Top 10 Practical Ways to Make Money in College

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College is an expensive experience. Your pocket money gives a  good chase to your expenses but always ends up short and your self-respect doesn’t seem to allow calling back home every week for money, neither you can explain what all you ‘bought’ and explain all those unnecessary expenses unless you want a get an enlightening lecture on ‘how to manage money?’ comparable to the likes of our financial minister. So drop it! And get out there to make your own money and let those expenses and price tags no longer haunt you. After all it’s not always forever that you get to stay in college.

10) Proof read

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Proof reading is perhaps one of the easiest way to make money ,on the side it helps you score a brownie point in your professor’s remark book. Teaching students and setting up tough papers isn’t the only thing your professors do. They write books and publish papers of which errors are an inevitable part, that’s where proof readers come in. But no ordinary proof readers can make sense out of the theoretical terms, so it’s an advantage if you are studying the same subject. Not only you will be paid generously, you will also get an acknowledgement space. Did I mention that it paves way to an exemplary recommendation letter? So, if you don’t want to compromise on your studies just for the sake of some extra capital. Proof Reading is your forte.

9) Be a Tutor

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Give Tuition! of course it must have occurred to you. But back home it was easier, just get hold of a couple of neighborhood kids and you had a place of your own. But what about in a different city in an uncomfortably foreign environment? There are coaching centers which hire tutors preferably college students who can teach the basics of math, science and social studies. You can  smoothly get anywhere from 1500 to 3000 INR for a class of 30. Not only it helps you brush up your own fundamentals but also tackles those expenses that weigh down your pockets and burn a hole in it by the end of the month when you are on the brink of your pocket money.

8) Marketing /Affiliation

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Like a product or a particular company? also you happen to be one of the famous kids in college. Be a brand ambassador. Wear a T-shirt with the trademark on your jam sessions or let them sponsor your dance society’s flash mob. Marketing and Affiliation gets you terrific discount and hard-cash. Even if you spend your time in the library and labs instead of loitering in the canteen. Do not worry, you can get sponsors to fund your research or you could publicize a certain publishing house midst the budding literati and potential writers. Google, Delmonte, Marlboro, Coca-Cola are few such companies which are on a constant lookout for college ambassadors to establish a better connection with the crowd comprising most of their customers.

7) Quizzes/ Competitions

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Ah I see! you would rather spend your free time brushing your knowledge to prepare for govt services exams and entrances. Being the academic best and a gold medal at the end of the annual year is your one and only aim. Apparently you don’t have time for extracurricular. Then this is certainly for you, companies like TATA and Google are known for their quest to attract innovative young minds. Quiz competitions like TATA crucible and debates by business schools and inter college events can get you insane cash prizes and goodies. Also they bear all expenses for your trip and stay. If you think you can deal with the national and international level competition and also a bedazzling stay in the best five stars. Keep Calm and Carry On with your hard bounds for that’s where your golden goose is.

 6) Surveying People

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How would a company know its customer and their preferences, if they kept themselves to their boardroom ? That’s where a surveyor becomes the most sought after by consumer product companies for collecting  feedback and suggestions? Be a surveyor; keep an eye out for the openings. It could be an extensive task coaxing people to be a part of the survey as the questionnaire that company’s draft can be quite lengthy but if you have a knack for inter personal skills and  a patient charming smile. You would not only get paid for your services but can enjoy a college -life long discount at your company’s outlets.

5) Photography

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It is the rage. Everywhere that you go, you can’t avoid the DSLR. Those high-end mirror less and interchangeable lenses, memory capturing machines not to mention the incessant ‘like my photography page’ on Facebook notifications. So what is it exactly? Let’s say it’s up to 5 Lakhs an event. Of course that’s not where you start; a certificate course, experience and contacts are definite prerequisites but once you get there feller life is pretty entertaining and rewarding. If you have an itch for photography what better than turning it into a profession? Start small, college is a perfect place, join the photography society, get events, do it for a free just solely for marketing purposes and once you are in. share the link to your Facebook photography with us and we’ll gladly HIT LIKE.

4) Content writing

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I wouldn’t be writing this if it wasn’t for my love for content writing also am not enslaved so I get duly paid. It’s a perfect opportunity even though it’s a common notion that writers struggle the most. But with the onset of internet, blogging and online retail services, each word that you pen or type has its importance. Content writing by far is the most sought after on the internet. No one wants their business to suffer because they fell short of words and a classy introduction to your webpage can do marvels. While for starters it ranges from 100 to 150 INR per article, professional content writers can charge you per word. Insane that is! but it’s the reality. Also varied writing genres like ghost writing, blog writing, biographical writing has developed under the rubric of content writing

3) Modeling

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Remember that Abercrombie and Fitch advertising stunt, 50 ripped models in front of their stores. Yes why wouldn’t you? Apparently the ad that was published called for all guys who looked good and had a 6 pack . You wouldn’t find a more alluring job requirement than this. Modeling will come naturally to you, if you are photogenic and have an overwhelming personality. You could take online stores as your take off strip and move on to bigger projects like fashion weeks and brand modeling. As easy as it seems, in reality it is equally difficult. The key is to never give up even after you have sent out your portfolio to 50 different model recruitment agencies and haven’t heard back from any of them. Everything that seems easy may not be that ‘Easy’ after all.

2) Internships

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Being an intern is the most fruitful decision you can take in your college life. It gives you the required experience for the slit-throat job market, puts glorious stars in your resume and provides you the leverage over other applicants when you step out of college all ready to join the ultimate ‘Race’

Internships can be highly challenging in return of an experience letter you may get paid ‘peanuts’ but it’s a mistake that most fresher commit. They leave the internship mid-way. NEVER do that for it not only leaves a pretty bad impression, it also shows up in your history when you need a fresh start and apply for a new job. The ghost of a bad internship can never be gotten over with

1) Events

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Personally I never knew it was such a galloping market. Until a few days ago I attended an event, the anchor happened to be my classmate who dropped out of college to join the event industry. She started off with 1200 to 1500 INR per event, thrice a week .But that night when I asked her how much did she charge, now that she was famous? Her answer made my jaw hit the floor. Apparently a successful starting scale anchor can charge a nifty 75 thousand to anywhere in lakhs.

Thus, event industry made a grand jump to come and rest on the top of this list. However the underbelly comprises of extreme hard work, bouts of disappointments, uncountable rejections and all the time you have. Thorny diamond crown anyone?



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