Top 10 Most Common Lies People Speak

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It was believed that truth can set you free, however today we all might set to disagree. From a small lie, to deceit, it is what seems to hold the key to fame, money and power. But one can’t deny that a white lie without even a thought of it being a lie is  uttered time and again by our fellow men, women and youngsters alike. Some may claim it saves a relationship or eases out a situation in hand or that it just is much better to hear than the truth itself. Even telling the half truth or stretching the truth to make certain things look more interesting is tantamount to lying. The list however of these lies could go on forever, we all do it and we all do accept it. It is sort of like a natural human instinct. To also think of, sometimes these innocent lies make life more pleasant. They absorb all kinds’ friction that could probably exist as an undercurrent of our respective egos. Most of these lies also give us a vague yet a stretched out interpretation of what the truth could be. Given our rigid pessimism scratching over our liberal optimism, white lies sometimes cushion us for the better.  Sometimes it also takes away our faith in our fellow men, it shatters and knowing the truth becomes a mere assumption than conviction of a person. So let’s check out the top 10 most popular lies we face in our everyday lives.
10. I am fine/ I didn’t do it.

i am fine

Did anyone ask you how you are, when your eyes looked all swollen up and your face looked all pale and you answered, “I am fine”? Or did you bruise yourself all over, maybe even bleeding profusely from here and there and your parents asked you if everything was alright with you and you still said, ‘I am fine’. Then there you go, this is what I am talking about. You say it all the time and most of the time you don’t mean it. Even when a simple ‘How are you?’ is replied with the same phrase, you know it is a definite lie. Another one such common lie on the same lines is ‘I didn’t do it’. Even when you know there is no possible explanation to how it was done without you having had a hand in it, you would with much confident say, ‘I didn’t do it’. Obviously, you didn’t! Miracles do happen, doesn’t they?

9. I will be home in 5 minutes/ I am just struck in the traffic

i will be home in 5 minutes

Half an hour late for dinner reservations or caught up in an unexpected meeting, you just have to assure the paranoids at home that you would be home just in time, then I am not even guessing you have repeated this phrase as relay time and again. Coming back from a late night party and your parents keep calling you and ask you where you are and of course your patent reply is that you will be home in no time. Sometimes people even lie about the place they are at. It should probably take you ten minutes more to reach but you just slash it down to 5 and say,’ I will there in 5 minutes’. The easiest way to get away with this is, the unwanted and untraceable and easiest excuse of all, the traffic. No one is going to track you down using a GPRS, all they know is, you are in India and if there is one thing that could happen even without any natural calamity aiding it, it is the traffic.

8. Sorry I couldn’t take your call

Sorry! I couldnt take your call

No you can’t be busy or coincidentally be away or have the phone on charge every time your annoying friend/relative/stranger calls. If there is anything coincidences are not, they are not common. It can’t happen all the time that you become unavailable to take the call. It is simply because you just do not want to take the call. You didn’t want to get bored or were not in a mood to make conversation, so you let your phone flash for all the while and later you replied with an apology and a believable(or not so believable) excuse.

7. Thank you so much! I just love it.

Thank you so much. I just love it.

You just have to say it while receiving any sort of gift from any one, because saying that you do not like the gift will make you look like an insensitive jerk.  Everyone says it whether they have even given a thought about the fact if they like it or not, or will they use it or not, it is a like rote learned remark that squeezes out of the accompanying fake grin that you give when receiving gifts or presents on occasions and sometimes even without occasions.

6.  Oh yeah! That makes sense.

Oh yeah! That makes sense

No she/he made no sense to you while they talked for a good amount of time and you just either nodded with an agreement or said occasional ‘okays’ or ‘hmms’ to make it look like you are actually listening or seem even slightly interested in the ‘crap’ your friend is blabbering about. As they finish and they look at you waiting for you to make some remark or provide any better practical solution to their problem all you got to say is, ‘That makes absolute sense’. Why shouldn’t it? You are clueless of any option B that could even exist or an alternative to that not so great plan your friend just made.

5. Wow! You look great in that dress.

you look so great in that dress

You say this all the time, the word dress changes from shirt to shoes to earrings to everything that doesn’t look so nice yet the person is all ears to hear that compliment. Yes, that dress that she is wearing doesn’t go either with her shoe or you know she bought it from sale last season. Or sometimes you just too ignorant to notice or comment but of course you love the dress she is wearing. You don’t want to look like a person with rare attention to exquisite details now, do you? Let’s just say, saying that she/he looks great saves you from getting slapped physically or verbally that is. So say it. It doesn’t hurt anyone anyway.

4. I was not waiting for your call

I was not waiting for your call

There you go, the moment you answer the call for which you had stared at the phone long enough the first thing you ever say is, ‘I was not waiting for your call’.  You say it, you have heard it being said and you know that, that very phrase means just the opposite of it. Particularly happens with your significant other, if you had promised to call at a time and you couldn’t for some reason. More interestingly you met this stranger and exchanged numbers, then you just waited long enough for your phone to ring. When it finally buzzed and you picked it up at the very first go, that’s what you say, ‘I was not waiting for your call’. Like you haven’t made that obvious at all.

3. Don’t worry! It will be Okay!

Everything will be okay

Yes, don not worry because superman/fairy is coming to rescue you and take away your fears.  Sometimes you don’t need assurance, not all the time. You don’t want to be lied on your face telling you that everything will be okay when you know probably it won’t be. All things need not be okay to be okay. Worry is sometimes important, it keeps you prepared.

2. I will start my diet on Monday


You have made your diet chart, you have planned out your fitness regime, your trainer has been paid in advance and obviously this is not the first time you promised yourself that you will definitely start by this week itself.  This is by far the most popular lie you make not just to your friends and relatives but yourself alike.

1. I don’t lie

I do not lie

Needless to say, this wins hands down when it comes to the most popular lies in our everyday lives. If you say this, then you are being dishonest to yourself first. All of us have lied at least once in our lives, mostly for good. Sometimes even over taken by our evil side. Yes all of us have lied, admit it.


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