Top 10 Most Luxurious Airlines in the World

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“Luxury makes a man so soft, that it is hard to please him, and easy to trouble him; so that his pleasures at last become his burden. Luxury is a nice master, hard to be pleased”. Before boarding an aircraft, you are in an ambiguity over the services and amenities that the airline has on offer and whether the services are worth the value for money or not. These ten most luxurious airlines listed below will help you make the right choice based on your preferences and expectations.

10. Turkish Airlines:

Turkish airlines is widely acclaimed for the best-in-class services that it offers to its passengers. Its in-flight entertainment system gives the passengers the flexibility to see the program of their interest with the help of the touch screen or the remote control affixed to the passenger’s seat. The in-flight connectivity feature also facilitates the receiving and sending of text messages and email by the passengers. Another distinguishing feature of the airlines is its in-flight catering service which undergoes consistent up-gradations to match up with the passenger’s tastes and changing trends, lending them a feel of the Turkish cordiality.

9. Swiss International Airlines:

This airline has since long maintained its position of being the top-notch providers of luxurious amenities to its on-board passengers. To start with, the video display screens inform you regarding the flight details such as the distance traversed and the distance left to cover. Apart from this, you will also get to enjoy and relish famous Swiss chocolates and burn a hole in your pocket by indulging yourself in duty-free on-board shopping.

8. Singapore Airlines:

The comforts and luxuries offered by Singapore airlines are simply unparalleled giving the passengers the world-class experience of sitting in the cozy confines of an expensive Bentley furnished with wings rather than an aircraft. The airline pampers its on-board passengers by offering them a host of services and facilities such as “book the cook” which enables them to specify their meals beforehand. The seats, exquisitely done in connolly leather provide you extreme comfort. Its state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system, krisworld displays a multitude of movies, television programs, music videos and Nintendo games among others on their personal widescreen LCD television screens attached to their seats in every class.

7. Lufthansa Airlines:

If you are looking out for an exceptional flight experience, then Lufthansa airlines is the one to go for. It upholds the privacy of its passengers with the help of privacy blinds in between seats. The ample leg space that it provides to its passengers serves as an icing on the cake. Every seat is convertible to a 2 meter bed with a laptop power outlet for allowing you access to the device.

6. Japan Airlines:

Japan airlines enjoy the privilege of being the leader in the field of promising a comfortable trip to its on-board passengers. The leather seats of the aircraft equipped with adaptable head rests, side cushions, comforters and also down pillows lend you the maximum comfort making your trip enjoyable. Another feather in its cap of luxuries is the in-built massage feature attached to the seats which will keep you re-energized and relaxed. Aboard the Japan airlines, your taste buds can savor both, the traditional Japanese meals or the Western cuisine as per your inclination.

5. Cathay Pacific Airways Limited:

It offers you the value for money experience with the services and luxuries that it has on offer for you. It upholds the trueness of the phrase, ‘Once a visit, always a visit’. This luxurious airline provides 5-course meals to satiate the palate of its passengers. It has re-done its interior based on the feedback of the passengers which is styled exclusively giving the individuals enough personal room. Aboard the airlines, you can also browse through a host of different newspapers and journals published in different parts of the world.

4. Virgin Atlantic:

Another name that instantly comes to your mind when you think of luxurious airlines is none other than Virgin Atlantic. For passengers with a penchant towards drinking, have their hands full with the airlines having an on-board bar to take care of your drinking needs. The airline’s distinguishing feature of on-demand meals makes it a hot favourite among the masses. It tickles the taste buds of the passengers with its wide gamut of international cuisines. You can enjoy watching movies, audio, games on your personal seat-back television screens, furnished with VERA touch, amid the luxurious settings of the airline.

3. Thai Airways International:

The amenities and comforts that it provides to its on-board passengers are simply unmatched. Aboard the aircraft, you are served sumptuous delicacies along with the best-in-class drinks and champagnes by the amiable flight attendants. This airline is also one of its kinds to be equipped with a hospital-grade air-fitter True HEPA that can effectively hold back 99.99 percent of the dust particles as well as micro-organisms in the airlines.

2. Emirates:

Emirates belongs to the class of airlines which promises its passengers ‘luxuries at its best’. The airline on selected aircrafts gives its passengers the comforts of a private cabin with doors keeping their privacy intact. To give its passengers the best facilities, the airlines has introduced the entertainment system ICE comprising of 500 channels which is more than any other luxurious airline offers to its passengers. The premium class of the airlines comes fully loaded with services such as massage feature, privacy shade, seat armed with winged head rest, reading lights, USB ports and a plug point for allowing laptop connectivity. Another distinctive feature of this airline is the introduction of HD IFE screen in all the classes, being the pioneers in this field.

1. British Airways:

It offers you the services of ‘a home away from home’ with its “demi cabins” giving you the opportunity to relax and go off to sleep or get down to work as per your wish. Here, you also have the liberty to take meals at your own convenience and time giving you the option of choosing from the world famous A La Carte menu. One of the rejuvenating features of the British Airways is the Molten Brown travel spa which will relieve you off the travel stress.


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