Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

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The best answer to the question as to why do people do what they do can derived from the movie-‘The Great Debaters’. And the answer to the question is that people do what they have to do so that they can do what they want to do.

A list of the most dangerous jobs evolves from time to time in a society due to scientific and technological innovations but what remains constant is that there are always some jobs in the world along with the conventional jobs which always have sword of damocles hanging over their head. These descriptions of these jobs lists out activities, to be performed by whosoever takes up the job, that are spectacularly dangerous at best and positively fatal at worst. People are condemned or compelled to do these jobs not because that these jobs offer them an opportunity to liberate their creative energies but to be able to have a couple of square meals a day.

The nature of these jobs is such that the fatality rate per 100,000 can be as high as 120. While some amount of danger is always imminent in all kinds of jobs but some jobs are more dangerous than others. No matter how dangerous these jobs are, the reason why there is considerable number of people signing-up for these jobs is that people are sometimes lured by the high-paying nature of few of the job descriptions. However, another compelling reason can be that regardless of the countries in which people reside, developed or developing, there is no alternative for people to opt for. Here is a list of jobs that can be considered to be the 10 most dangerous jobs in the world in any form. This list is inclusive of both high-paying jobs as well as low-paying jobs. The list is in a particular order of increasing fatality rate every year.

10. Chauffeurs, Taxi Driver and Truck Drivers

taxi drivers

With the ever growing traffic on roads, comes the menace of road accidents. In this regard, the life of a taxi driver or a chauffeur is more miserable than anyone who is driving his/her personal vehicle. The number of people getting fatal injuries is very high in this job. The fatality rate per 100, 000 is close to 20 in this job making it find its place in the list of top 10 most dangerous jobs on earth. The risk factor for a truck driver is much more higher than a taxi driver not only because of the size of vehicle but also the nature of the job which keeps them up to work continuously for long hours in tough conditions.

9. Stuntman


We all share a feeling of awe for actors and actresses seeing them perform dangerous stunts in a movie or advertisement. In reality these stunts are performed by stuntmen. Even after the advent of technology in this field, this job is still regarded among the top most dangerous jobs in the world. The fatality rate in this job per 1000 is close to 3 making it even more potentially dangerous than any other job.

8. Roofers and Linemen

electric worker

The risk factor involved in the job of a power line installer or repairer is the risk of electrocution from the high voltage lines. Moreover, they are also at a high risk of falling due to high location of the power lines. The fatality rate in this job per 100, 000 is close to 33 as per an estimate. The risk involved in the job of a roofer are not any lesser than a lineman since a roofer is also constantly works at a high risk of fall more often than not lading to fatal injuries. The other risks involved in the job of a roofer are sun-strokes and severe sunburns.

7. Farmers and Ranchers


As much easy-going and peaceful, the job of a farmer or a rancher may sound but actually it isn’t that easy as it appears to be. This reason for dangerous nature of this job can be attributed to the employment of heavy machinery as well as the nature of the job which requires the farmers to work for long hours. Even after being the oldest profession in the world, technological advancements to bring down the risk factor in this job has always been a far cry. The potentially dangerous nature of this job is further compounded by weather-related risks, heavy machinery accidents, and  equipment failures.

6. Structural Iron and Steel Workers

iron and steel

People working in the structural Iron and Steel industry are always at a risk of falling from the very structures they build despite the fact that nowadays, the safety measures are in place. Although, the safety measure being in their place, the risk factor involved in this job is evident from the high fatality rate of this job. The fatality rate in this job per 100, 000 is close to 56. The tools used by structural iron and steel workers are also potentially dangerous in nature which further aggravates the risk involved in this job.

5. Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors


This job is yet to be given its credit for the amount of risks are very high and the people employed in this job are doing a great service to the society in maintaining the order in the society. An underestimate of the risk involved in this job will tell that the danger of inviting fatal injury is very high in this job because most of the deaths caused by getting hit by rash driving of motorists trying to pass trucks while the collection of garbage is still in progress.

4. Flying Engineers and Aircraft Pilots


The job of a pilot is more dangerous than others because of the responsibility that they carry on their shoulders and the risk that are inherent in their job. Although the financial prospects are very high in this job but the risks involved are far more dangerous in nature than they are assessed. It is no news that repetitious engine failures have more often than not resulted in crashes. The risks involved in the job of a test pilot who are required to test aircraft are far more than an ordinary aircraft pilot. And those pilots who work in rescue operations are more prone to dangers as they are required to work for long hours in very tough weather conditions. The fatality rate in this job per 100, 000 is as high as 78 as per an estimate.

3. Timber and Logging Workers


The prime responsibility of a timber cutter is to cut and transport trees. And the risk involved in this job is the falling of the tree on the timber and logging worker. The timber and logging workers are more prone to hazards as they are required to work under tough weather and geographical conditions. This is why the job of a timber and logging worker is regarded as twenty times more dangerous than an ordinary worker. The timber and logging workers are at constant risk of getting injured by heavy machinery and falling trees.

2. Military and Police Personnel


To use the words of Jack Nicholson from the movie-‘A few good men’, we live in a world that has walls and those walls need to be guarded by men with guns. Every state has defense as an essential component of its existence. As long as a man is standing beside a man, there will be conflicts, and when these conflicts are sought to be solved by violent means, the role of a military servicemen comes into the picture who does not think twice to sacrifice his life for the unity and integrity of his nation.

1. Fisherman


Ever thought why sea-food is so expensive? Yes, it is so because of the transportation costs but the more important reason is that deep-sea fishing is the most-dangerous job on this planet for the simple reason that the gravity hardships that a fisherman encounters cannot be over-stated. They are constantly at risk of drowning because of the unpredictable nature  of sea weather.


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