Top 10 Most Lawless Countries in World

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It is because of the law that a man would think thrice before committing a murder, it is because of the law that he would think before he robs a bank or assault anyone. Basically it is the religion which tells us the difference between good and bad but technically it is the enforcement of the law which stops the person from doing bad. There are many countries who managed to reach the skies which their hard work & determination and there are countries which are accelerating towards their destruction. Both kinds of countries are blessed with equal resources yet their productivity is not same. One very big reason is the implementation of justice in the state, the rules should be same for every citizen and every citizen of the state has no other choice but to follow them.

Truth and lie exist with equal ratio, similarly good and bad does. If the there are peace makers in this world and then there are people who are the peace breaker. If there are people who create law then there are people who oppose the creation of law. If there are people who follow the laws then there are people who do not follow the rules. These people when gathered on the large scale are the ones who are responsible for the destruction or the downfall of a nation or a country. They refuse to follow the rules just for the sake of their own personal benefit. There are countries where the law and order situation is very weak; this is because of these kinds of people. So the top ten most lawless countries in world are:


10. Venezuela:

Venezuela is another of the lawless countries in world, a major problem in Venezuela is the crime rate which is 57 %. This country is also known as the most lawless country in South America. The security is not at all available for the citizens, also there is shortage of food and the food which is available is of very high prices. Venezuela can be a very health and blooming country is its leadership remains in the right hand which of course is not at the moment.


9. Brazil:

The people of Mexico are very much into drugs, people are often found unconscious in the alleys and there is no law to stop them. Also fights between difference groups are very common. The killing rate is very high; uncountable innocent people die every die. There are no forces to stop them.

8. Iraq:

When a country is on the state of war then it is not possible for tranquility to make home there and without harmony no law can be implemented. The situation in Iraq is not clear, people are still dying and the situation keeps getting worse. Saddam Hussein was the leader of the country but after his death there is no one to support the country.

7. Burundi:

Burundi is among the five poorest countries in world and it has world’s lowest per capita GDP in world. This country has no proper laws for anything and it has been through violence for many decades. This country has seen many civil wars and ethical violence. The health rate is very poor among the citizens, people are suffering terribly from HIV and AIDS but no proper medications are available, the people are fighting for the basic necessities such as food and shelter. The government is of no use at all as they are not taking any responsibility.

6. Congo:

In Congo there is no one to setup the law and order, most of the statesmen are not willing to take responsibility of the state, all they care for is their own monetary benefits. A very major obstacle on the country’s way to peace is the fact that Congo is home to people belonging to many tribes and ethnic groups. Congo is victim of genocide between different groups as well as corruption which leave the country in the state of destruction. There is absolutely no security for the women, the rape rate is very high, also access to health care is not available for the citizens.

5. Afghanistan:

The biggest problem in Afghanistan is the strong hold of Taliban; they have their own way of dealing with problems and their own way of solving it. The dilemma is not this that the Taliban are winning Afghanistan but it is that the government is losing. Poverty is a very prominent factor, drug trafficking is no big deal in Afghanistan. The rate of growth and intake of opium is very high and there is no one who has the will to stop it, neither the government nor the Taliban. Women rights are worth a penny there, women are forced into marriage, abused, raped and even soled.

4. Pakistan:

Pakistan is the country which is a victim of terrorism, racism and dirty politics. There is no law and order situation in this country and police officers are very easy to bribe. If anything bad happens to a person when it becomes very difficult for him to report it in a police station and even if he does then the police officers will never take any action and if by any chance the case reaches the court then you have to spend the rest of your life paying your weekend visit to the court room because no decision is ever likely to come. Also treachery is very common, people easily get deceived. There is no security for the citizens, cell phones & car snatching is very common here, people get kidnapped and then murdered but there is no one to ask the culprits. Human and woman rights are worth zero in this country.

3. Brazil:

Brazil also tops the list when it comes to lawlessness. There is no proper law or system for anything in Brazil, there is no proper educations because most of the teachers are either on strikes or the rate of education is very low. Pollution is another problem, most of the rivers and environment are polluted and safe drinking is not available. Social injustice is at its peak, robberies and assaults are very common. There is no equality as most of the people are poor and only few are rich which leaves the citizen in the state of social inequality.

2. Somalia:

Somalia is a country in Africa, nearly all the countries of this continent are in terrible condition but Somalia has crossed all the boundaries when it comes to lawlessness.  Poverty, hungers, gangs wars are all very common things in Somalia. Somalia does not follow the modern law and order system and relies on its ancient rules, a group of the elder men of the area gather to discuss the problem and they present the solution, there are no fixed punishments for crime. Also you can get away with a murder by giving 100 camels to the opposite party. Stealing has reached its peak, other countries are openly stealing Somalia’s resources such fishes etc yet there is no one to ask. Heavy wastes of nuclear remains are thrown into the sea. People very easily grow drugs here and sell it. The country is in the state of anarchy and is in terrible need of help.

1. Colombia:

Africa is even though renowned for poverty & lawlessness but Colombia is now leading ahead of Africa. Also known as the lawless land, Colombia is home to socio-political violence, poverty, deprivation of rights. Education is not access able, nor the health care system. Social conflicts and inequality easily points toward the lawlessness in this state. Also due to this lawlessness there is no security available to the citizens when it comes to their lives, lands ad rights. Poverty is at such high peak that most of the people are living below the poverty line.


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  1. Corey

    July 28, 2013 7:55 am

    Not a bad list, compared to others I’ve seen, but it is problematic. First, no clear metrics are available to determine whether country X should be ranked before or after country Y – lawlessness takes different forms. Additionally, some countries have wide variation in rule of law with some regions being relatively stable and regulated and other regions of the same country existing with virtually no government control (Pakistan is a perfect example).

    I won’t argue much given the subjectivity here, but I believe any list on lawlessness that does not place Somalia first is automatically incorrect: Somalia is the paradigmatic example of a failed state, a state de jure but not de facto. Somalia hasn’t had an official government for more than 15 years (until roughly a year ago). The new, official Federal Government of Somalia barely controls parts of the capital Mogadishu and otherwise only has power over a few small towns on the Ethiopian border – the rest of the country, and parts of Mogadishu itself, are controlled by an ever-changing array of Warlords, Pirate groups, Islamic militants, criminal enterprises, clans, militias, foreign troops, or nothing at all…

  2. Aline Åkerström

    June 15, 2014 10:17 am

    The most stupid list I have every seen…you have no idea of what you wrote..just 2 ex: Safe drinking water is not available? what are you even saying? there are a few excepetion but in most states the water is clean! Teacher are always on strike? I went to school 11 years there and maybe 1 time my teachers were on strike! I born in a poor family and still I can speak English, Swedish, Italian and Spanish…so inform your self better before writing such things. Of course we have many many problems in Brazil, but you dont know what u talking about!

  3. {;oppy

    December 6, 2014 4:24 pm

    Where are the stats or figures or references for any of this? Anyone can pull a list out there arse and say “there’s no system for anything in Brazil”. Yes there is, actually. Have you been there? Well then why have you put Brazil twice? There’s no system for anything in this list.

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