Top 10 Most Famous Celebrity Marriages till date

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Celebrity marriages, without doubt, have become one of the most publicized events in virtually every country with a considerably popular celebrity pool. With major world newsletters like Huffington post and Telegraph giving an entire section to the coverage of high society celebrity weddings, one can only imagine the reactions and the snoopy interests of a commoner. With pre-wedding activities to the post wedding plans, celebrity marriages are put under the dissecting lens of the public to thrash or be wooed with. Here are the Top Ten Most Famous Celebrity Marriages that made the world swoon with its high society glamor or the lack thereof. Marriages are no exception to the fan-bases, especially in recent times when the celeb culture has come to influence the popular culture. It’s hardly shocking that thousands of couples across the world look up to the famous celebrity couples when it comes to sketching their own wedding plans. Although, such marriages have received heavy criticism from a minor audience across the globe for many take the position that the divorce rates are indeed unusually high among celebrities and that this is caused by faults within Hollywood as a culture or by personal faults of the celebrities themselves. They point to the usage of weddings as publicity stunts, the egotism or immaturity of celebrities or “celebrity culture”, and high rates of infidelity or promiscuity. However, not all celebrity couples are destined to break up. In fact, quite a number of A-list stars revel in having a happy marriage to their longtime partner. Here are the ten household names in the world.

10. Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick.

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick

This couple is one of the most private in Hollywood, and many speculate that this is how they keep their relationship healthy. No need to let prying eyes and cameras into it. In a rare mention of her personal life, Sarah Jessica Parker told Marie Claire last fall that she and Matthew “don’t talk about our marriage a lot, which is probably wise. There are so many other things in our lives that take precedence over the splitting of the atom of our marriage.” Seems like they don’t pry into their marriage too much themselves either!


9. Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks

Most of us know actor Tom Hanks from his blockbuster movies, ranging from comedies such as Big and Forrest Gump to dramas including The DaVinci Code and Saving Private Ryan. Ironically, it was during the filming of one of his lesser-known films, Volunteers that he started a relationship with co-star Rita Wilson. These two are one of Hollywood’s staple couples. If anyone else on the list fell apart tomorrow, everyone would be like, “Eh, well that’s Celebrities for you.” Rita and Tom always seemed to defy that sentiment; they seem more down to earth and incapable of existing without the other. They make it work because they’re soulmates! Tom has said about Rita: “The woman I share my life with has taught me and demonstrates to me every day just what love is.” And Rita has said about Tom: “My husband and I would marry each other knowing what we know now.”


8. Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf

Tennis stars Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf have struck game, set and match in their relationship and are still happily married nearly ten years after tying the knot. The couple who are both out of the game professionally but still play in charity and exhibition matches, married in October 2001 just four days before Graf gave birth to Jaden who was six week premature. They had got together after both winning the 1999 French Open and dancing together at the winners’ ball. The German native won 22 singles titles combined at Wimbledon, the French Open, U.S. Open and Australian Open and took part in 56 Grand Slam events.


7. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

It has been a bumpy road for these two love birds, after parting ways in 2011 they came back together headstrong, and decided to tie the wedding knots in 2012. Since then Jessica has been spilling the beans on how their bond has changed since the pair tied the knot. And though she’s sure the couple’s relationship is different, she can’t quite put her finger on how.  “It’s funny. It feels like nothing’s changed and yet everything’s changed. It’s kind of that intangible thing you can’t quite put your finger on.” While this is what the sexyback singer husband has to say about his serenade as the Bride walked down the aisle, “I figured if there was something I was going to be able to offer, it would be to sing her down the aisle. Grown men were weeping. Hopefully it’s because I didn’t sound bad.”


6. Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z

After six years of will-they-or-won’t-they speculation, celebrity power couple Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z finally tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony at Jay-Z’s New York apartment. She’s the most powerful woman in R&B (possibly the world), he’s the most powerful man in hip-hop (possibly the world), and they have the paychecks to prove it. They topped Forbes’ Richest Couples list for the first time in 2008, raking in an estimated $162 million. It was also the year they wed in secret after eight years together. Is anyone surprised that Beyoncé Knowles once admitted that her marriage to Jay-Z can be a “power struggle”? We aren’t.


5. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

Yes, he’s 25 years her senior, and though their relationship had been the subject of hushed whispers and tabloid speculation for several years, when Catherine Zeta-Jones married Michael Douglas, it was a classy, beautiful affair. The $1.5 million wedding took place at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, which was filled with 20,000 cream-colored roses for the event. A 40-person Welsh choir sang during the ceremony, and Jimmy Buffett, Gladys Knight, Bonnie Tyler and Art Garfunkel provided entertainment during the reception.


4. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Married since December 2003, the couple became known for attempting to never be photographed together in public and rarely talking about their relationship. “When two people throw in the towel at the same time, then you break up, but if one person’s saying, “come on, we can do this”, you carry on.” Paltrow said that she and Martin, 36, still laugh together and are “good friends”. “I’m a very grounded, homey person and Chris is a very mad scientist, genius songwriter,” she said.


3. Victoria and David Beckham

Often accused of being obsessed with money and celebrity status Beck & Posh manage to beat all the odds when it comes to their relationship. David on meeting Victoria in November 1996: “My wife picked me out of a soccer sticker book. And I chose her off the telly … It felt straight away like we’d always been meant to be together.” Most of the media were kept away from the intimate ceremony that included 29 close friends and family members as an exclusive deal with OK! Magazine had been arranged, but photographs were released showing Victoria, then 25, and David, then, 24, sitting on golden thrones on a raised platform with the couple’s four month old son Brooklyn’s crib at their side.


2. Prince William and Catherine Middleton

When Prince Charles married Lady Diana in 1981, it confirmed what everyone had long suspected: The royal dating pool was as limited as ever. Sure, a young lady from a common background could attract royal attention, but any prospective future queen would have to come from a royal bloodline. A generation later, however, Charles and Diana’s eldest son, William, upended that prudish tradition when he proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton. Middleton is beautiful, glamorous and not at all royal. Wills and Kate enjoyed an eight-year courtship after meeting at St Andrews University.


1. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

In the summer of 1989, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson heard the stories of a sharp intern named Barack Obama who’d just finished his first year at Harvard law. “I thought, this is probably just a Black man who can talk straight. That’s why they’re excited about him,” Michelle said to supporters in a speech. Then he took her to church basements and she saw him in action. “He was able to articulate a vision that resonated with people, that was real. And right then and there, I decided this guy was special. The authenticity you see is real, and that’s why I fell in love with him.” Michelle and Barack became husband and wife on October 18, 1992. As they continued their historical bid to the white house with Barack Obama’s presidential run, Michelle has been seen continuously encouraging and supporting his way through. And today, as the president and the first lady of the United States of America, they continue to be a source of inspiration for millions across the globe.


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