Top 10 Most Addictive Video Games

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Today almost everyone finds solace and peace in taking some time out of their busy schedules and indulging themselves in playing video games. It could be either on your computer, iPad or your mobile phone; video games could be very addictive in nature. There is a long list of video games available on the Android and Apple markets, and apart from them you could just purchase a video game for your laptop or PC. Video games are very gripping, and they make people habituated to playing them day and night every day. But there are some video games, which are highly addictive as compared to the other video games available. Video games could be relaxing, but the habit of playing them is known to be ruining time and disrupting your day to day activities. It is important to keep such an addictive habit of playing video games in control, as their addiction takes a lot of time to get over and get rid of. Here is a list of the top 10 addictive and most popular video games which people in large numbers are completely hooked up.

10. Sokoban

Sokoban is basically a puzzle and strategy game. You need to move boxes, but you can only move them from behind. If you take any wrong move, you get stuck and the only option is to start the game all over again. This game involves a lot of thinking and planning which you need to strategize and develop the moment you see the blocks in front of you. Because of the intricate use of your brain cells in planning, this game is very addictive as it wouldn’t let you give up the levels.

9. Snood

Snood is one PC game which is extremely fun and addictive. This game has levels which vary from Child level to Evil, so there is enough time and days for you to kill and get hooked to this game. In this game, you have seven different colours of snoods, along with some other special snoods as well. You need to shoot a snood to hit a snood of the similar colour, so that they both disappear and the other snoods fall to fill in their place, thus hooking you to the game completely.

8. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a very popular and addictive arcade game where you need to rescue a Princess from a Gorilla by passing levels. This game just goes on and on and it is pretty motivating, which gives birth to its addictive nature. There are not many people who could complete all the levels of this game, due to which this game continues to be played by millions across the globe.

7. Tetris

Tetris is one game which continues to be a favourite game of millions of people. Known to be extremely challenging and addictive, this video game was designed by a Soviet engineer in the 1980’s. You need to rearrange blocks and eliminate them in such a way that you are able to acquire higher and higher scores, which makes the whole point of this game very obvious, beat your own high score or your friends’. It is a competitive game which keeps you going on with the differently shaped and sized blocks.

6. Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular video game which does not require you to complete and achieve any fixed goals. It gives you the freedom and leeway to build anything anywhere, and to roam about anywhere in your game space. The Ender Dragon is the game’s ultimate boss and challenge, which obviously takes you some time and levels up to pass through. But the fun and experience which you get till you reach Ender Dragon is very fascinating and addictive.

5. Angry Birds

This Apple store game took the world by a highly addictive storm when all you could hear a person playing is Angry Birds. The main objective of the game is to shoot some angry birds who are tied in slingshots, and shoot them in such a way that they destroy the pigs, as the pigs have stolen the birds’ eggs which has enraged them. The birds and pigs are stationed in weirdly constructed walls and pipelines, thus giving a difficult stroke to the game.

4. StarCraft

StarCraft is a real time strategy game and is popular to have caused the ‘Internet Game Addiction’ in people all across the world. This game is not only a mix of difficult strategizing and challenging techniques, but you could also play it with your friends in the multiplayer version. This video game has also gained some popularity when in the year 2005, a South Korean man died after playing StarCraft for duration of a straight 50 hours, such is the level of addiction with this never ending game.

3. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a video game which is known to be very similar to Bejewelled, the only diference being that Bejewels was played with gems whereas Candy Crush is played with candies. You need to match the same type and colour of candies so that they get crushed and more candies take their place, giving you the opportunity to reach the required target points of that level, which is basically the only motive of the game.

2. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a game where you can change your personalities and avatars, something which most of the people want to do in their lives. This wish is fulfilled in this video game where you need to pick up a sword and act as a hero, and slay a monster and save the world. It is a action strategy game where you need to keep leveling up in order to unlock stronger heroes and better swords and fighting equipments.

1. Civilization

As the name suggests, Civilization is a video game where you are allotted a city, a civilization to be more precise and you need to run it and maintain it, and basically protect it. You have an army and you have the freedom to go and capture any other city or civilization you feel. This game is a pretty heavy and long for a normal video game, but just as its size, it is highly addictive as well.


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