Top 10 Major Contributors of Air Pollution

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Pollution of any kind is harmful to humans and other living objects. Pollution can be basically classified into three types namely, Air Pollution, Water pollution and Noise Pollution. However there are other types of pollution like the land pollution, thermal pollution and radioactive pollution. But these are the ones that directly the affect the health of the human beings, plants and animals . Breathing is the one and the only activity that all the living beings do right from birth to death. A man cannot live for more than 5 minutes without air. Hence, the air pollution has a bigger impact on the health of the living objects. Also, water and noise pollution have not yet reached the alarming state that the air pollution has reached. They are still controllable. But what are the major contributors of air pollution? Here is the list of top ten major contributors of air pollution.

10.  Radiation:


Although not many are aware of this, radiation also constitutes to the air pollution. What exactly is radiation? It is the energy transmitted in the form of electromagnetic waves that is emitted from different energy sources. In simpler words, it is the heat that is emitted from different electronics like laptops and mobile phones. Although the effects of the same are not immediate, it definitely reduces the quality of air that we inhale. While the technology aims at making the lives of the people easy, it is also creating a hell lot of pollution.  Air is not just a carrier of different gases anymore. It is also transporter of different waves. This is a threat not only to the human life, but also to the plant animal and the bird kingdom. Sparrows, once a very common bird is dreading extinction mainly due to the radiation. The eggs of this particular species are hatched much before the yolk is fully developed. Also, human beings are prone to many skin diseases because of the increase in the radiation in the atmosphere.

9.  Methane:


While the automobiles and electronic appliances produce gases like carbon monoxide and CFCs, live stock, plant and human decay produces methane, which is as harmful as the previously mentioned gases. Methane is a highly concentrated odorless gas. Although it doesn’t impact the human health directly, high concentrations of methane gas leads to the suffocation of human beings. The compounds of methane are extremely dangerous as well. Classic example is the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. The gas that leaked was Methyl Isocyanate, a compound of methane that took the lives of around 2600 people. Also, methane is used in mining and distribution of fossil fuels. Methane is one of those few gases that can be produced artificially as well as by the human activities.


8. Cooking on Firewood.

cooking on firewood

Although not very prevalent, cooking on firewood is still in practice in villages. This is indeed a dangerous practice as burning of wood emits a lot of toxic substances. People in the village really cannot do anything about it because the LPG cylinders are very costly. The person (which is the woman most of the time) blowing the wind into the wood to increase the fire is constantly putting his/ her life at risk by inhaling smoking emitting from the firewood.

7. Pesticides:


This is majorly seen in the agricultural and farming sector, although not completely limited to it. Farmers, who are not completely educated about the use of the pesticides, spray unusual quantities on the crops. This leads to food poisoning as well as the contamination of the surrounding atmosphere. This air containing heavy particles of poisonous chemicals is inhaled by the surrounding people. This leads to a number of respiratory diseases. In cities, pests are often sprayed during the pest control sessions.

6.  Insecticides:


Chemicals used in insecticides also add a lot to the air pollution in the atmosphere. Insecticides are mainly used in the urban areas to get rid of the mosquitoes. In the previous days, we were asked not to inhale while the insecticide is being sprayed. Now, as funny as it is, the insecticides are available in different fragrances. Although it smells good, it is as dangerous as it was before. The same applies to mosquito coils as well. Scented mosquito coils are available right now that make it easy and bearable for the humans. But this does not make them any less harmful than they already are. Also, we use them in excess thinking that the more it is used, the less insect free we are. But not many know that spraying excess of the chemical only develops resistance among the insects. So, in addition to polluting the air, the purpose if killing all the insects is not served either.

5. Air Conditioners and Refrigerators:

Air Conditioners and Refrigerators

Thanks to the increase in the global warming almost everybody today is using an Air Conditioner and a Refrigerator to fight the heat. The commercials also boast about how fresh the air coming out of the equipment is or how fresh the food taken from their particular refrigerator is. But little do we know that these electronic machines pollute the air by emitting harmful particles called Chloro Fluoro Carbons (CFCs) into the air. The shocking news is that these CFCs are the culprits that are mainly responsible for the depletion of the Ozone layer that protects us from the suns UV rays.

4. Smoke emitting from the Industries and Factories.

smoke emitting from industries and factories

Factories are the major causes of pollution of any kind. We humans are largely dependent on the industries and very little can be done to save the environment from the harmful gases that are let out from their chimneys.  In this case, air pollution and the water pollution are interdependent on one another. The smoke coming out of the factories settles in the atmosphere. And this air vaporizes and settles in the form of clouds. And the clouds containing the polluted air come down in the form of rain. Hence, even the water is polluted and the plants that consume this water to grow are also polluted. This is one of the main reasons most of the factories are built at the outskirts of a city or a village.

3. Automobiles


This is one of the major contributors to Air pollution and is mainly seen in the urban areas where the automobiles are chiefly used. The smoke emitting from these vehicles contains various substances like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide that are harmful to the lungs leading to a lot of respiratory diseases like cancer. In addition to that, these pollutants in the air cause different kinds of skin and eye diseases.

2. Smoking Cigarette and other Tobacco based products

Smoking Cigarette and other tobacco based products

Yes. Those scary Public Service Messages you see at the movies before the film begins about cigarettes containing tar is true.  Tar is nothing but a residue of tobacco.  And statics say that suffer and sometimes worse than the direct smokers. A cigarette generally contains filter through which the smoker takes in the smoke. But the smoke coming out of the stub has densely concentrated tobacco and nicotine particles. They tend to go to the deeper areas of lungs and stay there for longer hours. Unfortunately, this smoke is inhaled by the passive smokers as this comes directly out of the stub.  Hence passive smokers are at a greater risk than the direct ones.

1. Deforestation:


Although emphasized many a number of times, this is something that has been widely neglected. Just to make enough land for the people to live in, forests have been destroyed. As we know, forests are the major suppliers of oxygen we breathe. Deforestation can be mainly due a number of reasons like industrialization, Jhoom Farming etc. Hence deforestation is one of the major reasons for the increase of the pollution in the air. Lack of trees tends to excess of carbon dioxide and shortage of oxygen.


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