our limbs, legs and mostly all of our muscles and we may evolve into robotic beings with only the human brain remaining. This actually has happened as in the case of the human appendix which is a vestigial organ, losing almost all of its significance over the years. Maybe in the future even simple tasks like opening a can or holding a fork and knife may make us look towards our brains and our bodies’ redundant.

4. No Wisdom Teeth

No Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are considered to be vestigial third molars which are removed or extracted as soon as the other teeth start coming in, to prevent them from coming in the way. They were actually used by our ancestors for grinding down plant tissues and since they had bigger jaws and more teeth, they required it for chewing and grinding plants but as our diets continued to change and our food became less hard and much more easily digestible, our jaws grew smaller. It has been estimated that almost 35 percent people are born without wisdom teeth and since in the future we might not need them at all, human beings may have or may not be born with any wisdom teeth.

3. No Racial Differences

No Racial Differences

One of the driving forces of evolution is the mixing together of different races from different parts of the world. But since this has been happening in the recent years at a fast rate, racial differences may disappear in the future.  With ease of transportation and human beings being able to move between different places much more easily, breeding between races has become a regular occurrence. Racial differences will blend together and our future generations may look a lot alike, as a matter of fact, the whole issue of ‘race’ may disappear altogether. So who knows, we might all end up looking like each other in the future.

2. Weaker Immunity

Poor Sick Little Boy

Our rich empty calorie laden diets have made us more prone to heart diseases and diabetes and as a result more deaths. But as we become more and more dependent upon medicines, our bodies may stop thinking for itself and instead depend upon medicines and supplements to perform major human functions. Our immunity systems will become weaker and since we have machines and various other devices at our disposals, our bodies may not be able to perform even simple tasks. Scientists of course have said that we are weaker than our ancestors and our life expectancy has also increased due to medicines and antibiotics. You might be familiar with the phrase, ‘pop a pill’, even at a slight headache, so there. We may become more dependent on medical technology and less dependent upon our own bodies to fight diseases.

1. A Generation of Clones

Les Clones Modèles

The increasing pressure to conform to today’s society’s standards of beauty may result in girls ending up like clones. Go back to the 80s and 90s and you’ll see a number of weird fashion trends that we might consider today to be big no-no’s but that also meant that everyone looked different and everyone had their own unique style. But now, teenage girls are increasingly imitating celebs and wanting to copy their styles. Society today wants its females to have perfectly coiffed hair, perfect bodies, perfect tans, perfectly manicured nails and perfectly highlighted hair. Anyone who refuses to conform is ousted as an outcast and young girls under pressure give in so they could be more acceptable. Instead of realizing that women are different and perfectly unique in their own way, maybe in the future the female species might evolve into a  generation of clones who all look alike, preening and pouting, hollow in their souls.


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    February 10, 2014 1:52 pm

    The last two of these are based on if we are locked in current trends for millions of years. Bunch of **** if you ask me. The 9th one is also pretty ridicilous as not everyone will accept Genetic Engineering, designer babies are even banned in a few countries already, same applies with the post-gender thing. Bigger brains do not equal smarter, it’s the opposite (

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