Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World

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Sports and games give us a sense of thrill and pleasure. But this had a different purpose altogether in the earlier times. Ever since the concept of sports have evolved, it has witnessed many transitions in the sense that during those times, games such as sword fighting and archery were played to train the soldiers for the purpose of practical arts of warfare. Even wrestling and boxing were done to train the soldiers for war fights. And no doubt, these sports suited their purpose well. But eventually, we have seen the change in the kinds of games and sports.

Nowadays, many new sports have emerged and with increase in the interest of people for sports, more and more bizarre kinds of sports can be seen coming up. Some people have taken it as their profession while others do it solely for entertainment purpose building it up as their hobby. Specially, media show casts all kinds of new opening sports and the eager chaps leave no opportunity to grasp them. Decades ago, it had basically to do with physical and mental fitness. Now with the emergence of industrial and technological development, we see paragliding, parachute-diving, to name a few, which seem reckless.The young and energetic finds the involvement of thrill and action by trying out such stuff with huge excitement. These sports and a few others often prove dangerous to players, leaving them with broken bones and even they might have to pay the cost with their lives.

Mentioned below is a list of some of these deadly sports.

10. Horse riding-


Sounds exciting and intriguing, right? Horse riding looks really elegant. Well, horse riding can be traced back to earliest human civilizations. People were being trained to ride a horse and they mastered this art, which deemed to be essential. Even we know that battles were fought on riding horses. It was and still is believed, that those who own and ride a horse belongs to a rich and aristocratic family. Horse riding was believed to be all purposeful, like it was used for recreational activities, cultural exercises and also for transportation. But the purpose has taken  a new shape and dimension overtime making a space in competitive sports like polo, horse races, horse jumping, etc. Although it is fun riding one, it cannot be considered to be a safest sport. Horses are well trained for various sports and undoubtedly they can be well tamed but this is not always the case.They too become aggressive at times for certain reasons or the players lose balance while on a horse and get themselves injured. There are many incidents that reflect people being killed by falling off a horse’s back while playing. Even it can prove fatal on various occasions.

9. Cheerleading-


Do you enjoy seeing the cheerleaders cheerleading at a cricket stadium during a cricket match when the ball hits a four or a six? Well, pretty girls in pretty attires are there to entertain us. Cheerleading is a physical activity which contains elements such as dancing, jumping, tumbling, stunting etc to cheer audiences up at any sports event for a sports team. Cheerleading originated in the United States and had spread across the world. However, along with cheering people up, it brings in great risk with it. The stunts performed by them are quite vulnerable to injuries and one wrong move may yield in physical injuries not only to one girl but also the ones near her. The risks of cheerleading was highlighted when a cheerleader named Kristi Yamaoka, from Southern Illinois University, fractured her vertebra after hitting her head by falling off from a human pyramid.

8. Football-


Now you might wonder as how can football be listed under the category of dangerous sports. Well, let me tell you that this is a game that should not be seen or overlooked as another pillow-fighting activity. Football may seem to be an entertaining sport but did you ever think of the hazards involved? From what I have learnt, it requires great physical strength more so as to kick off a car. The ball used in this game is quite heavy and while the players are engrossed into making a goal, they usually don’t see their opponents or team players running behind them often resulting into a collision that might lead to a severe physical injury. Even there are reports of incidents where accidents such as a broken ankle take place. You will see ambulances and stretchers lined off field and at least 3-4 injured players are being carried away during the game. Injuries during a football match also include concussions, and muscle pulling which can keep you in the hospital for good weeks.

7. Motorcycle racing-

motorcycle race

Motorcycle biking or racing is one of the famous sports of today. We find youngsters taking in great leap of interest in riding heavy bikes and doing all kinds of actions. Their life seems to be revolving around new branded bikes and all they need is an opportunity to start off with a motor race. Despite of being a famous sport, it is highly dangerous. Professional bike racers require to race on various kinds of tracks that are definitely not easy and furnished. There are different kinds of motor cycle racing a few of which demands racing on rugged hilly surface with rocks and trees, riding from a high slope, roads with cone-shaped caps places to create a twisting way and even providing bikers with bugs on their windscreen. And all the while, they need to maintain the balance at an extremely high speed rate. Such a race proves fatal and is pretty disastrous causing several physical injuries.

6. Cave diving-

cave diving

Imagine yourself diving inside a water cave with narrow passage, no visibility, short of air supply, big rocks blocking your way along with some wild aquatic creatures with a cold temperature and you being suffocated. Breathless already? Creepy too, isn’t it? I bet you would never get yourself trapped in such a situation. But surprisingly, there are people or we can call them underwater divers, who, for the sake of exploring the unexplored nature, dive in deep inside a cave despite of all the hazards. Such water-filled caves mostly attract scuba divers, cavers and speleologists. The equipments involve scuba equipments and sometimes all they do is hold on to their breaths!! Any emergency inside and they immediately cannot swim out vertically to the surface due to physical obstructions like cave ceilings.They usually dive thousand feet deep beyond the reach of sunlight. It is an extremely dangerous sport and can be fatal to one’s life. Many accidents have been reported as such.

5. Big wave surfing-


Big wave surfing seems fascinating. It’s more of a thrilling sensation until waves smash you. This wave surfing is usually performed by experienced surfers who paddle into or are towed into waves which are 50 ft high, huge enough to destroy a village. The surfers surf on surfboards known as “guns” or tow boards and the size of surf boards vary depending upon the technique a surfer uses to reach the wave and also on the size of the wave. You will enjoy surfing on such monstrous waves until a big wipeout breaks and pushes you down 20-50 ft below the surface. A surfer has to find his way up within 20 seconds before a second wave knocks him out. Usually, the water pressure at a depth of 20-50 ft is strong enough to destroy your eardrums and get you drowned. You may also get slammed against a rock or the ocean floor and get injured.

4. Street luging-


A person gliding down the road on a skate board with high speed can be pleasing to eyes for viewers like us but ever wondered what great risk is involved behind such a deadly sport? Street luging! That’s what is it called. It is an extreme gravity-powered activity which requires riding on a street luge board down a pavement. Street luge is also known as land luge or road luge. In this particular sport, the players lie down supine on the luge and start to roll down the street. Now this sounds total fun. But also think about the eventual acceleration of speed with collapsing time and the “zero” provision of applying brakes at all !! A slight collision with any impediment on the way and you get fractured bones, to say the least.

3. Base jumping-

base jump

Base jumping can also be mockingly called as “attempted suicide”. It is a total reckless and bizarre kind of a sport. The word BASE is an acronym for four objects from which one can jump off- Buildings, Antennas, Spans and Earth. Jumpers jump off from any of these four objects of very high altitude and this requires great nerve control and a big strong heart. Not anyone and everyone can do base jumping. There seems to have no aid apart from a hand-parachute which is also an important factor behind jumping, the main concern being what if the parachute does not open. Scoring here does not matter. What matters is who does not DIE and the one who lives becomes the winner. If unfortunately the jumpers happen to fall, expected results are broken bones and death. According to Harry Parker of the International PROBASE Circuit, at least 5-15 people die each year and so this sport is illegal almost everywhere.

2. Bull riding-


A wild bull and a player on its back struggling to get control but ultimately gets hurled 10 ft away into the air by the bull’s big jerk and the player falls face down and trying to get up with the aggressive bull still approaching. Seems scary! But that’s a famous sport. Bull riding usually refers to rodeo sports where the rider is expected to remain mounted on a large bull while it tries to buck off the rider. Bull riding directs its root in Mexico and is a variant of bull fighting in which the rider literally rides a bull to death. According to the American tradition, the rider must stay up mounted for 8 seconds with one of his hands being fastened with a braided rope tied around the bull’s flank. This sport is so dangerous that it has been called as the “most dangerous 8 seconds in sports”. It causes severe physical injuries and a few accidents show individual’s death.

1. Heli skiing-

heli skiing

People can go to any extent to enjoy the thrill of one of the most expensive and deadly sports in the world- Heli Skiing. It’s a kind of sport which involves a downhill skiing on snow-capped mountains that is accessed by a helicopter unlike a ski lift. Heli skiing is basically about skiing in a selected environment and the skiers prefer to ski in pleasurable conditions which although are difficult to figure out as the whole terrain remains snow-filled. It carries with it great risk. Some skiers prefer spots that are isolated from crowd and close to avalanches involving effortless powdered snow-caps to the most difficult snow possible, that is, breakable wind crust. The conditions vary from run to run depending upon wind and solar aspects. The mountain terrain is diverse where the heli skiing takes place. Though it seems breathtaking and beautiful along with the untold thrill, yet it is extremely dangerous and a little off balance can lead to accident. Many such accidents in the recent past have led to the deaths of the skiers.


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