Top 10 Pros and Cons of Living in College Hostel

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With the increase in the awareness about the importance of education there is also an increase in the number of colleges, but still these colleges are mainly restricted to big cities. Due to this reason student come from long distances to learn in these colleges and hence they have to live in a college hostel. There is no comparison of a life at home with life at hostel. Life at home is easy but there are certain drawbacks such as some children do not learn to be self- dependent when they live at home. Hostel life teaches lots of lessons which cannot be learnt at home. Hostel life for many students is a memorable period, but for some it can be a bad experience. People anticipate that hostel life can help them to become self- dependent as they provide them with necessary freedom. Hostel life can be an adventures trip where you explore the new you. You talk about the hostel independence, the parties, the late night Maggie and the gossips; hostel life is definitely a fun. Campus hostels offers many advantages which lures the parents to get their children admitted in it. But certainly there are disadvantages to it. If you are headed towards a college and are in a dilemma whether to prefer a private hostel or a college hostel you need to go through the pros and cons of living in a college hostel.


10. Distance from college is less

distance is less

You don’t have to worry about traveling long distances when you live in a college hostel. Campus hostels are within walking distance from the college.  If you need to get to the college urgently for some work you won’t have any issues. This will help you to keep your attendance good as when you don’t have to walk miles or travel long distances you don’t search for excuses for not going to the college.

9. Preference in college activities

given more preference

This obviously is the good part of staying in a college hostel. During the college activities, fest or any kind of event in the college the hostelers are given a preference over the students who don’t reside in college hostel. A hosteler is always the first one to know about any new activity of the college. Students can access college libraries even in the later hours of the day. They can use the college garden for sports activities during the free hours of the day. The college faculties know the hostel students better than the ones who live off- campus.

8.More security

more security

That is the top most advantages of getting into a college hostel. College hostels are more secure, this is a fact. These hostels ensure that drunken people or people with wrong intentions are not coming to the college at all times. With more rules the security increases. College dorms provide with safe lockers to keep your valuables and your money in it. You even feel secure that you are not living alone.

 7. Better concentrate on studies

concentrate better on studies

When a person lives in a hostel he is off the worries of home and hence he can properly concentrate on the studies. You don’t have to change your schedule just because of some guests or you do not have to do the household work. Hence you get proper time to study. Hostel life teaches a person the values he/ she needs in his life. He becomes independent and more responsible. You get a new self confidence when you have to manage your things by yourself.

6.Learn to manage expenses

learn to manage expenses

Hostels really teach you this. People survive on mere Rs 100 for a week which seemed too less just for a day when they used to stay at home. When you are given a particular amount of money for a month you definitely learn its value. You remain cautious while lavishly spending your money keeping in mind that you may need in future for some important work. Hostel life teaches you to use your money wisely.

5. You make lots of friends

make friends

There are more chances of making friends with new people in college hostels than otherwise. There are more students enrolled in a campus hostel than in any other off campus hostels. This increases the chances of meeting new people of the common interests and hence you have more chances to make friends. If you are a week student you can always ask for help from your hostel-mates. Hostel life teaches a person to cooperate. It also cultivates the feeling of healthy competition. With people of different tastes and likings you can always choose the one of your types.


4.Students tend to learn bad habits

learn bad habits

Many students get indulged in wrong habits like drinking and smoking. They tend to become careless. They watch late night movies and party at late nights which can have negative effects on their health. The newly found freedom sometimes can leave them off target. They forget the aim of their college life and begin to drink and consume harmful products. In a campus hostel you meet different types of people. Some are good and some are bad. Getting into a bad company can have bad impact on your life and your career. Sometimes when a person does not get enough money from the home he/ she can fall into bad habits of stealing money in order to maintain standard among his/ her friends.


3. Less facilities at more cost

less facilities

Many campus hostels provide their students with lesser facilities. They are well aware of the fact that parents prefer to enroll their students in a college hostel as they find it safe. With limited seats and more entries the hostel authorities don’t improve the facilities in the hostel as they know they will get admissions even if they will provide lesser facilities than the private hostels. Campus dorms usually do not provide with separate kitchen and mini- fridge to store your things. They are more crowded when compared to private dorms which can restrict the students from properly concentrating on their studies. When you compare the cost of living in a campus hostel to that living in a separate rented room you will realize that the cost of living in a campus hostel is far more. Even the meals provided to you are not of different varieties.


2. Lack of privacy

lack of privacy

Lack of privacy- this is the foremost problem when you mention the disadvantages of living in a campus hostel. Unless you get a single – sitter room, the college hostels fill around 3 people in one room. This can be a problem as your privacy will be encroached upon. If you are living in a hostel there is no way that you can just keep to yourself. There is always someone knocking at your door, you cannot shut the doors. If you prefer to stay in a single sitter room then these rooms cost you more and hence people rarely choose the single rooms.

1.More restrictions

more restrictions

First time away from home huh? That sounds fun. You might be excited about it and have the feeling that all the “restrictions” imposed on you at home and the constant nagging is now left behind. You regard it as a thing of past. You might be dreaming of all the fun you will do away from home.  But you might be wrong, the dream bubble you had about the fun will be popped if you are living in a college hostel! A college hostel has more strict rules and regulations as compared to the private hostels. There are many college hostels which issues you pass to step out of the hostel and this can be irksome at times. Every time you want a outing you need to get the pass signed by an authority. There are restrictions on the incoming time of the hostel. The numbers of outings you can take are also restricted. Isn’t this bad?


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  1. Priyam Patel

    July 22, 2015 5:57 am

    Helpful pros and cons listed here! A hostel is a place where you can learn a lot and enjoy at the same time. If you have to stay in a hostel, just relax and let it happen. Be patient, aware and confident. There are so many good things you can develop in yourself along the way in a hostel life.

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