Top 10 Qualities you must have to Become a Teacher

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Teaching itself is a formidable task that bestows on a teacher a very significant amount of responsibility in two ways, both for the teacher and the student. A teacher inspires the student for lifetime and hence should be someone very inspirational. He creates a lasting impression on the student. A teacher is not someone who teaches from the book but from the heart. A teacher should be able to create such an impact on a student’s life that he should be able to not only bask in knowledge but enlighten his mind so that he can adapt to any circumstance. A student always looks up to his teacher as his second parent. So, in order to make his student comfortable around him, the teacher should excel in all possible ways.  Such a teacher can exist only if he has the following qualities
10. Good Moral Values:
moral values
Inorder to become a teacher one should possess good moral values. This will help to set a good example to the students because at the end of the day the students seek for someone who they can look upto. Parents these days pressurize their children so much leaving them no choice, but to consult an outsider for which the teacher suits the best. Good moral values in any human serves as an added incentive in every field. If the teacher is well behaved he can expect the same from his students because one cannot simply expect a harvest without sowing. Hence a teacher should always have some moral ethics so that he can impart the same in his students also.
9. Dressing sense
dressing sense
Children these days hate the fact that they are made to wear uniforms in school. They always find excuses to make their uniform “funky” like lowering the ties,shortening the length of their skirts, wearing pony tails when they are supposed to braid their hair etc. and the list is never ending. However this can be avoided if the teacher is well dressed and modest. If a teacher enters a classroom with a short skirt or with a loose tie it will send out a wrong signal to the students and they will follow their teachers. If a teacher wears modest clothes to class and not shabby and worn out clothes then he will automatically gain respect from his students.
8. Communication skills
communication skills
Communication skills play a very vital role if one wants to become a teacher. Good communication skills help to reduce the barriers erected because of language and cultural differences. A teacher who speaks well will automatically attract the attention of the students and will reduce their absence and make them more attentive during lectures. Such a teacher will help the students from vernacular mediums to learn English and other languages. It will boost confidence in the students. Without communication skills a person is like a handicapped in today’s world. When in an interview people first look at the person’s vocabulary, speech and pronounciation and then his marks. Hence good communication skills are very important for everyone.
7. Love for children
love for children
One cannot simply become a teacher if he has no love for children. The teacher should love his students barring all their caste, religion, financial status, etc. He should have the capacity to mould a student and nurture him with good values and love for one another. If a teacher loves his students like his own children then only he will be able to gain love and respect from his students. A teacher should have the ability to forgive and forget all the mischief his students do and make it a point not to hold grudge for the same against anyone.
6. Ignorance
A teacher should have the ability to ignore everything that is said about him, be it in the staffroom amongst the other teachers or in a classroom amongst the students. Many people in educational institutions are insecure about the other person specially if he is good in his teaching. To be a teacher one must have the capacity and ability to ignore all these shortcomings. And it is rightly said “if we ignore it doesn’t mean we are small, but we are big enough to forgive and let go.” Moreover ignorance is always bliss in every field. It helps us to be strong. And we should always keep in mind if someone talks bad behind us, it always means we are two steps ahead of them.
5. Tolerance
A teacher should always have a high tolerance level. This is a very important quality every teacher should possess. Students these days are very notorious and are always upto some sort of mischief. A teacher should be tolerant with his students and make sure he never loses his temper. Because if he does so the students will start disliking him and will not approach him when in trouble. Learning to be tolerant and respectful of others is the key to successful life.
4. Understanding skills
understanding skills
A teacher should have high level of understanding towards others needs and wants. He should be considerate towards others and put others needs before his own. He should be able to be a parent, a friend, a brother and a teacher at the same time. If a teacher is understanding, the student will discuss their personal problems to him and will be able to seek advice from him. He should make sure the students understand what he teaches and instructs and make it a point to render help to those who don’t understand. A good teacher will always try his best to reach out to students who are weak and find it difficult to understand his teachings.
3. Knowledge
Inorder to teach others one must possess immense knowledge about the subject. A teacher should make sure he knows everything in detail about the matter which he is about to teach his students. His knowledge about the subject should be so profound that he should be able to tackle all the doubts which arise from his students.He should know the depth of the subject and make sure he doesn’t reveal any false information about it because, “a little knowledge is dangerous.” A teacher who does not possess much knowledge will never be able to master his subject nor will he be able to inculcate wisdom in his students.
2. Patience
Patience is the most important virtue. Inorder to become a teacher this quality should be present in an individual. Patience is a virtue that can transform the society in the long run. Patience helps us to be calm and in self control. A teacher should be patient towards everyone’s needs. A teacher who is patient will not make impulsive decisions and it is aptly said “patience makes you reach the stars.” It is very important for a teacher to be calm, subtle and patient. 
1. Equality
This is the most important quality every teacher should inherit. He should treat every child as if it were his own without discriminating any child based on gender, race,caste, or financial conditions. He must not favor the smart students in fact be more caring and understanding towards the weak and the marginalised . Be compassionate and caring towards the weak students especially the ones who are dyslexic. Love everyone equally barring all kind of discrimination. 
In short to be an eligible candidate for a teacher one should possess these qualities. 

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