Top 10 Most Hilarious April Fool Prank

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We all have some fond memories of our notoriously cherished April fool’s day. The earliest ever record of April fool’s day celebrations dates back to 1392 when Geoffrey Chaucer in his collection of stories “Canterbury Tales” made an ambiguous reference about the 1st April with foolishness. The day is lionized by playing mischievous pranks and practical jokes on people and it’s all about having a good laugh. It’s like your yearly get-out-of-jail-free card to act impish without making people angry. As a child, I used to mix some vinegar in my water bottle before going to school and then I would offer it to my friends. Oh I still can’t forget their incalculable expressions! Mine was a pretty childish trick but here I have made a list of the best April fool pranks off all times.

10. Spare the change

Jim Shively

This prank is rather old but a classic one and still works. I have named it “Spare the Change”. Get some coins that you don’t mind to spare and superglue them on the sidewalk or any spot that has a lot of people walking around. People will spot the coin and try to pick it up but a aoh, it’s super glued! And you will watch them break their nails trying to detach the coin! Instead of sticking it you can also tie a long thread to the coin and every time somebody tries to pick it, pull it a little. Make sure you use a nylon thread which works as invisible ones. Where some people will try picking the coin once and after failing will move on but some others might just refuse to give up, giving you entertainment for few more minutes.


 9. Messing with “Word”

prank your sibling

Do you have a sibling who always sprinkles water on your face after having a hand wash? Well, I have. And I know how annoying it is especially when you have your glasses on and you are forced to clean them every 2 hours. So now it’s time to get even and that too without your mom’s scolding. This prank works for Microsoft word and if your bro or sis uses Word a lot then this will be a fun trick. So open the program and turn on the “auto-correct” settings. Now tamper with the dictionary and add intricate words like “idiosyncratic” which will appear  every time he or she types a simple word like idle. You can furthermore meddle with it so that every time your sibling types his or her name, it gets transformed into “Captain Jelly Beans” or some equally funny moniker. I’m turning mine into “Pokemon Pirate”.


8. Prank texting

prank your bff

Next time when you are with your best friend at a café or an eating joint, send them to get a couple of tissues for you so that they leave their phone unattended. And with the first chance you get, slide in their phone, go to contacts and change the name linked with your number to some amusing cartoon character, like sponge bob or if they are a Harry Potter fan then how about Voldemort?! Later send them ridiculous texts from your phone and they will be stumped to see a message from Voldemort asking them for Unicorn blood! If your friend knows your number by heart then this may work only for first few minutes. But if they don’t, you are going to have a gala time fooling them!


7. Wormy apples

prank your kids

This practical joke can look a bit creepy but it is a fun idea to prank your little ones. After all they get mischievous all the time, now it’s your turn. While packing tiffin box for your kids’ school, get a few gummy worms and poke them carefully into their fruits, preferably in the apples. Hand them over their tiffin box and send them to school. When your kids will open the box and start eating the apple, they will be aghast to find a worm. It becomes even more horrific when they find a half-eaten worm!


6. Cut it Out

prank your neighbours

We all love our neighbours, though sometimes they make us go nuts. But this is the time for some fun. Visit a novelty or a party store and get some life size cardboard cut-outs of celebrities. Place these cut outs at a number of spots in their lawn from where they are easily visible. Now get a pack of popcorn or a video camera for yourself and take up a seat at your window. When your neighbour will wake up and look out of their window or get outside to grab the morning newspaper they will find Barack Obama or maybe Brad Pitt peering at them!


5. Blow talcum

prank your girl

This is another classic which became viral online through a YouTube video. But do consider your girl’s temper before trying this. WARNING: Not advisable for cranky girlfriends. Otherwise you are on your own buddy! Get some baby powder and put it into your girl’s blow dryer and wait for her to take a shower and dry her shampooed hair. She will point the dryer towards her head, turn on the switch and woah! Your beautiful girlfriend just got a powdered makeover. Now RUN!


4. Stinky deodorant

prank your man

Ok! I’m not advising you to do this either but if you do, do it on your own risk. When your husband or your boyfriend goes for a shower, pick up his stick deodorant and trowel some upper part from the stick. Replace it with cream cheese, moulding it look like the original product. Make sure it looks just like the original stick. He will have no idea that his favorite deodorant is going to make him stink for the whole day. Also now you don’t need to worry about his attractive female colleagues getting too close to him!


3. Bubble wrap on toilet seat

prank you roomie

This prank is strictly for your roommate and trying it on your family members might just turn out a bit awkward. You will need some bubble wrap and adhesive tape for this one. And also you need to wake up early (yes I know, it is a task in itself!) or you can do this during the night too. So get some bubble wrap and tape it carefully underneath the toilet seat. Now place the seat back and then wait for your victim to rise up and and go do their morning business. While your roomie enter the bathroom still in half sleep, when she sits, the loud pop while surely take her by surprise and is sure to set her wide awake and possibly with her pants yet not pulled up! Told you, don’t try with family.


2. Confetti in car

prank your dad

This prank is quite similar to the blow dryer one but less dramatic. And can make your dad really angry. You must have seen those annoying confetti pieces that are used to put in balloons and party poopers and then they mess up the whole room? You are going to need those. Get a funnel or you can make one using a circular paper and folding it twice into halves. Stick the end of the funnel into the vents on the driver side and pour in the confetti. Now make sure the fan is on max! and turn off the car. The next morning when your dad will put in his keys and turn on the car, he will get drenched in glitters and paper bits.


1. Toilet paper roll poop

prank your colleague

This one is the grossest yet the most uproarious prank I have seen so far. And it’s called the “Toilet paper roll poop”. The name must have implied its filthiness. All you need is an empty toilet paper roll. So get the roll and put it in a sink. Turn on the water and let it remain soaked till it becomes dark brown and slightly soft. Rip the wet roll into small pieces and mould the pieces with water giving a real poop like look. You can also make “poop” with some chocolate (dark chocolate works best). Get it in a microwavable container and keep it in the microwave for 25 seconds. Take out the chocolate and mould it anyway you want. Keep this poop on a toilet seat or an office chair and watch your victim assimilating the filthiest shock of their lives! Just don’t try it with your boss, you may get fired!


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