Top 10 Most Common Dental Problems

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One of the most finely paid and sorely hated profession is that of a dentist . The boogie man of every kid and secretly dreaded by many adults, though some may never admit it in this life time, it is  the dentist . He may drill and clean and pluck and pull the 36 little guys in your mouth till you wish you never had them in the first place . Every bite of chocolate and cola and chaats and pizza finds a way in with teeth until the unfortunate moment when the little guy starts rebelling. They stink or bleed or self destruct ,completely or partly, or get the neighbouring guy to join in .The war in mouth can be tiny squabble or an all out apocalypses. The after effect can be peace and happiness or sad demise of few members .The advances today allow us to have completely new guys , synthetic but easy to maintain. Lets see the most common troubles caused by the little guys


10. Chipped Tooth

Chipped Teeth

It may happen that your teeth is intact from the roots but as we analyse towards the top , a small part is chipped off . In simple terms teeth is not whole. when a rat nibbles at say a rag, it nibbles the corner and that area becomes uneven . Imagine two front teeth like a closed window . now carve out a hole right where the teeth meets that is chipped teeth. This can have many problems from making one look unattractive to creating problems with chewing and dental care . Chipped teeth can be completely restored by various techniques like dental bonding and fillings. If the dentist is really deft , he will just make it appear to be whole . It is not very common but for those who undergo the process , it makes their life different , for the house with perfect windows are always better than the one with holes , isn’t it ?

9. Teeth Grinding ( bruxism)

Grinding teeth Bruxism

If you constantly gnash or clench your teeth , grind it more often than you care to admit , you my friend may have a problem . If this is  once in a blue moon thing then you are safe . ‘Cant a man grind his own teeth !! ‘ you may ask , but if you like having headaches or like it when your ear hurts or pain in jaws or joints then sure go ahead , grind away my friend . Some of us may have sleep Bruxism i.e you may grind your teeth in sleep and be unaware about it . If any of the above problems occur regularly with you for no apparent reason , it may be a good idea to check with the dentist. Grinding teeth all day long can get them to loosen up and you may face a much worse situation like root canals, loosening of bridges, crowns , implants etc . So to have a lovely smile, stop grinding your teeth !

8. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMJ/ TMD

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

It is a problem with the temporomandibular joint . The name is itself a mouthful , and the pain is mouth-numbing. TMJ is pain focused on the jaw . the effect is seen on the jaw joint and surrounding muscles that manages the chewing movement of the jaw. The TMJ can cause severe facial pain . TMJ/ TMD are linked it to malocclusion ie bad bite problem. In simple terms , the teeth are misaligned . when few are crocked its not a problem , however when its severe case then it has psychological and dental problem which needs specialist appointment . People with Braces are not a rare sight and this is the result of TMJ.

7. Teeth Sensitivity

Teeth Sensitivity

Our  little guys have to be healthy and beautiful and strong but not sensitive .This is a condition where every food or liquid which has different texture or different temperature than your mouth can induce blinding pain . Imagine having to be careful with every single thing you put in your mouth. Be it water or rice , it can hurt. Ice creams and chocolates are what the dreams would be made of , if your teeth are sensitive. The cure is simple and available, its a common ailment faced by many people

6. Teeth and Enamel Erosion


Apparently soil erosion is not our only concern . teeth erode , period. Due to every thing we eat and corrupt our mouth with , we never clean it out just as meticulously . The tiny particles inside react with the acids in food and the teeth starts eroding . The Colas can be deemed as the worst companion for teeth as they are potent enough to completely dissolve our precious little guys. The  cure can be tricky and will be based on the level of damage done . The Erosion of teeth slowly washes away the teeth and the enamel which is the protective cover of the teeth . This leads to severe and expensive treatments to restore them to their functional forms.

5. Crooked Smile

  Crooked Smile

This may not sound as serious as the Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or enamel erosion , but if you are among the lucky ones who don’t face this problem , thank your tooth fairy. The apprehension faced by the not so few of us is because the little guys refuse to sit in an array . people pay to straighten out the teeth so that they can regain the confidence and stand tall with everyone. The Difference few crooked teeth make in your life is not just health related but its the overall personality changer. The windows of house cant be uneven if the house is supposed to be beautiful, crooked smile makes you look and feel terrible, that’s the ugly truth.

4. Wisdom teeth Conundrum

Wisdom teeth Conundrum

By the age of 25 everyone of us faced the painful coming of age ritual which may seem irrelevant to us. The painful third molar develops in the age group of 16-25. This is considered a symbol of transition in human. The wisdom tooth was required in earlier phase of human history as the diet was rough then , however today the teeth is noting but an unwanted baggage. If it were a harmless tooth it wouldn’t have been a problem but it has created confusion as to how does one deal with it. As the tooth is not required, it sometimes doesn’t grow quickly and has a layer of tissue on it after the growth spurt. This makes it difficult to chew and leads to food particles sticking around the tooth . Due to the pain , the tooth is not cleaned thoroughly and leads to infection . There are two common approaches to this problem , a) remove the tooth before it can create any trouble b) let the trouble come and face it accordingly . In the second option the bleeding and slow-healing can be a problem with the elderly. The wisdom tooth is painful passage into nothingness but possibility of more pain in future . The search for the better option is on and in few years the next generation may have a smoother ride than us.

3. Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Imagine every time your friend opens his mouth , you get the undeniable need to get away from him. He may have a dental problem. Imagine the same situation with you in your friend’s place ! Life becomes an embarrassment . 90% of of the time , the bad breath is a result of unhealthy teeth . The moment you let the bacteria linger in your mouth and not clean it , the smell grows and becomes your identity. The infection in teeth, corrosion erosion everything has a symptom, bad breath.  This can be a social stigma. The simplicity in the solution may surprise you for all that’s needed is regular brushing, flossing and the whole play out.  We all know that person whose mouth stinks , all they need to do is clean their teeth for a healthier and happier life . It may not be a teeth problem but it is a symptom of further problems and is result of your current teeth problem. For a better social life, just brush and floss.

2. Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay

Acid from the food and plaque from the teeth is a sickly combination . Plaque is always present in teeth , they are bacterium and when this plaque mixes with sugar in food, they create cavity. The sweet content in foodstuffs like cakes, pastries, pizzas and sodas harm the teeth as they lead to the development of cavity . They are painful and creates a torture in mouth until cleaned or removed. The process is painful and healing is slow and can lead to total loss of tooth. This is a common problem faced by people all over the world.



Toothache ? remember the adorable advertisement where the little kid screams his way to the hospital from the kitchen table to the bus to the lift and straight to the dentist chair ? In real life its not adorable , its like having a pin stuck in your mouth which hurts every time you move or swallow or breath . Toothaches are common and indicate an oncoming tooth decay, tooth fracture, gum disease , irregular growth , previous mishaps is filling or bad oral health care. It Is faced by every human on earth and is undoubtedly the most common tooth ailment .

These are top 10 most common teeth problems. When Walt Disney said “You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you” lets hope he didn’t mean it literally, for that best thing could prove to be the most painful thing you will ever experience.


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