Top 10 Most Technologiclly Advanced Countries

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Technology is what we need today to keep in pace with the fast moving world. Technology is the parameter that defines many countries as highly developed. The phase of technology used by a county helps us to know the economic development of the country. Let us have a look at some hi-tech nations of the world.

10. Australia

Glancing at the Australian technology meeting the world, we find that Australia has a lot to talk about. Online diagnostic tool, developed by Dr McKaskill, provides a framework to manage high potential growth in entrepreneurial businesses. Elemental energy technologies ltd, an Australian based company has developed the sea urchin, which convert free flowing energy from ocean currents into predictable electric power. The other known tech based companies are Touchwood Doors, Invention Evaluator, Perform Air, Mercurien Ltd, smart sparrow, Zone Products Australia and many more. There are companies that use pasteurization using heat, as an accepted method of disinfection, for treating wastewater. They have well developed system for data connectivity as well.

9. China

Since last few decades, China has emerged as a formidable power. From science and technology to space, it has gained an over all firm standing in many areas. Talking about space inventions, China became the third country to launch a person in orbit, after US and Soviet Union. It has also developed homegrown satellite navigation systems. China also operates many satellites for communication, research, mentoring and renaissance purposes. It is also developing jammers and directed energy weapons for anti- satellite capabilities. There has been much growth in infrastructure and architecture of china.

8. Germany

To see the high-tech influence of Germany, just visit, Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt. The Olympic Stadium in Berlin says it all. Germany’s achievement in technology is remarkable. Its greatest strength is automobile industry. Germany is working on networked automobiles, neurotechnology and safer  nuclear plants. They have also introduced prototypes of hybrid gasoline electric vehicles. German researchers are doing world-class basic science in fields ranging from materials science to biomedicine. Germany is even one of the countries having best tanks in the world.

7. Israel

Israel is high on the list in tech-driven countries. It develops one of the most hi tech military equipments. It is known for its weaponry like unmanned aircrafts. It has the highest percentage of computers per capita. It has highest workforce of scientist and technical professors employed. With over 25% of its population is such employed workforce. Next to silicon valley, it has the highest concentration of hi-tech companies, the number reaching over 3500. Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt complemented the country during his visit saying that, “Israel has the most important high-tech center in the world after US.”

6. Sweden

Swedish Niklas Zennestrom and his Danish partner Janus Friis created Skype- connecting many of us together visually. Some of Sweden’s technology products include the three phase electric motor, cream separator, ball bearing and a refrigerator moving without parts. It has been using its communication technology to advance its economic growth. According to Global Information Technology Report 2009-10, Sweden tops the list of world’s most networked nations. In the area of disease tracing, Sweden is not behind. It has developed hiv tracing system. Solar panels are very common in a country like Sweden as it receives handful hours of sun per week. At a recent exhibition in Germany, Sweden bagged first prize in category of panel that generates both electricity and heat.

5. Canada

Canada has done much in the field of transportation and communication. They have even achieved advancement in devices related to improving the way resources are developed (as in agriculture and manufacturing). Let us have a look at its few inventions: they have crosswalks that beep for the blind, their power plants are greener than many countries’. They have done much in the area of public works, public services, domestic/consumer and defense technologies, energy and materials. Talking about its medical advancement, life saving cancer treatment is quite cheaper here as compared to other countries. It is changing the future of health care. In Canada, there have been many advances in vehicle technologies as well. Some technologies are devised in a way that they can reduce the severity of crash.

4. Singapore

Talking about Singapore’s advancement, it has everything world class from washrooms to airport, everything. Singapore is known to have the most millionaires per capita of the world. The world’s first F1 night race is located in Singapore. It is known to have 61 laps. The circuit length is approx 5.065 km. It is commonly known as Singapore Grand Prix. A study shows that every person in Singapore owns a Smartphone. It is also said that speed of internet at homes in Singapore is 1 Gbps which is really a great speed. Singapore is also the largest exporter of ornamental fish. In addition, Singapore offers good medical services. Moreover, Singapore is famous for its sky dining, which is really an iconic attraction in itself. Jurong Falls, the worlds tallest man made waterfall is in Singapore. Undoubtedly, Singapore is nowhere lacking in hi-tech.

3. South Korea

South Korea is rated one of the most technologically driven nation. It is also voted in the list of fastest internet speed giving nations. Samsung, the leading brand in cell phones is a Korean company with its headquarters at Soul. It is the largest South Korean conglomerate, alone beating many leading brands. It is known highly on planet for its inventions in advanced robots, cars, trains, computers, helicopters, planes and air conditioners. The world’s first cloned dog aka snuppy was created in South Korea at Seoul international university. South Korea is the only nation that is broadband connected.

2. United states

United states is known to be the leader of technology since 19th century. Internet, software, hardware, atom bombs; theory of all these originated in US. Companies like Google, Face book, IBM, Apple, Intel; all have their birthplace here. It keeps on developing operating systems for computers, faster chips and microprocessors. US has one of the most powerful air force in the world. They also have the largest fleet of drones in the world, including modern marvels such as the X47-A Pegasus, and the MQ 9 Reaper. In addition, Unite States is the only country that has privatized space exploration such as Space X. Many discoveries that have changed the world like electric bulb, telephone, telegraph, all have taken place here.


1. Japan

Japan is mostly ranked first in the list of technologically advanced countries. Japan is not just home to sumo wrestling but also to variety of martial arts such as judo, karate, aikido etc. Japan has produced many famous companies like Sony, Toshiba, Toyota; Honda etc. Japan is keen on developing super advanced gadgets like dimensional elevator. This elevator can transport anyone to different floors of a tower in seconds. In addition, Japan is doing well in weapons; it has developed gundam-like units that can float in air and fire lasers. The complete well-known networks of bullet trains are spread all over Japan. Japan spends a huge amount of its budget on research and development.


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