Top 10 Psychological Effects of Internet on Humans

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If the world we live in is growing at an enormous speed, then the rate at which the internet usage grows is faster. It is no secret that the internet itself has revolutionized the information age and thus made our lives easier and more applicable. The internet has far-reaching effects. It’s not just the online wealth of knowledge that it always is, but it also has its tendencies to influence the minds of human beings. Our mental, physical and social need can be altered with internet addiction that can often over-take us. Here are top 10 psychological effects that internet can have on us.

10. Spoon-feeding:

Laptop in classic library

If you lived in the time before the internet, then you might have had to go that extra mile to get information about something. Perhaps a project or an assignment that you had to research on? You would then get to the nearest library and look up books. Research, research and research till you’ve had enough information. However, if you had to research in today’s time, Wikipedia would have jumped right to your rescue! It is true, that with the internet at our disposal we have so many easier ways to research and dig information. Psychologically, this very aspect affects the youth as they are being led to believe that life is extremely easy. It takes a big toll on them later when they are faced with circumstances that do not demand Wikipedia usage and what not. The internet basically spoon-feeds us and psychologically we develop a very dependent mindset more often than not.

9. Negative exposure:

negative exposure

What isn’t there on the internet? Well, it would take you a generation to find that out. With the internet revolution, one can find almost everything on the internet. To add to this factoid, the internet is easily accessible by everybody now! Including 10 and 11 year olds! Negative exposure gained via the internet proves to be heavy on the psychology of millions of people worldwide, children included. Violence, pornography etc are very easily accessed on the internet and is often perceived by the wrong set of people. This takes a toll on the mannerism of their thinking and the way they look at reality. Thus, this leads them into the wrong habits and they undertake unwanted wrong-doings. Their minds have altered and take over their actions. They become the “mis-led” people in the society, and their reputation is ruined.

8. Time is Social Networking:

time is social networking

“Time is money”. There might have been millions of times when you have heard this statement. However true this three-word sentence maybe, it is quickly losing its significance in a world that is racing against time. With the internet in its full existence, people have new ways of spending time. Studies suggest that the number of people between the ages 15-25 accessing social media has tripled in the past three years. My point here is that, people tend to spend too much time on social media via the internet. Yes a little leisure time is always good, but then the over-dosage of time spent tends to keep the mind away from other important things for longer.

7. Knowledge:


The internet is an extremely powerful source of knowledge. Yes, if one uses the internet in the correct manner, then the person has a large psychological advantage over the rest of the people. Being aware of various things is the best way to carry yourself around. Psychologically you become more confident in life, you tend to emit a positive attitude everywhere you go and thus you are a much happier individual.

6. Pornography impact:

pornography impact

As you read above, the internet has almost everything, from the good things to the unwanted things. Studies show that the amount of children and youngsters alike using the internet for pornography and cybersex has doubled over the past decade. The effects of cybersex on youngsters have not just been negative, but largely psychological. While it has led to greater risk of pregnancy in teenage girls, it is also known to cause low self-esteem, depression, desensitization and a great number of sex crimes and rape. All such things play on the minds of people, thus leading to temptations and what not. The psychological impact of people, especially youth, in witnessing cybersex has far-reaching negatives.

5. Online Gaming:


A lot of the children today tend to turn to the internet to play online games, without the required attention of the parents. This usually happens because they lack the knowledge of real-lifestyle and turn to something online that could visually be real but is actually immaterial. Most of these games trigger the violent clause in youth, thus harming their psychological mentality. When these youngsters play such online games, they are taken into a world of violence and aggressiveness and thus they often lose their sensitive and gentle nature. They turn into violent little human beings, and some of them have their violence clause triggered so much that they grow up to commit crimes and stuff alike.

4. Less family, more lonely:

less family, more internet

One possible psychological effect of Internet usage that matches up with the amount of time given to online activities is Loneliness. If a person spends a lot of their time online, he/she is most likely to face a great deal of loneliness. They interact less with their social surroundings like family, friends etc. The social factor is completely removed from their lives as a result of excess internet usage. Worst case scenarios, they might even lose out on the best of communication abilities. Also, these internet users are unable to distinguish between what is real and what is not and hence they turn to the virtual world where they are accepted more often than not. As a result, they improve on immaterial online relationships rather than enhancing their physical relationships. Hence, psychologically they become lonely; their mind wanders into empty spaces with only themselves.

3. Internet helps eradicate shyness:

internet helps eradicate shyness

The internet is an advantage for people, especially those who are shy and less out-going, to feel less restricted to communicate. Certain people open up and share feelings in a better way when they aren’t seen or viewed, thus putting the internet to good use psychologically. In personal relationships, there is a level of vulnerability. If a person is receiving information, he/she will be the one passing judgement. However, the person who is giving the information will get affected. Yes it is absolutely true that expressing oneself over the internet is sort of immaterial and unreal. However, if it does help certain people express themselves then it has to have positive psychological impacts.

2. Confidence, well-being:

confidence wellbeing

The internet also has several positive psychological effects. Known for its quick access and usage, the internet often acts as a solution to a lot of problems globally. Imagine you are in despair need of certain information and help, for which you turn to the internet and get the required help. Now had you not had the internet to your disposal for the quick solution, you might have lost a little bit of that cheerfulness and a sense of desperation would have sunk in. The internet with its easy access is known to lighten the mood more often than not, keeping humans satisfied with needs and wants.

1. Weakens imagination:

weak imagination

The worst psychological impact that internet can ever have on mankind is with regards the brain and what the brain can do. In this quickly growing world, we find ourselves in positions where we must think off our feet and as quickly as possible. Yes, the internet is good in giving knowledge and insights into various things. However, as a matter of such important benefits, the internet inhibits the practicality of our mental thoughts. Hence, with too much internet around to influence us, we lose the ability to imagine and interpret independently more often than not and thus we tend to blindly accept facts and information.


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