Top 10 Most Unsafe Cities for Girls in the World

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Women are being tortured almost everywhere but there are some places where the women are treated quite badly. Such places are dangerous for women. People at these places treat women brutally. They do not have any respect for women. Many crimes like gang rapes, acid attacks, stoned to death, take place at these places against women. Generally people think that foreign cities are quite save and people who live in foreign cities are very broad minded but this is not a correct perception. In foreign countries, also people tend to torture women. Here we have the list of top 10 most unsafe cities for girls in the world

10. Nairobi

Nairobi is the city, which is located in Kenya. In addition, this city is unsafe for girls. In past years, the city was safe, but now days the city is unsafe for girls. In spite of being unsafe, the place is one among the most famous tourists destination. The economy of the place is continuously sinking and because of this the lists of crimes is increasing as well. Crimes like gang rapes, nighttime mugging and robbing are quite common in Nairobi.

9. Sana’a, Yemen

Yemen is another unsafe place for girls. Yemen was also a very famous tourist’s spot but now the things are different in Yemen. The place has changed because of the increasing number of crimes. Prostitution is one among the major issue, which people of Yemen face. Every day many innocent girls are being, dragged in this profession. Prostitution in Yemen is increasing because of poverty too. Poor people generally sell their daughters for money.

8. Ciudad Juarez

Ciudad Juarez is located in Mexico. The place is very dangerous because of the phenomenon of female homicides. The concept of female homicides involves the murder of many women. Here a group of women is targeted, and then they are killed. They are also tortured before they are killed. It is noticed that the group of women who are killed share similar attributes.

7. Haryana

Haryana is a part of India. Women are being brutally tortured in Haryana. They are being tortured for almost every possible thing. Gang rapes, acid attacks and domestic violence is quite common in Haryana. Dowry deaths are also continuously increasing in Haryana. People torture their wives for dowry and they even kill them for dowry.

6. Mogadishu

Mogadishu is located in Somalia. The place is very dangerous for girls and this place is given sixth position in this list. The city is said to have inherent crimes. Many actions are being taken by the government to reduce the number of crimes. And now the city has become comparatively more safe.

5. Peshawar

Peshawar is a part of Pakistan. The place is dangerous and unsafe for women. Women are the victim of molestation. Because of the cultures are norms women out there are unable to take any action against all this. The rate of domestic violence is also increasing day by day here. The place is specifically unsafe for outsiders. The female outsiders are more prone to all the crimes. So if you ever get to visit Peshawar then do take care of yourself

4. Kabul

Kabul is famous for a large variety of crimes against women. No one is trust worthy in this place. Kabul is a part of Afghanistan. Recently, a 13-year-old girl got married in to a Taliban family. He father indirectly sold his daughter to fulfill his personal debts. The girl was tortured to for many years but one day she managed to run away. However, the family caught her and they punished her by cutting her nose and ears. In addition, they left her in the hills to die.  The girl suffered throughout her life.

3. Riyadh

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is a hell for girls. If a girl is living in Riyadh then she has to sacrifice her freedom. The rules and regulations of the place are quite strict and different. If a girl talking to a random boy then she gets to face a harsh punishment.

2. Cape Town

Cape Town is a very famous vacations spot but this fun can prove to be dangerous for women. The main reason behind the happening of crimes in this city is the large and deep difference between the rich and poor ones. The people of lower class face repulsive and nasty behavior from the upper class ones. They are even starved for the necessities of life. Therefore, these ill treatments lead to commitment of many unwanted and dangerous crimes like brutal murders, kidnapping, gang rape etc.

1.New Delhi

Now New Delhi is the capital of India but then too it is considered to be one of the most dangerous and unsafe place for the women. New Delhi is place where daily women are facing sexual harassment, stalking, teasing, molestation and many more. New Delhi recently got its new name “Rape Capital of India”. It is placed at the top place in the number of rape cases filled every year.


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