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Human Body is designed in such way that it is inevitable to avoid sickness and falling ill. Our ancient legends believed that it is because human need to remember God and how else will he remember God other than the times of his sickness and trouble. Well, as funny it sounds, the good part of Gods creation is he also created humans with brains which works in an extraordinary way, and he invented various methods and medicines to treat diseases and illness. But nothing comes easy and one need to know what medicine and procedure have to be followed to treat a patient with particular illness and one need to study about it. Doctors are the people who study about in depth of human body, illnesses and different ways of treatments. Although there are many doctors in this world, not all doctors are the best. There are different specializations when one studies the medicine and the study of each part of our human body is named under individual specialization.

There are many different specializations in medicine and each have thousands of doctors in America alone. Some of the top doctors of America with different specialization, which we see most common in daily lives and which are most important are,

10. Dr. Scott. M. Aaronson

Specialization: Plastic Surgeon


One of the top plastic surgeon, Dr. Aaronson is the most renowned surgeon who has won the title as the top doctor in his profession from 2005 to till date. Dr. Aaronson is one of the best and most of his patients feel comfortable with him and are more confident with his expertise.

Dr. Scott graduated magna cum laude from the university of Miami and he did his general surgery residency in California, Irvine and plastic surgery residency at St. Joseph Hospital in Houston. In the year 1998, he constructed his own clinic in Palm Springs and since then one can consult him there. He performs different surgeries such as face lifts, eye lifts, brow lifts, tummy tucks, breasts procedures, laser resurfacing, and liposuction.

9. Dr. Carter. G. Abel

Specialization: Dermatologist


Our skin is one of the sense organ and the most sensitive organ in our body. Skin is a an upper layer which protects the inner parts such as the veins, blood, bones etc from getting in contact with the direct nature. It protects us from various temperatures as well, be it cold or hot. While the skin also protects, it is also one of the reason for beauty. There are various things one can have problems with skin and which are mainly caused due to the changes inside the body. A dermatologist is a doctor who treats and gives solution to any problems relating to skin.

Dr. Carter. G. Abel is one of the most famous and recognized doctor in his profession as a skin doctor, and many of his peers also recommend him. Dr. Abel is a board certified dermatologist and a Moh’s surgeon and also an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York and is located in Annandale since 2003.The Abel dermatology, is a private practice of Dr. Abel, which specializes and treats in skin condition for cancer, cosmetic rejuvenation, and many other skin related issues. Dr. Abel went to medical school in Georgetown University School of Medicine and did his internship in St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. Graduated cum laude from Princeton University. Since the year 1998, Dr. Abel has been the Assistant Editor to the the magazine Cutis which is a based on dermatology, circulated and the best in the field all over the world. Dr. Abel specializes in skin cancer surgery and procedural dermatology relating to aging process.

8. Dr. Mona. M. Abaza

Specialization: ENT- Otolaryngologist


An otolaryngologist is commonly referred as the ENT specialist who treats problems relating to ear, nose, throat and head and neck. Ear, nose and throat are those organs which is most important to us. Due to various problems and infections, these organs gets infected causing a lot of pain and disorder. An ENT specialist is an ideal person to give solution for any problems relating to these organs. Dr. Abaza specializes in Adenoidectomy, Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, esophagoscopy, Nasal Airway surgery, Rhinoplasty, thyroidectomy, tonsillectomy, tracheostomy. Dr. Abaza finished medical education from University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. She is been recognized by the Healthgrades. Dr. Abaza stays in Aurora Ct.

7. Dr. Mark. F. Aaron

Specialization: Cardiologists


Our heart is one of the most important organ in our body and because of which we live. The heart pumps out blood to various organs helping them to function properly. A cardiologist is a person who treats the problems relating to heart and blood vessels. Dr. Mark. F. Aaron is an MD and FACC in cardiology who works in St. Thomas Hospital, Nashville. Dr. Aaron is considered as one of the best cardio specialist who treats and gives the best solutions to his patients. His specialties are advanced heart failure and transplant cardiology, cardiovascular diseases, and special expertise in diagnostic catheterization. The doctor is fluent in German and Spanish.

6. Dr. Corrie T. M. Anderson

Specialization: Pediatric Anesthesiologist


There are certain surgeries which requires the patient to be unconscious, due to which the doctors can perform the surgery. An anesthesia specialist is one such doctor who puts a patient into temporary sleep, and although it might seem like a much simple work, its one of the most difficult job. A wrong anesthetic diagnose can result in many malfunction of the body organs and sometimes can also result in death. Hence the doctor should know his job well, before he pierces a needle into a patient.

Dr. Anderson is one of the best anesthesiologists and with his expertise he became the director of pediatric anesthesiology program and also the founding director of the UCLA Pediatric Pain Medicine Program. He has worked on various things and his core work is on the pain management. On a personal information Dr. Anderson is also a regional director of girls soccer.

5. Dr. A. Reese Abright

Specialization: Child and Adolescent psychiatrist

Children are the most vulnerable among the entire human clan and they need special care and attention. Most of us are in an illusion thinking that children may not have much worries or they do not have problems. But they too have problems and worries depending on their age. Sometimes the environment in which they live or the people around them can also be a reason for any issues. For example divorce among parents, abusive neighbor or a teacher in school, a bully child in class, etc. Adolescent is one such difficult phase for a child because of various changes happening in the body as well as in mind. Hence a child psychiatrist is one such doctor who can help your child having any issues of depression and other mental related problems.

Dr. A, Reese Abright is considered to be one of the best in his profession and so far there are many patients with promising results who have consulted him. Graduated in the year 1973, University of Texas Southwestern Medical center at Dallas, he moved on to provide the best care to young children with problems. His special expertise are in ADD/ ADHD, anxiety disorders, and mood disorders. He sees his patients in Elmhurst Hospital Center.

4. Dr. Khalid Abbed

Specialization: Neurosurgeons


Yet another important part of our body are our nerves, without them its impossible to live. Neurology is a study of everything relating to nerves in our body, and these nerves are connected to every parts. A neurosurgeon is the one who takes care of critical surgeries relating to problems with neurology.

Dr. Khalid Abbed is one such doctor who specializes in Spine surgery. He is a board certified as one of the best and a fellowship trained. Dr. Abbed is an assistant professor of neurosurgery and the Chief of Spine Surgery at the department of Neurosurgery’s, Co-Director YNHH Spine Center and also Director of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery at Yale. He is born and raised in Illinois. Being first in his medicine class, he was elected for admission into Alpha Omega Alpha. He is recognized with many awards and honored and his research interests include many clinical trials, outcomes studies, and his innovations in spine surgery.

3. Dr. Fouad . M. Abbas

Specialization: Obstetrician/Gynecologic Oncologists


Gynecology is a profession relating to disease and hygiene of woman and all the problems related to her body. A woman has so many different problems which are not seen in the men body, as her body is entirely different of men. A gynecologist studies about the various changes which happens in a woman body from the time of puberty to her menopause and the every changes in between which can cause a lot many problems.

Fouad . M. Abbas is one such doctor who has also specialized in the area of obstetrician and gynecologic oncology. Oncology is a study of cancer. Although the doctor is best in his profession, he is also a best teacher of the same subject. He teaches in Johns Hopkins University. Having completed his Ph. D in the subject he is an excellent teacher to his students. He is also Director of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology in Sinai Hospital. He makes monthly visits to The Memorial Hospital, Easton where he consults with Shore Health System physicians and treats their patients. He has received multiple awards for its excellence and outstanding performance in the patients recovery.

2. Dr. Myles. B. Abbott

Specialization: Pediatrician


Childhood is one of the difficult phase in any human growing ages, both for a parent as well as the child. Until the age where the child can understand what is good and what is bad, it is the responsibility of the parent to make sure their child is free from illness. But how much ever one tries, its impossible to stop them from infections be it small or big. The sad part of it is, they do not have the immunity to fight against much deadlier diseases. Hence Pediatrician is one such doctor who is needed all over the world. A pediatrician is a doctor who treats any kind of problems relating to a child development and who diagnosis the child growth.

Dr. Abbot is considered to be one of the best pediatrician in Berkeley, California. He went to medical school at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and was graduated in 1972. His patients and his peers consider him excellent in the practice. He has got about 41 years of experience. He is affiliated to the Children Hospital and Research Center in Oakland, CA.

1. Dr. William Abdu

Specialization: Orthopedic Surgeon


Human body is made up of bones and every bone is connected to each other as joints. An orthopedic doctor treats a patient concerned with problems relating to spine and joints.

Dr. Abdu is one of the best orthopedic surgeon who has an excellent result of his surgeries. He is a Director of The Spine Center. He completed his undergraduate studies in biology at Boston University and his medical degree at Tufts University in 1985. Followed by internship and training in orthopedic at DHMC in 1990 and fellowship in spine surgery at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio in 1991. He has invented many methods to treat the spine related problems and he is the principle investigator of the SPORT trial.


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