Top 10 Most Controversial Political Scandals Ever

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Politics has always been famous for controversies and scams in every coming year in all over the world.It has been now proven that politicians try to make their party work out corrupt practices through various ways which in an indirect way affect the people as well the government officials also become a part of their corrupt scandals at times. Sometimes due to their own mistakes they come into limelight of media making their own life miserable.There are some scandals which are considered to be world’s most remember able ones till today:



It was during the presidency of Warren Handing when this scandal took place as the biggest one in the history of United States. The Teapot Dome was an oil field located in Wyoming which was used by the U.S Navy. In the year 1922 the US secretary Albert.B.Fall accepted bribery in form of gifts and loans from the executives of Mammoth Oil and Pan American Petroleum in return for giving the rights of Teapot Dome without any competitive bids. The Wall street Journal was the first leading newspaper to publish and expose the bribery taken by Fall. In 1927, the Supreme Court after the investigation found him guilty in the case of bribery and penalized him with $100,000 as well jail for 1 year.
The president of US Harding in spite of not being involved directly had to suffer criticism about his administration being corrupt.



Mills was elected as the member of the House of Representatives in the year 1939 and served for 18 years till 1977 until he was involved in one of the controversial scandal when he was found with the Argentinian stripper Fanne Foxe in the back seat of his car. He was drunk and was stopped by the U.S park police but somehow Foxe fled away. Again in one more incident he was seen drunk together with Foxe. Following these scandals Mills had to resign from the post of Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee along with no permission of entering the political domain again.



President Ronald Regan of America on July 8 1985 declared Iran as the “confederation of terrorist states” but did not provide any information about his administration members selling their weapons to Iran secretly for releasing US hostages held in Lebanon by pro-Iranian terrorist groups. The profits being gained were being sold to Nicaragua to aid rebel forces named Contras thus been given the name of Iran-Conta Affair as the biggest scandal of Reagan’s reign.
After investigation, it was found that all this planning was carried out by the head of National Security Council Robert McFarlane for not approving to provide military aid and support to Iran by the U.S Government. Reagan created a Special Review Board to investigate the situation as he was misinformed, thus he was not found guilty.



Chen Shui Bian was a Taiwanese politician as well as Taiwan’s President for 8 years. But soon scandals started occurring under his leadership firstly when his son in law was accused for insider trading, followed with the charges of misappropriation and the forgery of political funds on her wife who transferred large amount of money to banks of different countries. Later even Bian himself was accused of misusing his authority which led to resignation of his post in 2008.
Six months later he got arrested for embezzling huge amount of public funds as well for taking bribes after which he and his wife got life imprisonment but with fine of $15 million their sentence was reduced to 20 yrs. But this marked an end to his political career.



Edward M.Ted Kennedy who was a member of U.S. Senate attended a meeting on 18 July 1969 in Massachusetts on Chappaquiddick island after which he left with 29 year old Mary Jo Kopechne, a specialist of political campaigning. While on the way to home, their car collided with a bridge and both of them drowned. Kennedy who was said to be an experienced swimmer in an interview said that he tried to save Mary but due to high tide could not do so. Therefore, he escaped from there leaving her dead. He tried to cover up the case by claiming that the incident himself shocked him but Kennedy was imprisoned for 2 months along with the cancellation of his driver’s license for a year.



One of the biggest political scandal of 1980’s and 1990’s where it was alleged that the Sweden firm Bofors AB paid large amount of kickbacks to the top Indian politicians including the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi as well as the key defense officials to seal the deal of selling artillery guns to Indian army.
As a tough action the then Defense Minister resigned over this issue and this caused a huge loss to Rajiv Gandhi as he lost the 1989 General elections due to lack of public support. The main middleman associated with this scandal was an Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi who was considered as a powerful broker between Indian government and business companies.
Despite all the controversy, the Bofors gun was extensively used as the crucial element artillery during the Kargil war with Pakistan giving India the status of “an edge” against Pakistan.



One of the most popular political scandal of Washington D.C when on 27 May 1972 U.S president Richard Nixon’s elections were in jeopardy his administrative officials were found breaking into the Democratic National Committee Headquarters in Watergate Hotel who wiretapped phones, fixed bugs, stole some documents and clicked photos of others. But the security guard informed the police after getting the hint when they again broke into on June 17 to fix the bug that stopped working after which 5 of them were arrested.
Nixon claimed that nobody from the White-House was involved in this scandal but through the video recordings the truth was revealed and it was found that Nixon himself authorized hush money to CIA agent Hunt. Therefore, Nixon was the first U.S President who had to resign from his post.



The 2G scandal involved the corrupt government officials and politicians in India who undercharged the mobile telephone companies with frequent allocation licenses in an illegal way such as Reliance, Swan telecom, who in turn used it to create 2G subscriptions for cell phones who in turn sold it to the third party to earn some amount of money. The exact shortfall between the money collected and money mandated by the law to be collected is highly disputable.
According to Kapil Sibal the “Zero Loss” was caused due to distribution of the 2G services on the first come first serve basis which meant that frequencies were not sold for less than cost. And the Supreme Court declared allotment of this spectrum as the arbitrary and unconstitutional” service and cancelled all the 122 licenses issued in 2008 during the term when A.Raja was the Minister of Communications and IT sector who was imprisoned along with the daughter of DMK leader M.Karunanidhi , corporate executives like Ravi Ruia , Shahi Chandra and others.
Bureaucrats Siddhartha Behura and R.K.Chandolia were put behind bars for being the main brain heads of the entire controversial scandal.



It is considered to be the most biggest political scandals of India. According to Comptroller and Auditing General the government allocated coal blocks in an illegal and inefficient manner to both the private and public firms between the year 2004-2009 and according to their the government had the authority to allocate those blocs in a competitive bidding but did not chose to do that.
The government led by Coal Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal denied of any imbalance in the allocation of coal blocs. The CBI named many Indian firms in the FIR claiming that bribery was involved in this whole scandal.



The commonwealth games was proven to be the most disastrous for India as well as International image. It was criticized because billions of dollars was spent on the sporting event. Other corrupt practices included during the games were delay in the games venue, lack in infrastructure, poor tickets sale etc.
It was later revealed that a high rate of corruption was involved in most of the CWG contracts.
Suresh Kalmadi who is a renowned politician and the former Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Commonwealth Games was accused for being the main culprit in this corruption practice and was immediately arrested in 2011 for providing illegal contracts to a Swiss firm for Timing Scoring Result (TSR) system for the CWG causing a huge loss of amount to the exchequer. But was released on bail in January 2012.
Following this he was thrown out of the post of President of the Indian Olympic Association as well as got suspended from the Indian National Congress.


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